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The only difference is our turban and facial hair. The temple was built as a place of worship for men and women from all walks of life, even all religions. The four entrances to the temple, representing the four directions, symbolize the openness of the Sikhs to all people and religions. - Registered at

The four doors will be prominently featured in the Rose Parade replica, with each door bearing a word that is integral to the principles of Sikhism — love, freedom, service and justice, Minu Kaur Singh said. Over several days leading up to the parade, hundreds of volunteers have worked in shifts to help glue on powdered yellow straw flowers, gold clovers, flax seeds and turmeric to the replica to get that iconic golden sheen just right. The community kitchen is an integral part of all Sikh temples.

This humbling act makes us all equal regardless of caste, race or economic status. Much of my early years visiting family, was traveling between our home in Los Angeles to visit our Chapa families in Stockton. I had frequently seen men with turbans, but had not seriously questioned or wondered about who they were. As an adult, I had occasion to drive between Stockton and Sacramento several times, needed and used the services of company of Sikh drivers.

Each of the drivers spoke of the Sikh Temple in Stockton, and each invited me to visit. The occasion was priceless. The conversation was enlightening. The Sikh who wear turbans are very religious, are a generous, hard-working community who have maintained their beliefs in Stockton since the early s without imposing on the local community. So, my opinion is keep going "proa al norte" you are doing an excellent job that no other tried or they have intentions to try it.

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