Gossip girl dating chart for men

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gossip girl dating chart for men

The revelation that Gossip Girl was actually Dan all along probably seemed like a great "OMG! We could have had it all, guys. time, and as the Chuck/Blair relationship became increasingly toxic in seasons three and four. Everyone watched "Gossip Girl" in high school, and I do mean In the grand scheme of “Gossip Girl,” accidentally dating a gay falls pretty low on the interesting plot line chart. Having an affair with a married man is bad. Gossip Girl hook-ups and love affairs! Blair–Chuck relationship; Dan–Serena relationship; Blair–Dan relationship; Lily–Rufus relationship; Serena–Nate.

They also use gossip to solve problems and reduce stress while men chat to have a laugh or swap opinions while out with the boys.

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The findings are backed by neurologists, who believe men's brains are more rigidly compartmentalised than women's. The difference is an asset when it comes to putting personal matters aside and concentrating on work. But it puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to juggling several tasks. Men are also less well-equipped to talk through personal problems as their emotions are dealt with by the primitive part of the brain, which deals with the desire to fight or run away.

Women's emotions, however, are handled by the higher cerebral cortex, which allows them to translate feelings into language.

gossip girl dating chart for men

The female flair for gossip is fosteredat an early age. Girls learn to speak before boys because they have a more efficient brain organisation for speech.

By the age of three, 99 per cent of the speech of girls is comprehensible. Boys, on average, take a year longer to reach the same level. The topics favoured by women are: They also enjoy chatting about music, clubs, politics, social problems, life, moral dilemmas, global issues, weight, size, diets, gynaecological issues, contraception, giving birth, bodily functions, body image, money, home, moving house, work, local news and supporting each other.


As a girl, it became a thing to define yourself as either a Blair or a Serena. We all lived for the show, salivating over the beautiful clothes, shoes, bags, and people. And then there were the relationships. Over the course of six seasons, the main characters found love in a variety of places with an assortment of hot people seriously, how was everyone so fucking hot? We all had our favorites, Chuck and Blair more than likely being at the top of that list.

gossip girl dating chart for men

I mean seriously, not only are these relationships not goals, but rather a warning of what to avoid. From multiple teacher-student affairs to affairs with married people to sex with minors hello statutory rapeGG had it all.

gossip girl dating chart for men

Let the fun begin. The relationships being ranked are only the committed relationships throughout the show and do not include any flings or one time hook-ups.

Gossip with the girls but men only have four subjects

The most interesting thing about this couple happens when they break up, i. Blair and Nate were just a high school couple trying to defy the odds and make it work. Sure, S and N cheated on Blair back in high school, but that honestly just makes them more relatable.

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They are just two genetically blessed people who want to sit around and bask in their awesomeness. They were best friends growing up, had the same quirky interests, and were both outsiders looking in. As with all things Dan Humphrey, this relationship is not that interesting. Someone as perfect as Nate never should have been with someone as annoying as Vanessa.

gossip girl dating chart for men

Plus Serena always liked them a little weird anyway. The only slightly ridiculous thing is why a career driven and focused woman like Raina would ever want to be with a no plan stoner like Nate. How the fuck was Dan and his unruly chest hair ever supposed to land a movie star like Olivia?

gossip girl dating chart for men

And then convince her to threeway? Who was also the son of a diplomat. The blonde goddess that was Serena needed Carter to help her find her long lost father and then later played poker to win his freedom?

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