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word of mouth dating

Whatever your feelings regarding online dating, it's hard to deny that Tinder is a master at word-of-mouth digital marketing. The dating app grew. Today, when it comes to the online dating scene, we're pretty much spoilt interesting) stories can generate great word-of-mouth and publicity. In just two years, dating app Tinder had acquired 50 million users– each Word- of-mouth pro tip: In the case of dating apps and services, there.

Word of Mouth blog + Online dating

As Nick Aull, a Tinder college rep says, the app is: Made spontaneous meetups easy with the proximity feature: Tinder users can adjust their proximity filter to only show those within their immediate vicinity. This helps to facilitate spontaneous dates, hook-ups and to find that cute girl or guy sitting behind you in the event hall.

In the case of dating apps and services, there were many obstacles that put people off using them.

word of mouth dating

Tinder got rid of all those problems, providing users with a fuss-free and stress-free solution. A product that helps solve frustrating problems is very useful. But a product that is not only useful, but super-easy to operate?

Tinder acquired more than 10, new users by getting sorority girls and fraternity boys to sign up for the app. Whitney Wolfe would go to chapters of her sorority, do her presentation, and have all the girls at the meetings install the app.

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Tinder started off with less than 5, users before Whitney Wolfe made her trip, and had around 15, by the time she returned. If they enjoyed the product, Tinder was certain they would tell everyone about it.

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Once you have isolated your target demographic, narrow it down to focus on those who have the ability, and live in an environment where they can easily share about your product. Tinder has college campus reps host Tinder-themed parties where guests need to download the app before entering. Linx Dating has become one of the top Silicon Valley matchmaking firms by refusing to settle for anything less than unparalleled excellence.

Esteemed celebrity matchmaker Amy Andersen founded the company in to give high-caliber professionals a more private, premium, and proficient alternative to dating on their own. Over the years, Linx Dating has built a global network of over 25, singles who serve as potential matches for a handful of VIP clients.

word of mouth dating

It has a reputation as a vibrant, tech-savvy area where careers flourish and fortunes are made. It is not, however, known for its vibrant dating scene.

word of mouth dating

Amy Andersen quit her job at Merrill Lynch to start Linx Dating, a premier matchmaking company, in Men vastly outnumber women in the area, and the singles who pursue careers in the tech world often have high intelligence quotients but low emotional quotients.

Intellect is highly revered. People are used to thinking their way through problems.

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She founded Linx Dating in to up the caliber of dates available to relationship-minded professionals in the Bay Area. Over the last 15 years, Linx Dating has established and maintained an international network of educated, attractive, and sophisticated date candidates as well as premium clients.

Amy said she targets a specific type of educated, successful, and relationship-minded clientele.

word of mouth dating

Most of her clients come through referrals from a client, her positive reputation, or organic connections. The matchmakers also comb through social media and interview hundreds of potential date candidates only to suggest isolate the absolute perfect needle-in-the-haystack match for their clients. She does not pass clients off on a junior matchmaker or rely on algorithms to create matches.

word of mouth dating