Smallville clark meets brainiac dating

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smallville clark meets brainiac dating

Season eight of Smallville, an American television series, began airing on September 18, The series recounts the early adventures of Kryptonian Clark Kent as he In other storylines, Clark and Oliver Queen clash over how to handle Lex when he season, Title, Directed by, Written by, Original air date, Prod. Clark Kent: I don't know if you're a ghost from my past or the darkness Jor-El that Brainiac 5: And you saved me from all of that, Kal-El. I have come back to do. Season ten of Smallville, an American television series, premiered on September 24, and consisted of 22 episodes. It was the tenth and final season to air, and the fifth one to air on The CW television network. The series recounts the early adventures of Kryptonian Clark Kent as he Brainiac 5 arrives from the 31st Century and takes Clark on a journey.

Not only would the character still have Jimmy Olsen, but there is still the question of her romantic interest in Clark, as well as a new interest in the character of Davis Bloome. Mack's character would also be picking up the Isis Foundation, a counseling center for people infected by kryptonite, that Lana founded before she left Smallville.

Mack explained that Chloe would be forging her own destiny this season, and letting Clark learn to deal with problems on his own—previous seasons saw Clark relying heavily on Chloe to help solve the crime. Among those appearing were Plastique and Maximathe latter coming to Smallville to try to mate with Clark.

Comic book scribe Geoff Johns wrote the episode that featured the Legion of Super-Heroes, and suggested that people familiar with the Legion would recognize them when they appeared on the show, as they had some of the quintessential elements of their comic book counterparts.

Portrayed by Serinda SwanZatanna is a magician who comes to town and grants Chloe a birthday wish that results in Chloe's body transforming into Lois. Tess Mercer's primary goal for this season was finding Lex, which drew her inquisitively to Clark, who she believed would be able to help her. In Smallville, Doomsday was represented by a "nice guy" paramedicwho grew up moving from foster home to foster home. His storyline was very dark in that the character would uncover horrible truths about himself.

When Clark sees Chloe's name badge, he smiles as he heads to the former Smallville Torch room, where he sees the now vacant Wall of Weird bulletin board.

This triggers another memory in which Chloe shows Clark the Wall of Weird for the first time and she explains how it started as a scrapbook and evolved into this bulletin. She asks him what he thinks of it.

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Lois arrives and apologizes for bringing him back to a place that holds so many of his memories, when Zoe and Claytonthe new Torch reporters, come in and recognize Clark and Lois as friends of Chloe. They assume some kind of conspiracy is involved in Chloe's absence from society, as well as her former career as an up-and-coming reporter at the Daily Planet.

The two cub reporters also recognize Lois because of her brief relationship with Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow. They ask Lois what it was like to date a real-life super-hero, to which she replies it was only a 'quick fling' and states that she would date one again, looking towards Clark. The two young reporters then explain that they have taken up the Wall of Weird legacy and it is now viral, and share their theory that the Blur was originally from Smallville.

Lois tries to throw the two off the trail of discovering Clark's secret when Zoe points out that Chloe wrote about all of the strange supernatural incidents that happened before the Blur appeared in Metropolis. Clark tells them that the Blur has gone away and may not be back, and Lois tries to cover for him by expressing how great it is to see that the Blur has inspired a whole new generation of followers.


As Clark prepares to go, Clayton tells him that it is a good thing that the Blur is not there, because he would steal all of Clark's thunder, to which Clark is confused.

Clark and Lois are pronounced Homecoming King and Queen, much to Clark's own displeasure as he sits upon his throne, while Lois enjoys the attention and comments how it was a good thing he became the star quarterback in his senior year.

smallville clark meets brainiac dating

Clark then notices Greg Arkin amongst the crowd, staring at him. As Clark is about to move, he notices that time has literally stopped and everyone else around him is frozen. Brainiac 5 appears before Clark, expressing his 'sincere apologies' for interrupting the event. Believing him to be a foe, Clark questions his motives as to why he arrived in Smallville.

He explains he is here to see that Clark experiences this defining moment that will change his life as he transports himself and Clark away with the Legion ring. Time unfreezes, and Lois discovers that Clark is missing. Brainiac 5 shows Clark he's a member of the Legion. Arriving at their destination in the woods, Clark questions Brainiac 5 on his reappearance and what his hidden agenda is: He introduces himself as Brainiac 5, a member of the Legion of Super-Heroeswho has been reprogrammed as a force for good thanks to Clark and the Legion 's intervention.

Brainiac 5 explains he has returned to prevent Clark from becoming an even greater evil than what he once was as Brainiac by confronting the darkness within Clark's heart, retracing it back to its place of origin: Clark is present at his father's funeral, full of sorrow and regret, as he picks up the dirt and spreads it across the casket as Martha watches.

Clark sees his father's fate.

Enter Brainiac 5

As they both look on at the past flashback event, Brainiac 5 explains to Clark that this was the moment he allowed himself to be corrupted by his emotions as he blamed himself for Jonathan's death. Clark mentions he carries the burden because he believes he altered his father's fate when he changed back time.

Brainiac 5 assures him he is not to blame and shows him the truth about what happened the night Jonathan died: Jonathan, in full rage, attacks Lionel, causing himself to suffer a heart attack. Clark tries to stop fate, but Brainiac 5 tells him that Jonathan decided his own fate to protect his son, no matter the cost. He then goes on to explain that in life, everyone makes choices that decide their fate and Jonathan decided his.

Clark sees Oliver's pain. Brainiac 5 then transports Clark to an office in Metropolis. Clark realizes where they are and Brainiac 5 reassures him that is the present, relating to the current events surrounding Oliver.

Oliver sits in his office, observing the various news broadcasts covering his recent unveiling as Green Arrow, which has not had the inspirational effect on the public that he had hoped. Oliver turns off the TV and checks his calls, only to discover that Clark still has not called him. Clark sees that Oliver needs him, and Brainiac 5 reminds him that the darkness is in his past, and as long as he continues to punish himself and everyone around him for past mistakes, he will never move forward with his life.

Brainiac 5 returns Clark to the class reunion to witness an example of the past repeating itself in his present relationship with Lois. Lois is left abandoned by Clark while the couples begin to share a slow dance. Feeling out of place, Lois retreats to the refreshments table in search of alcohol, which she hopes is in the punch drink. She meets Maddie, the punch girl, who is impressed and surprised that Lois has ended up with Clark, and admits she had a crush on him once.

Maddie talks about Clark's previous romantic relationships with Lana and Chloeand Lois admits that she and Clark are not currently dating, and Maddie asks if Clark really likes Lois. Lois appears to be upset and uneasy. Brainiac 5 asks Clark if he really does care about Lois. Clark tells him that he originally chose to distance himself to protect Lois, but Brainiac 5 mentions how Lois does not look very protected.

In the 31st century, I'm known as Brainiac 5.

Allison Mack: Chloe Sullivan, Brainiac

The ring, time travel - all my creations. I brought the league into a new realm of heroism. I helped them destroy you. They helped you cure me. The problem is Kal-El, you and I aren't very different. We were both created in one way or another by Jor-El, both intended to save civilizations, to bring peace to a brutal world. But neither was immune to corruption to darkness.

What does that mean? All of sudden everyone's telling me that I have darkness within me.

smallville clark meets brainiac dating

I don't understand what it is or how I'm suppose to change it. I may not make the right decisions, but at least I'm trying to save people. Then let me show you, Kal-El. We can't always see it in ourselves, my corruption started with a nanobyte - smaller than the eye can see. But that's all it took.