Why is aaron johnson dating an old woman

Cele|bitchy | Aaron Taylor-Johnson on his older wife: ‘Age to me doesn’t f—ing matter at all’

why is aaron johnson dating an old woman

Artist Sam Taylor-Wood, 50, is married to actor Aaron Johnson, The ubiquity of older women dating younger men in the media over the. It's Taylor-Wood's fiancé, Aaron Johnson, the star of her first feature film, Nowhere Boy, and all of 19 years old to her "My friend said I'm an inspiration to women in their 40s. Let's all make babies!" Taylor-Wood jokes of her. At the same time the year-old Caroline Flack was pilloried in the media for dating the 19 (or so) Harry Styles, mostly be female columnists, not a word was.

You date the people you know in high school - not people in their mid to late 30's. You date the people you know in college - not people in their 40's. You date the people you socialize with when you're starting out as a young professional - not people in their 50's.

People of a similar age have a shared cultural history, shared life-experiences, a similar understanding of the world and frame of reference for it. Beyond mutual attraction and being well-matched physically, there are a thousand reasons why people within a few years of each other are natural partners. That's just how it's done among normal people and that certainly includes normal GLBT people.

Why is Aaron Taylor Johnson with that Old Lady?

And as for your "Waaaaah no one bats and eye when it's a young girl and an old man" you are so full of shit. Here, tell me how much societal approval these two have gotten, they're on "Nightline" for fuck's sake. It may not be much, but there's a difference between that and a legal adult. Another difference is that they go looking for publicity. And honestly, most criticism I've seen of their marriage has been directed at HER for her looks and behavior and for being a famewhore, not at him for being an old creep.

Btw, for centuries, old men did marry young girls and it was considered normal. The girls usually didn't have much choice in the matter, though. It was simply expected of them. I don't think anyone is saying that Aaron and Sam's relationship isn't a bit unusual, but it's completely consensual.

Several months ago, there was a thread linking to an interview with Aaron in which he explained that he was happy with Sam, that he wanted to be with her, that it was his idea to have kids with her, and that he was tired of being asked to defend their relationship. If they're both legal adults, and they want to be together, what's it to anyone else?

why is aaron johnson dating an old woman

Just because their attraction to each other may not seem "normal" to you doesn't mean it's not real or valid. She's got him brainwashed good. That's why predators like her get em young. Much more malleable at a young age.

He was a middle-aged person who fucked and married a teenager. Sam Whatshername was a middle-aged person who fucked and married a teenager, then immediately had two children with him.

The difference in maturity from 16 to 18 and 18 to 20 is not nearly enough to meet the responsibilities of marriage and parenthood, particularly in young men who generally mature later than young women.

I'm not sure who these folks are whom you claim criticize the Stodden girl but not the old man she married. However, a spokesman for the couple, who have been dating for less than a year, said they were 'very happy' at their engagement.

Why is Aaron Taylor Johnson with that Old Lady?

Miss Taylor-Wood's Lennon biopic has been well received by critics, as has Mr Johnson's performance as the musician. Many have tipped him for Hollywood success.

It is understood Miss Taylor-Wood was initially reluctant to get involved with the teenager, who is from Buckinghamshire, but sources claimed he pursued her relentlessly. The artist, who was nominated for the Turner Prize in has twice recovered from cancer.

why is aaron johnson dating an old woman

Taylor-Wood with Johnson and daughter Angelica, 12 and a friend The couple's relationship was dismissed as a fling by many when they began dating earlier this year. Taylor-Wood was rumoured to be upset that her art dealer ex-husband Jay Jopling was enjoying a very public fling with singer Lily Allen. But despite the year age gap it seems there was more to the relationship than at first thought.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson reveals wife Sam saved him as a destructive teen

Last night Taylor-Wood spoke about her relationship and said: She has two daughters with Jopling, from whom she split amicably last year. She married Jopling inand in the same year was nominated for the Turner Prize and diagnosed with colon cancer.

Last night the pair smiled into one another's eyes as they walked the red carpet on the last night of the London Film Festival. They were joined by Taylor-Wood's daughters Angelica, 12, and three-year-old Jessie, both of whom have small roles in the film.

why is aaron johnson dating an old woman