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If you are looking to renew your car registration in Dubai, these simple companies will have to follow same procedures and online facilities that are Take a sticker with the new registration expiry date and place it over the. Car registration in Dubai information and procedure. Some car insurance companies will do the registration renewal for you but with restrictions only . Otherwise it's online only at MOI website or app, or RTA for Dubai vehicles. Mulkiya (mulkiyah, mulkiah) is Arabic for the vehicle registration card (or number plates. Is your car registration coming up for renewal? that Dubai motorists will soon be able to register their vehicles online with no expiry date.

If one plate is missing, you must obtain a letter of lost plate number Dubai Police. In case the customer delays in the submittal of the old plate and receipt of the new design plate within 5 working days from the receipt date, the chosen center will return the new design plate to RTA to destroy.

I will receive the vehicle registration by courier or by collecting it through any of RTA's offices within a time of my preference. In case of courier delivery the courier will make three attempts to deliver the registration.

How to renew your car registration in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

If they couldnt reach me I will pick up the registration at RTA's offices. The new vehicle details registration validity, mortgage details,insurance details, plates details will be activated only once the Customer collects the items from RTA. Any issues with the final product can be raised to RTA within 2 working days of receiving the final product. After this time the transaction will be considered finalized. Start vehicle renewal process FAQs Relevant contextual question presented here Cras efficitur enim et erat vestibulum pulvinar.

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Renew Vehicle registration online in Dubai

Pay any traffic fines. Online or when you do the license card application part. Which means online only eventually, or at RTA payment machines for Dubai registered vehicles or Dubai issued fines. Apply for registration card or renew the card. A counter or machine is usually at a testing facility. Note a change in means you can only physically renew the licence card in the emirate in which your car is registered. Eventually expect manual registration in all emirates to be unavailable Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain are online only for all customers as of end Testing center and vehicle license issuance timings 24 hr testing centers no longer operating.

Al Barsha Tasjeel and Jaddaf Wasel testing centers open to pm but get there before 11pm or you might be turned away. Testing center hours in Dubai and other emirates vary depending on where you go, but most locations are at least open from Sun-Thu. Shamil Ajman timings 7am to 8pm Sun-Thu. Shamil Fujairah timings Sun-Thu. Shamil Ras Al Khaimah: Lantern Roundabout timings Sun-Thu.

Some centers open Saturdays. After about 9pm it's very quiet, car registration procedure can be easily completed in under an hour, maybe even 30 minutes.

Information below needs update, last updated Jul Documents required for car registration and renewal in the UAE Previous registration card if renewing. Mulkiya mulkiyah, mulkiah is Arabic for the vehicle registration card or number plates, or both? Don't panic if it's out of date, even by a few years.

The fine as of end is relatively low. Insurance documents for vehicle, valid for 13 months this is the standard period when insurance is issued. Usually you will need to register car within a week of obtaining insurance renewal. If it's delayed by much more than this, you'll be sent back to extend the insurance period.

Results of vehicle inspection and test. It needs to be a pass, if it fails, then go away and fix your car first. Testing is usually done at the same place as registration. Bank clearance certificate sometimes called an NOC if your car was bought with a vehicle loan from a bank in the UAEand you have finished making loan payments.

If you bought your car with a personal loan, you don't need to have finished payments, or need a clearance certificate.

Renew your car registration in Dubai

Money - allow about dhs for testing, registration fees, new number plates will be needed if format has changed. More money for fines, but if you're lucky, nothing. Most drivers in Dubai probably cop a few hundred dirhams worth during the year. Bring a couple of thousand dirhams just in case, or check your traffic fines in Dubai online first.

You probably won't need them for renewal but it's much less hassle to bring them than to have to go back and get them. You are more likely to need them for first time registration, or if transfering vehicle ownership. Emirates ID - unknown whether or not this is required. So far as of we have succeded in renewing vehicles without needed to show it, a driving licence or passport has been sufficient for ID if asked.

It is possible to renew your vehicle registration without a valid residence visa. Unknown whether this is legal or not, and it will depend if you are asked for a copy of your visa or not - usually it seems you are not asked. We can't remember the last time we or anyone we know was asked. Not clear how that works, we have registered cars insured with one or more of those insurance agents and still had to attend the vehicle registration office - the scheme might mean there is a direct computer link or something between the insurance agent and the RTA so you don't need to bring a copy of the insurance document when registering a car new or renewal.

Unregistered cars confiscated in Dubai 01 Sep - Al Ittihad newspaper reported that Dubai Police were going to start tracking down unregistered cars in Dubai with registration expired more than 3 months, and impound them. Also possibly confiscating driving licences of the owners. Major General Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, Director of the Dubai Traffic Police Department was reported as saying "We are tracking down all vehicles which have failed to renew registration to impound them as they endanger road safety" Unknown if the crackdown will apply only in Dubai, or only to Dubai registered vehicles.

Car registration in any emirate irrespective of emirate of residence Khaleej Times reported 19 April that Ahmed Hashem Bahrozyan, CEO of the Dubai RTA Licensing Agency, said "As the second phase of our project to link federal traffic system with Dubai's, we are working on the process to allow renewal of vehicle registration, licences or certificates etc. As with many bureaucratic procedures in Dubai and the UAE, implementation might be inconsistent, delayed, erratic, or nothing like what you expected.

But try anyway, you never know your luck. Car registration by telephone in Dubai The RTA announced they have launched a phone service for renewal of vehicle registration and driving licenses, and payment of traffic fines, starting 01 November Mechanical fitness test for your car cannot be done by phone though.

RTA to write-off unregistered cars The Dubai RTA has said they will write-off vehicles from October with registration expired more than 2 years press release 20 August This doesn't necessarily mean that RTA personnel will drive around in bulldozers, demolishing cars with overdue registration, but if police find your car, it might be impounded until you pay a big fine and sort out new registration.

As the RTA is only in charge of vehicle registration in Dubai, unknown what happens to cars registered in other emirates with registration that has expired for more than 2 years.

Registering a new car in Dubai Usually the dealer will take care of this for you. You'll still need to supply them with all the relevant documents though - passport with residence visa, insurance papers unless they're arranging that for youand driving license.

Otherwise, if you are doing it yourself, the procedure is almost the same as registering a used car - see below. Registering a new or second hand car in Dubai This procedure is much the same for registering a new car. If you buy a second hand car from a dealer, they might do it for you.

Find an insurance company in Dubai and get the car insured first. You can't register it without insurance documents. Both buyer and seller should go at the same time. Bring dhs for registration fees it should be less than that. You'll need passport with residence visa, driving licence, insurance documents, and copies of everything. If your residence visa is from an emirate other than Dubai, bring your tenancy agreement and a copy to prove you live in Dubai.

A telephone not mobile or DEWA bill in your name may be enough if the tenancy contract is not in your name. The seller will need their passport copy with residence visa and vehicle registration card.