Speed dating dallas area habitat

speed dating dallas area habitat

Neighborhood Plus recognizes Dallas as a city of neighborhoods and If you want to go fast, go alone. Habitat for Humanity concentrated areas, an increase in childhood asthma, payments using up-to-date data from the City's . Speed Dating in Dallas | Singles Event Night | Presented by Relish Speed Da Mon, Mar 4, pm. British Beverage Company, Dallas, TX. Starts at $ 5 Unexpected Places to Find Great, Single Men Over 40 to Date Right area catering specifically to singles, check out Habitat for Humanity.

The Dallas economy is projected to grow nearly 20 percent by the year Dallas is a regional financial center, serving the American southwest. Although the Texas oil boom slowed in the latter half of the twentieth century, The city continues to serve as a corporate center for petroleum companies.

Dallas is home to more petroleum company headquarters than any other city.

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Dallas is a major international cotton market, and the city has more than insurance company headquarters. About 20 percent of Dallas area workers are employed in manufacturing industries. Twenty percent work in the service sector, while close to 30 percent work in retail.

After World War II —45Dallas became one of the country's largest manufacturers of aircraft and missile parts. In the s, Texas Instruments, the company that created the integrated circuit computer chip and the hand-held calculator, pioneered Dallas' high-tech movement, a trend that continues into the twenty-first century.

Environment Situated on the rolling prairies of northeast Texas, along the Trinity River, the altitude of Dallas ranges from to meters to feet above sea level.

Historically, the Dallas area has been plagued by floods and drought due to its location in a region between lush and rainy Louisiana and the desert of west Texas; wet and dry years often alternate.

Though droughts have hit the city as recently ascity officials combated the flood problem early in the twentieth century by straightening and widening the channel of the Trinity River. The Trinity River, as many highly trafficked bodies of waters, was polluted for much of the twentieth century, though clean-up efforts and a lessening of water-borne shipping have improved the river's water quality.

speed dating dallas area habitat

In the Environmental Protection Agency EPA gave the Dallas watershed a high rating, well above the national average; however, the air quality was not as good, ranking below the national average. Brownfields are abandoned and contaminated industrial sites. Dallas has a Sunbelt climate, with hot summers and mild winters. It rarely snows in Dallas. Annual average rainfall is 81 centimeters 32 inches.

Dallas' Sunbelt climate offers an average of sunny days per year. Shopping Dallas is said to have more per capita retail space that any other city in America, and its shopping centers lend credence to this claim.

The city's most popular store is the downtown Neiman-Marcus on Main Street. The Dallas Galleria is a major shopping mall, with more than stores and an ice skating rink. In the West End, a cracker factory has been converted into the West End Marketplace, a collection of specialty shops.

To the north of the West End is the Quadrangle, a cluster of upscale shops. Art galleries and antique shops are concentrated on Coit Road. The city is probably best known for its cotton products, especially women's clothing. Cotton dresses can be purchased at bargain prices in area stores. Dallas is becoming a high-tech center, and the Infomart complex has offices and showrooms for many high-tech information companies.

Education There are 40 public school districts in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and more than private and parochial schools in the area. The Dallas Independent School District is the tenth-largest school district in the United States, with schools andstudents. The Dallas Independent School District has ten magnet high schools, two secondary special education schools, and five secondary alternative schools.

Until the s Dallas schools were private. In Dallas voters turned down a proposal to levy taxes to form a public school system. It wasn't until that the tax levy was passed, and in the first Dallas public schools opened. Dallas and its nearby communities are home to 45 colleges and universitieswhich attract more thanstudents to the area each year. Dallas has a large community college enrollment.

These community colleges enroll nearlystudents each semester.

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Other health services include the Dallas Homeless Outreach Medical Services, which offers mobile medical care to the underprivileged and homeless, and the Parkland Health and Hospital System, which provides a network of neighborhood-based health centers. Dallas residents interested in alternatives to Western medicine have access to acupuncturists, holistic healers, and message therapists. Media The Dallas Morning News is the city's daily general newspaper. The Dallas Observer and the Dallas Times are weekly papers covering news, features, and entertainment.

The Daily Commercial Record covers legal and business news, while the Dallas Business Journal provides business coverage. Television stations include the following: A variety of commercial radio stations serve the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, broadcasting everything from rock to classical to sports to talk shows. Dallas' public radio station is KERA Sports Dallas has six professional sports teams, including baseball's Texas Rangers who play in Arlington. The city's professional football team, the Cowboys, have won five Super Bowl titles.

Dallas' professional hockey team, the Stars, won the Stanley Cup in the — season. Also playing are the Mavericks, a professional basketball team, and two pro soccer teams, the Burn, an outdoor team, and the Sidekicks, an indoor team. Parks and Recreation Dallas has parks, with parkland covering over 50, acres. Dallas residents have access to 50 reservoirs and lakes for fishing, swimming, sailing, and boating.

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White Rock, in the center of the city, is a favorite for jogging, biking, fishing, and sailing. Dallas has over kilometers miles of bike trails in parks and bike lanes along city streets. Many city parks also have public golf courses. Other participant sports offered in the city include horseback riding, ice-skating, swimming, sailing, and tennis. Six Flags Over Texas is one of the country's oldest and biggest amusement parks. Located just west of Dallas in Arlington, only a minute drive from downtown Dallas, Six Flags has more than rides, shows, and attractions and is home to Mr.

Freeze, the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Texas as of Performing Arts Dallas is home to several performing arts organizations.

Dallas also has a ballet, several summer musical festivals, an African-American dance theater, a Shakespeare festival, and several community theater groups. The Deep Ellum neighborhood, a renovated warehouse district just east of downtown, has long been Dallas' unofficial music center. In the early s, Deep Ellum was the center of the city's African-American community, and in the s and s famous blues musicians often played in area clubs.

In the s, Deep Ellum attracted bands that performed a variety of musical styles, including rock, jazz, alternative, Latin, and country. Libraries and Museums Dallas has 23 city libraries housing over seven million volumes of books. The main branch of the library is the J. A good place to learn about Dallas' history is the G. Maintained by the Dallas Historical Society, the G. Dealy Library collects materials documenting Dallas' past. The Dallas Museum of Art displays works ranging from pre-Columbian to contemporary.

The Dallas Aquarium houses nearly species of aquatic animals. The Dallas Zoo keeps its animals in areas meant to recreate natural habitats. Kennedy and his eventual assassination in Dallas. Tourism Hot, muggy summers and cool, rainy winters make spring and fall the best times to visit the city. Dallas has plenty of restaurants—four times more restaurants per capita than New York City. Local cuisines include southwestern, Tex-Mex, and Texas-style steak-houses.

Dallas restaurants vary from cheap hole-in-the-wall diners to four-star restaurants, of which Dallas has six. Dallas is also considered one of Texas' premiere night spots.

speed dating dallas area habitat

Each night, up to musical acts perform around the city. Although the music ranges from jazz and blues to rock and alternative, tourists tend to favor the many country and western bars around the city. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. It breaks my heart whenever I hear women say that there aren't any good men over 40 left to date, because it's just not true. Sure, it feels true when you're sitting across the table from your blind date--a guy who wears black socks with sandals and whines about how his seventh divorce really was all his wife's fault, because frankly, in his opinion, all women are inherently evil, gold diggers or both.

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