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read yoko tsuno online dating

This is almost certainly Yoko Tsuno, a franco-belgian comic series that features a young female electronics engineer from Japan. A Google. Common KnowledgeSeriesYoko Tsuno: English order Yoko Tsuno, tome 2: L' orgue du diable by Roger Leloup, 8. Yoko Tsuno, tome 3: La forge de Vulcain. Posts about yoko tsuno written by iansales. To date, Cinebook have translated and published 13 books. Like Tintin, they're all drawn in a.

I would like to read comics. I would like to read comics very much. I have money I would like to spend. And I would like to spend it on your product.

And I think you would like that. You are driving female readers away.

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You drove me away, and I have a pretty high tolerance for this sort of stuff. I read Science Fiction.

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I participate in SF fandom. That tell great stories without turning the female characters into window dressing. I know this because, as previously mentioned, I am a science fiction fan. It has a lot of really problematic stuff, yes. The vast majority of the big-name series are headlined by white men, yes. The genre has a problem with self-examination and with accepting female fans as equal to male ones, yes.

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But there is space in science fiction for women. There are many wonderful feminist science fiction books. There are many wonderful feminist science fiction fans. In fact, I know it is — most of the comics I read when I was young had positive portrayals of women. Part of the problem, frankly, is exhaustion.

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Unlike a straight white male comic book fan, I do have to put significant effort in if I want to find series with protagonists who look like me. I have to put even more effort in to find female protagonists who are portrayed respectfully. Because I want to read comics to have fun, darn it. I want to have fun. I want to pick up a random comic book and see a bunch of awesome people having awesome adventures.

And see things explode. A straight white guy can pick up almost any comic book and find people like him — straight white men — portrayed in a respectful, intelligent fashion. I still read my french stuff. For a few months, I can handle the female-unfriendly comic book fandom. To see if I can handle it full time. Because I do love comics.

read yoko tsuno online dating

And I miss them. More importantly, I believe in comics. And I know that the way to change comics is to get involved. Not everyone has the capacity to do so. But right here, right now, I do.

Plus, I just want to have fun. And see some things explode. And people get punched in the face. Comics seem like a good way to go. This is a call for recommendations. What should I read? I really need it! A couple things to note. His name comes from French "pitre", literally "clown".

Before meeting Yoko, he worked as a camera operator under direction of Vic. Pol is often lazy and grumpy, as well as a real gourmet. He is also playful and thus quite fond of children. Where almost all other characters in the comics are drawn realistically anatomically speaking, in the early albums, Pol's nose and eyes are cartoonishly large and round.

Khany[ edit ] Khany is a member of the extraterrestrial race of Vineanswho left their planet when it faced destruction by its twin suns and erected secret subterranean colonies on various habitable planets, including Earth.

As of the end of La Forge de Vulcain and the fall of Karpan's leadership, she is also their undeclared leader who directs the return of the Vineans from Earth to Vinea. She is also undertaking expeditions to find lost Vinean colonies. Like Vic, she is quite careful in her actions. Poky[ edit ] Khany's younger sister, and originally her twin sister, who was revived from suspended animation much later than Khany after their arrival on Earth and has thus remained a child.

She is quite attached to Yoko and has become close friends with Morning Dew. The child of two biologists who experimented with the artificial enlargement of animals, she was orphaned when her parents perished in a storm. She had been raised by her grandfather, but due to his deteriorating health, he entrusted guardianship to Yoko.

KABOOM! #40 - Roger & Yoko.

I found this one in Abu Dhabi. It has since been republished as volume 12 in the Cinebook editions of the series. This started inand there are now twenty volumes available. So far Cinbeook have translated and published the first four. Again, there was an attempt to introduce Valerian and Laureline to English-speakers back in the s. A US subsidiary of the French publishers, Dargaud, translated and published four random volumes — numbers 3, 4, 6 and 8.

Inibooks published an English-language omnibus of three Valerian and Laureline stories — numbers 13, 14 and And here are some of the original French editions, including a prequel published in and the second of two encyclopedias about the universe of the two spatio-temporal agents. This copy of Milady is a French translation of an Italian comic.

read yoko tsuno online dating

These two books are earlier editions by Catalan Communications.