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A new species of Anagrus (Hymenoptera: Mymaridae) from Amazonas, Brazil

mesosoma yahoo dating

MySpace, and Yahoo! Personals are the leading online personals destinations, according to Nielsen//NetRatings. , Petrópolis, , Manaus, AM, Brazil; [email protected] To date, seven species of Anagrus are known from Brazil: A. brasiliensis taken before slide-mounting): µm; mesosoma: µm; metasoma: µm;. [email protected] ABSTRACT. The taxonomy In India, P. naoroji Forel is the only species known to date, the worker of which often distinctly rounded in overall shape; overall mesosoma shape long and slender. (LaPolla et al.

Mandibles can also be used for biting, crushing, cutting, digging, fighting, and hunting. Hidden by the mandibles is the mouth, which ants use not only to eat, but also to clean themselves and nestmates. Ant headsespecially the eyes and mandibles, come in all shapes and sizes and provide clues to the kinds of food ants eat and the different lifestyles they live.

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Minor and Major Workers Worker ants perform all sorts of jobs for their colony. In most species, all workers are roughly the same size. However, some ants have different sizes of workers that serve different roles. Minor workers are smaller and perform general labor such as taking care of the young, building and cleaning the nest, and gathering food.

Major workers are larger and specialized to perform certain tasks. For example, major workers called soldiers have large heads and powerful mandibles used to guard and defend the colony.

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Anatomy of a Queen Ant Queen ants spend most of their lives inside the nest laying eggs, but you may see one outside during the mating season. Queens have most of the same body parts as workers. However, queens are usually much bigger than workers. Queens also start out with wings, but these are torn off after mating. More muscles are required in the mesosoma to power flight. Like queens, males have wings and muscular mesosomas for flying.

But males are typically not as large as queens and have smaller heads with bigger eyes and straighter antennae. Common Misconceptions About Ants Head, thorax, and abdomen? Like other insects, ants do have a head, thorax, and abdomen, but the thorax and abdomen are not obvious The rest of the abdomen is divided into the petiole, post-petiole when presentand gaster. An ant bit me!

mesosoma yahoo dating

Most of the ants we encounter are too small to inflict pain with their bites. However, because ants are social — they live in family groups that cooperate to build nests, find food, and raise offspring - they also have a colony life cycle. Ant colonies range in size from just a few individuals to millions!

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The social lifestyle of ants is a major reason for their success. These are just few questions that we have answered in our ant facts section that you can read. Several species of Anagrus are important egg parasitoids of various pests belonging to Auchenorrhyncha Hemipteraand a few mirid and tingid bugs Heteroptera: Identification of Anagrus species is difficult because of their minute size and also because of the poor preservation techniques of voucher specimens.

Thus, most of the earlier identifications and especially the catalog records of Anagrus species in the New World require confirmation Triapitsyn In spite of the importance of Mymaridae for the biological control of insects and their abundance among the faunistical survey material, knowledge of the Mymaridae diversity in Brazil is still very limited. In this paper we describe a new species of Anagrus collected in a creek in the tropical forest in Amazonas, Brazil.

It occurs in an aquatic habitat and parasitizes eggs of an unidentified species of Zygoptera Odonata. Mymaridae is one of the families of parasitic Hymenoptera that have species with aquatic habits. One of the first species of an aquatic fairyfly with a known biology was Caraphractus cinctus Walker Hagen Fursov registered five species of Mymaridae from eggs of aquatic insects in several places in Europe.

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Material and Methods The description is based on ethanol-collected samples. Specimens were dried using a critical point drier, and slide mounted in Canada balsam or point-mounted.

Quantitative data are reported as a range if variation was extensive. Photomicrographs of the antennae, wings, and genitalia were made using an Automontage system.

Terms for morphological features are those of Gibson Abbreviations for depositories of specimens are as follows: An abbreviation used in the text is: Holotype female [INPA] on slide: Description holotype and paratypes. Body mostly brown except posterior scutellum pale and gastral terga partially light brown; appendages light brown except flagellum brown. Head slightly wider than mesosoma. Mesoscutum with a pair of adnotaular setae.

Gaster longer than mesosoma.

mesosoma yahoo dating

External plate of ovipositor with two setae. Legs given as femur, tibia, tarsus: Similar to female except for normally sexually dimorphic characters such as antenna with an segmented flagellum Fig. Coloration of body is slightly darker than female.

The male genitalia of A.

mesosoma yahoo dating