Dating advice for your 20s are selfish years

dating advice for your 20s are selfish years

It is the time when we become selfish and take up wrong decisions without A serious relationship is a big deal-breaker in your twenties and here are few. Our twenties are supposed to be our selfish years: This opinion is almost impossible to avoid. Every magazine, self-help book, billboard and. I spent the first five years of my 20s dragging my hungover ass out of bed and feeding a $14 artisanal Spending all your time in a relationship.

dating advice for your 20s are selfish years

It implies that being between the ages of 20 and 30 we are given a free pass to ignore the consequences of our actions. This is simply untrue. We do not get a moral hall pass at any age. There will never be a time where it is okay to tax out the resources and support of other people because it is we are only looking out for ourselves.

Our 20s Should Not Be Our Selfish Years

This will always be a plan that gets us nowhere. Our twenties are our years to explore our interests, establish our strengths and pursue our passions.

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But selfishness is not a necessary component of any of this. In fact, the more we share our lives and factor others into them, the more solid connections we build. The more positive attention we gain. The more we establish ourselves as responsible and trustworthy people.

Your twenties are your years to look outside of yourself. It is the youngest, the sharpest and most likely the most mobile you will ever be. Just as we have the least to lose in our twenties, we have the most to give. We have the most energy, the brightest ideas and the lightest burdens. We have the greatest opportunity to form connections and the greatest chance at fostering those connections into meaningful relationships — both personally and professionally.

The empowered notion that we are the center of our own universes and ought to do whatever we can to satisfy our own interests is not only unproductive but also inherently lonely. Whether or not we like it, disregarding everyone around us is not a particularly happy way to live.

Our 20s Should Not Be Our Selfish Years | Thought Catalog

We thrive on human connection the way we thrive on sustenance, water and air. Spend all your money. Spend it on a girls night out, insta-worthy food, books, new shoes, anything that your little heart desires. Take every possibility that comes your way. Whether it's a small opportunity like taking a weekend road trip or a big one like a cross-country internship, this is the time of our lives where we can experience it all.

dating advice for your 20s are selfish years

In our 20s, we have no roots to tie us down, so don't be afraid to climb out on a limb and experience life. Sing at the top of your lungs to your favorite song with the car windows down. It's hard to get away with this in any other age bracket. In your 20s, people look at us and think, 'look at how much fun they're having!

dating advice for your 20s are selfish years

Have lunch by yourself. The only relationship that you need to work on in your 20s is the one with yourself. Before anyone can love you for who you are, you need to love yourself. Whether it's dinner or a movie by yourself or just a long bubble bath, don't forget to take some me-time every now and then.

dating advice for your 20s are selfish years

Because eventually there won't be any more couch dates with Netflix when you're thirty and have two kids. Quit when you want to quit. If you feel like you're drowning in responsibilities, organizations or credit hours, don't be afraid to drop some of them. There's no shame in managing your time and realizing what's most important. Just take a look at Zuckerberg. If he wouldn't have quit his gig with the Winklevoss twins, we would never have Facebook.

Shut off your phone for an hour every day.

dating advice for your 20s are selfish years

I know, this sounds crazy. But shutting off technology for an hour each day gives you more time to worry about your life and less about everyone else's. By taking an hour of me-time, you'll not only have more time to get stuff done, but you'll start figure yourself out as well. You won't want to look back at this time and only remember what kind of phone you had.