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Accordingly, the following work will attempt to examine whether the economic shift in Bangalore is simply a consumption craze or the path to a cultural revolution. First, I spend some time examining Bangalore transition to Silicon Valley followed by discussion on demographic shifts and consumption patterns and lastly, I provide intellectual evidence for a closer examination of cosmopolitan lifestyles as a precursor for a cultural revolution. Outsourcing, Culture, Trends Introduction technology IT industry making dreams of owning 1 cell phones, cars and credit a reality Rai, Many have cited the flourishing pubs and nightclubs Rai, Sia to follow Friedman, Ironic- it is a premonition for deep-seated cultural change.

In a calls from the United States Rai, In other words, is the lifestyle change exper- 1 This information comes from a newspaper article and hence a fictional name is used to conceal the true identity of the individual being discussed. While, the first forms of FDI in India to follow. Reduction in real time transformation grounded on consumerism among communication costs and the standardization of the urban middle class youth in Bangalore.

In order computer software packages allows firms to exploit to examine the possible deep-seated effects of con- skilled labor in more efficient and lucrative locations, spicuous, cosmopolitan consumption patterns, I argue usually in developing countries. The purpose of this work is to provide intellec- ment numbers in the IT industry alone are projected tual grounds for future empirical research on to be at 1. Although official numbers vary, spawning a new culture of individualism in India.

The growing IT industry and the line with the conditionality of the Washington Con- prospect of employment opportunities has resulted sensus, the Indian government in initiated the in mass migration to the city of Bangalore in the last New Economic Policy NEP grounded in the ideals two decades. NEPs effectively opened cated workforce. FDI net at 75 percent World Bank: Many students from around India Times, June 21, It is estimated that some 40, people growing, disproportionately young, highly educated, with PhDs reside in Bangalore.

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Eight-one percent of urban cohort earning salaries unimagined by their all software professionals hold a graduate degree or parents is granted economic and subsequently social above, with seventeen percent holding a MS usual freedoms to purchase luxury items and live luxurious in a technology related fieldMBA or CPA. Four- lifestyles, fantasized by the masses in escapist Bolly- teen percent held only an undergraduate degree wood films. The average techie, sooner rather than Bangalore IT, On nights off, he are under the age of In Bangalore, the majority of the in sporting Armani suits and Nike sneakers Fried- labor force employed by the IT circuit is in their man, The lifestyle of these young techies is twenties or thirties.

The average age for a software highly vested in a culture of consumerism; it is most professional is approximately 28 years, while the often about having the trendiest wardrobe, the latest average age for call center workers ranges from cell phone and the newest version of the Ipod.

Used Maruti Suzuki Eeco Cars in Bangalore

This seeking name brands and making lifestyles choices cohort is not only the catalyst behind rapid economic that reflect their membership in the IT society growth, but also the conduit for a revolutionary new Shuman, ; Friedman, The demand of a youth culture.

The own or with peers, are granted autonomy and liberties Consumption Craze shunned in traditional Indian households. However, cially with members of the opposite sex in conven- India is a highly polarized country. Once bound by conservative values, the Indicators, In contrast, in the newer eco- these techies Times of India, May 26, ; Fried- nomy of Bangalore, it is common for an entry-level man, In other ism indexes, i.

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