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power rangers spd capitulo 37 latino dating

Main · Videos; Zoella and alfie dating twitter icon black afto dating · power rangers spd capitulo 37 latino dating · carreras humanitas yahoo dating · dating site. POWER RANGER SPD ESPAÑOL LATINO CAPITULO 37 Parte 1. Only the Power Rangers - elite warriors trained at a newly established Ranger Academy and led by chief Anubis - can stop them. When the Red Power Ranger joins the team, E37 Endings: Part 2. 0 .. Release Date: Add episode .

They manage to snap Eddie out of the spell but then come under attack from Velchanos and his monsters created from the library's books and other surroundings.

The Rangers destroy the book monsters, but Scorpina and Velchanos manage to escape. The Hyperforce Rangers later return to the Library in civilian form to help clean up the damage while discussing what to do next to complete their mission before the timeline is further compromised by the return of the Rangers of from outer space. Marv comes to the realization that he may not have been a good friend towards Eddie following the incident with Scorpina and privately begins to open up to him about his troubled past in Time Force and with Jack.

Zordon recalls Aisha from the Mighty Morphin Rangers' space mission and enlists her on a secret mission to help the Hyperforce Rangers' in their task to repair the timeline. Chloe and Vesper return to the library and awkwardly use their stealth to slip past the police to borrow some of the damaged books hoping to use the residual energy signature to track Scorpina and Velchanos.

As Alpha 55 sets up the means of tracking the signature Aisha attempts to assess the Hyperforce Rangers' abilities within the battle simulator much to Jack's chagrin at Chloe's program choices. The six Rangers then travel together within the Sabretooth Tiger Griffin Thunderzord to Italy to find a depressed Finster who is feeling outcast and obsolete since Lord Zedd's arrival.

The Hyperforce Rangers attempt to befriend Finster before Velchanos and Scorpina arrive, but then come under attack on two sides by Finster's Bully Putty and Velchanos's lady, fighter, and senator statue monsters. The Rangers destroy the monsters, but Velchanos is successful in stealing Finster's clay. Velchanos uses a tiny piece of clay to create the Gladiator statue monster and calls upon the dark powers of "The Leader" to make the monster grow to cover his and Scorpina's escape.

The Hyperforce Rangers combine their powers with the Thunderzord to destroy the Gladiator, but not before some historical monuments were damaged in the attack. The Hyperforce Rangers continue their repairs to the time ship in hopes of tracking down Scorpina and stopping the change, but realize they don't have the necessary parts for repairs.

Vesper and Eddie then attempt an alternate plan of contacting Time Force in the year instead for assistance. Zordon contacts the Hyperforce Rangers once again noting that Lord Zedd has taken advantage of the situation with the Mighty Morphin Rangers being away from the planet. As Vesper and Eddie continue to contact the future Marv, Chloe, and Jack come to Zordon's aid of evacuating civilians and confronting the dog samurai monster known as Shibarai. Lord Zedd observes the battle from his palace on the moon and sends in reinforcements with the Z-Putties.

Scorpina, Velchanos and "The Leader" also observe the battle from their time ship but choose not to interfere as they prepare for the next phase of their plans. Vesper and Eddie succeed in contacting Time Force and are sent the newly created Hyper Zords along with supplies for repairing their time ship.

The Shibarai monster is destroyed by the Hyper Zords and the Hyperforce Rangers combine the Hyper Zords with their time ship to follow "The Leader" and his time ship as they slip away in a time stream outside of normal time and space. The Hyperforce Rangers' time ship is then compromised by turbulence from the other time ship along with an unknown system failure to the electronics. Alpha 55 also becomes compromised to a similar system failure as the time ship crash lands.

The Hyperforce Rangers then come into contact with a person calling herself M and agree to help her and the other refugees make their way to Corinth.

On the way there they learn more from M about the Venjix computer virus that has infected their time ship and Alpha 55's systems as well as the condition of the barren, radioactive and machine infested world they are left to traverse in. Marv, unaware that they are in a parallel reality from their own, blames himself for this apocalyptic outcome due to the Hyperforce Rangers inability to stop the alterations to the timeline.

Vesper begins to question the meaning of her existence and asks Eddie out on a date after they complete their mission as Hyperforce Rangers. The Hyperforce Rangers and refugees arrive at the now abandoned ruins of Omega City and are forced to take shelter from an oncoming radioactive storm within the freezer of an old gelato store. While taking shelter they come under attack from the Grinders.

The Hyperforce Rangers and M manage to fend off the robots, but the refugees are captured and dragged away. They follow the tracks left behind to a factory being commanded by the machine general known as Kilobyte. M takes cover as the Hyperforce Rangers ram their truck into the factory as a diversion. Kilobyte infects Vesper with the Venjix virus, revealing Vesper to be an android.

Vesper, unable to control her actions, beats Eddie within an inch of his life. Marv and Chloe discover the refugees, but Chloe becomes horribly mortified when one her attacks on the Grinders goes awry and injures several of the refugees. Jack comes to Marv and Chloe's aid and explains that Eddie needs help from Vesper. Before Marv and Jack can sort out the issue Kilobyte springs a trap ensnaring the two along with Chloe and the refugees within a cage. A barely live Eddie is left alone to struggle against the infected Vesper.

Meanwhile the captured Hyperforce Rangers are processed at a factory responsible for building Grinders where they meet another captor by the name of Gem. The Rangers attempt to appeal to Vesper's better nature, but to no avail much to Gem's amusement at the spectacle as he reveals to the Rangers that Vesper is a machine.

As the Hyperforce Rangers discuss a plan for escape, Gem mentions that he already has a plan for escape using a device he cobbled together from the scraps of tech about the factory to disable the security. The Rangers decide to make a distraction for the escape by flipping some tables while working on the assembly lines, but things quickly go south after Gem gets a bit overzealous in table flipping and Vesper threatens to kill the badly injured Eddie.

Marv quickly improvises a new distraction by intentionally gagging himself until he vomits on Vesper. With the Grinders distracted Gem and Chloe sneak off and destroy the factory's generator before elaborately flipping into the ducts leading to the research lab where medical supplies for Eddie and their Time Force devices are being held. Gem quickly builds a new device allowing the Rangers to briefly enter Vesper's mind where they learn more of Vesper's past through her memories and eventually break Venjix's hold.

Gem goes off to free more prisoners in a separate wing of the factory only to learn that his sister Gemma is no longer there. M arrives with reinforcements found near Omega City and comes to help rescue the prisoners as Venjix initiates the download to make Buzzkill grow. With their combined powers Gem and the Hyperforce Rangers destroy Buzzkill and send Kilobyte hurdling into the distance thousands of miles away.

Gem leaves to search for his sister Gemma. M and the refugees also leave to continue their trip to Corinth. Thinking Alpha 55 may have also been freed of Venjix's hold after saving Vesper, the Hyperforce Rangers attempt to contact him, but are unable to reach him. The Rangers return to the ship to find it and Alpha 55 slightly in disarray from when they were last there. Vesper, now knowing that she is an android, is able to connect herself directly to the time ship and return it to the time stream to pursue "The Leader" on his last known trajectory.

As most of the Rangers head off to celebrate with some well earned burritos Marv reveals to Vesper in secret that he is an alien and that he can relate to her android situation as he knows what it feels like trying to fit in with others when you are different. Eddie discusses with Marv and Chloe all that has happened since discovering Vesper was an android and wonders how she could keep something like that from him and the others.

In the process of discussing Vesper overhears part of the conversation and states to Eddie and the others that even she was unaware until she was infected with the Venjix virus. In the same conversation Marv inadvertently outs himself as being an alien. Vesper and Chloe head off to work on repairing Alpha 55 and decide to test the full extent of Vesper's android abilities.

Vesper lets Chloe know that she is intentionally avoiding Eddie partly out of guilt for hurting him and partly out of a need to focus on herself at the moment since the revelation of not being human. Chloe reveals to Vesper that she also isn't being fully honest with the other Rangers and has also been looking for her parents. Alpha 55 comes back online but before the Hyperforce Rangers can celebrate Alpha 55 warns them of an incoming magical power.

Marv, Chloe, Eddie and Vesper are forcibly teleported off of the time ship to the North Pole on Christmas Eve in the yearleaving Alpha 55 and Jack on board the time ship.

They learn from the elf Squeezy Sparkle Toes that it was Santa who had teleported the Rangers as Christmas was being threatened by the monster Krampus. Santa explains that only the holiday spirit can truly defeat Krampus and the Hyperforce Rangers agree to help. To get into the holiday spirit the Rangers change into holiday-themed pajamas and Vesper finally gains the courage to talk to Eddie about how she is currently feeling. Eddie tells Vesper to take all the time she needs to figure things out and Vesper decides to take a chance and kisses Eddie on the cheek.

Meanwhile Santa confronts Chloe and gives her some advice about being truthful with her friends, though Chloe still remains reluctant. Krampus attacks Santa's workshop with his foot soldiers created from coal known as the Naughties. Santa suits up in elf created battlizer armor and he and the Hyperforce Rangers head out to retrieve back the list. Chloe and Squeezy do some reconnaissance in Krampus's hideout and cause a distraction.

Santa and the Hyperforce Rangers take this opportunity to attack Krampus as he grows giant. Santa combines his battlizer with his sleigh to create a large Sleigh Zord and the Hyperforce Rangers summon their Hyperforce Zords. The Hyperforce Rangers injure Krampus and steal back the list as the constant singing causes the Naughties to be destroyed. Krampus is further weakened by the Hyperforce Ranger's holiday spirit as Santa uses the full force of his now damaged Sleigh Zord and then his own inner magical abilities to defeat Krampus in an explosive uppercut.

After shrinking, Krampus retreats and the Hyperforce Rangers use their Hyperforce Zords to help Santa deliver the presents in time to save Christmas day. While celebrating the victory back at the North Pole the Rangers are contacted by Alpha 55 as the time ship appears in the sky. As the time ship lands and opens up the Hyperforce Rangers are greeted by Jack. Paul Schrier was absent from participating in this episode due to recovering from oral surgery.

Tommy Oliver to greet the other Hyperforce Rangers. Oliver's presence, the Hyperforce Rangers fill Jack in with their recent adventure with Santa and Jack in turn explains to the other Hyperforce Rangers that from his perspective the Hyperforce Rangers had been missing for several weeks and not just hours.

In those weeks that the Hyperforce Rangers were missing Jack explains that he and Alpha 55 did an extensive search for them and were able to reprogram the time ship to detect time anomalies in the process. As a result, they were able to detect "The Leader" in Reefside in the year attempting to find Dr. Anton Mercer and revive his alter ego Mesogog.

Jack explains that while in he met Dr. Oliver who in turn offered his expertise in finding the Hyperforce Rangers, eventually bringing the time ship to the North Pole in The Hyperforce Rangers and Dr. Oliver return to Reefside in the year to discover that Dr.

power rangers spd capitulo 37 latino dating

Mercer is missing and Dr. Oliver's friend Haley is in the process of destroying his newly rebuilt underground headquarters, having prior been destroyed by Zeltrax.

Power Rangers SPD Episode 37 Endings Part 1 - video dailymotion

Eddie uses his focus ability to neutralize Hayley and they see a news broadcast where "The Leader" is demanding for Dr. Mercer and his alter ego Mesogog for his plans.

The Hyperforce Rangers learn that Hayley's actions were the result of being exposed to a strange gas being emitted from Hayley's Cyber Cafe. The Hyperforce Rangers manage to drive off the people infected by the gas and discover that the Perfume Pony is the source of the gas. Eddie and Vesper are infected by the gas, but are brought back to their senses after taking blows to their heads.

Power Rangers SPD Episode 37 Endings Part 1

As the putties are defeated by Dr. Oliver and the other Hyperforce Rangers, Jack uses one of Dr. Oliver's borrowed gas masks to smother the Perfume Pony in its own gas causing the monster to grow. Alpha 55 works on an antidote to the gas and part of the Hyperforce team begins to cryonic-ally freeze the infected civilians attacking them.

Calling upon the Hyperforce Zords, the Perfume Pony is badly damaged. Oliver finishes the monster off with his Brachio Staff, sealing the monster underground.

Using their combined powers the antidote is then dispersed around Reefside saving the civilians. Oliver receives a phone call from Dr. Mercer, who is at Mercer Industries. They head to Mercer Industries and discover a badly injured Mercer surrounded by Putties. The Putties are driven off and Mercer is healed by Dr. Oliver using the Hyperforce Rangers' healing charge technology.

The Hyperforce Rangers learn from Mercer and the partially revived Mesogog that they refused to help "The Leader" in his plan of conquest, a plan that is revealed to be somehow tied to Zordon. Alpha 55 detects a disturbance on the other side of Reefside and the Hyperforce Rangers attempt to use the gas antidote to help Mercer rid himself of Mesogog, but with little success.

Oliver decides to stay behind to help Mercer in preventing Mesogog from fully reviving as the Hyperforce Rangers say their goodbyes and head off to check out the disturbance. Scorpina confronts the Hyperforce Rangers as the stolen time ship slips away into a time stream. After a brief battle, Scorpina is knocked unconscious and the Hyperforce Rangers decide to take her prisoner aboard their time ship as they jump into a time stream to follow after the stolen time ship.

Failing to learn any new information from Scorpina, Eddie forms his own hypothesis based on Mercer and Mesogog's information that "The Leader" may be trying to prevent Zordon's death and the subsequent energy wave that resulted from it from destroying most of the United Alliance of Evil back in Using an unknown electrical power, Scorpina breaks free of her imprisonment and severely cripples the Hyperforce Rangers' time ship's systems.

The Hyperforce Rangers split up to search the ship for Scorpina with part of the team heading to engineering and the other part heading to the living quarters. The Rangers are then visited by various demonic visions based on their past lives and dreams for the future.

Power Rangers SPD Episode 38 Endings Part 2

Jack sees his deceased robot dog. Marv is visited by his missing brother Joe and Eddie sees his childhood sweetheart and now ex-fiancee Bianca. Vesper sees a vision of a cool Eddie and Chloe must come to terms with the appearance of her deceased mother. The Hyperforce Rangers come to the conclusion that the visions are tied in some way to Scorpina using information from the police notes that Jack made with Alpha 55 when he was searching for the other Rangers.

Uncertain what is real and what is fake they decide to disclose information about their pasts with each other to prove that they are indeed the real Rangers and not just illusions. Marv discloses how he faked being a Time Force officer in order to find his missing brother and was subsequently turned in by Jack. Chloe speaks of her deceased parents and explains that she steals things for those who are less fortunate.

It is revealed that the Alpha 55 in the medical bay is fake and the real Alpha 55 uses a chest cannon to blow the fake Alpha 55 through the side of the time ship leaving a gaping hole. The fake Alpha 55, Scorpina, and demonic visions are all revealed to actually be the shape-shifting monster Primator. After a brief battle, the Primator grows and the Rangers call upon the Chronos Hyperforce Megazord's Phoenix formation.

power rangers spd capitulo 37 latino dating

Primator proves too strong and rips off the Megazord's arms. The Rangers leave their cockpits and attempt to use their cannons to defeat the monster, but Primator avoids the damage and further trashes the Hyperforce Zords before shrinking back to normal size.

Power Rangers Vs Brudowei Dublado - Power Rangers SPD

Using the subterfuge of rocks, trees, Bianca and chipmunks to manipulate the Rangers, Primator separates and overcomes Marv. Using Mesogog's invisi-portal technology stolen from Mercer Industries, Primator kidnaps Marv and escapes to rejoin "The Leader" aboard the stolen time ship. Uncertain of where they are, the remaining Hyperforce Rangers are left stranded with their time ship in need of desperate repair.

The Hyperforce Rangers are then confronted by knights on horseback who accuse them of witchcraft after seeing Alpha 55 cloak himself and the damaged time ship out of fear. Alpha 55 contacts the Hyperforce Rangers to let them know that the ship's sensors indicate that they are stranded in the 6th century. The knights identify themselves as the knights of the Round Table: The Hyperforce Rangers explain to Guinevere how the "magic" of their time ship had caused them to end up their kingdom, how their team leader Marv was kidnapped, and how they are now stranded due to the damage that the time ship had endured.

Guinevere and Merlin agree to have their finest blacksmiths help the Hyperforce Rangers in repairing their time ship in exchange for the Rangers' own help in finding Camelot's missing leader, King Arthurand destroying the red dragon that is believed to be responsible for both his disappearance and the mass devastation throughout the kingdom.

The Hyperforce Rangers agree to help and then excuse themselves to freshen up for dinner before discussing a plan with Guinevere and Merlin in accomplishing their goals. Vesper decides at this time to pretend to be a man while Chloe decides to introduce Guinevere to invention of world's first burrito. The castle comes under attack from the red dragon, but Guinevere manages to chase it away with an arrow attack to the dragon's eye.

Eddie, uncertain of his fate in the future after having met his ancestor, decides to give Sir Edward love advice to help ensure that someday he'll still be born. As the Rangers retire for the night, Jack learns more from Lancelot about Arthur's disappearance, the magic crystals that Guinevere and the knights received from Merlin, and the deaths of the knights Percival and Tristan.

The next day the Hyperforce Rangers, Guinevere and the knights set off for the cave of the dragon. Eddie becomes concerned that Sir Edward is also coming along, knowing that if Sir Edward were to die it would also mean an end to his existence. While trying to find their bearings in the dark woods they confront a werewolf that attacks Guinevere's pet dragon. The Hyperforce Rangers injure the werewolf; reverting the creature back into a villager that they then send off back to the castle on horseback for medical attention.

After leaving the woods they are attacked near an ocean-side cliff first by harpies and then by sirens. Guinevere and the knights use their gems to morph into more powerful Ranger-like knight forms. Chloe also morphs and drives off the harpies with her whirlwind attack, but Sir Edward falls from the cliff. Eddie, Guinevere, and Chloe each try to save Sir Edward, but the allure of the sirens' song proves too powerful to overcome in a direct confrontation.

Guinevere and the Hyperforce Rangers instead use a song of their own to drive off the sirens. Finally arriving at the abandoned village and cave of the red dragon the Hyperforce, Guinevere, and knights confront the red dragon in battle. After several attacks and massive damage, Eddie and Sir Edward use the combined power of their water attacks within the dragon's mouth and cause the dragon to implode on itself in a massive fireball.

Jack then launches the fireball down a well extinguishing it. It is revealed that the red dragon was in fact King Arthur all along, having been cursed by Morgan le Fay.

The Hyperforce Rangers use their healing charge technology to heal Arthur. As thanks for their help Guinevere and Arthur reward the Hyperforce Rangers with a pink magic crystal similar to the ones that the knights used. Saying their goodbyes to Guinevere, Arthur, Sir Edward and the rest of the knights; Alpha 55 has the Hyperforce Rangers teleport back to the now repaired time ship. The Hyperforce Rangers then send a message back to the Time Force Academy in the year to apprise them of the situation in hopes that Professor Scotts may have a means of finding and saving Marv.

Peter Sudarso was absent from participating in this episode. Getting desperate for a sign of Marv's location Vesper attempts a seance with the rest of the Hyperforce Rangers and Alpha Unexpectedly it works to a degree and they make a brief connection to Marv and Alpha 55 gets a lock on the stolen time ship travelling within the normal time stream. The Hyperforce Rangers then receive a reply back from Jen Scotts who informs them that she can not assist them at this time due to dealing with "The Alliance" still present in the yearbut that she was going to send back an agent to help assist them.

Not knowing who this agent was or when they would arrive the Hyperforce Rangers decide to drop from the hyper stream to the normal time stream to pursue the stolen time ship and begin to experience a similar turbulence to the last time they attempted to follow the stolen time ship so closely.

Meanwhile aboard the stolen time ship "The Leader" continues his relentless torture and interrogation of Marv trying to ascertain how the Hyperforce Rangers are tracking his stolen ship so easily, yet he is not able to track the Hyperforce's ship. Marv attempts to buy time and feed misinformation to "The Leader" stating that they planted a tracker aboard the stolen ship. Finding Marv useless, "The Leader" decides that Alpha 55 must be the key and sends the Primator monster through an invisi-portal back to the Hyperforce's ship to kidnap Alpha.

Primator disguises itself as Marv, but the Hyperforce Rangers aren't buying it. Eddie, remembering from what he read in the archives of when the Mighty Morphin Rangers faced Primator, decides to use a mirrored piece of the ship to reveal the Primator's identity. Unfazed, the Primator uses the image of Jack's robot dog and Chloe's deceased mom to escape and further mess with the Hyperforce Rangers while searching the ship for Alpha Back aboard the stolen time ship, Marv is freed from his cell by a mysterious Time Force Silver Ranger with the ability to cloak himself invisible.

The Silver Ranger reveals himself to be Joe, Marv's brother. Marv, under duress from several days of sleep deprivation and mental torture by "The Leader" and Primator, refuses to believe Joe; thinking that he is the Primator further trying to mess with his head. After some convincing, Marv eventually leaves the cell with alarms sounding, causing Putties to head toward the cell room. Joe claims that in order to get off the ship they need to destroy the main command room and Marv taps into one of the stolen ship's computers to bring up map schematics of the ship.

Marv destroys a large group of Putties but is then confronted by Velchanos and a group of newly created Putties. Joe distracts Velchanos and the Putties as Marv sneaks away into the main command room being operated by Scorpina. Back on the Hyperforce's ship, Vesper tries to ram the stolen time ship in order to get it to drop its shields to teleport Marv, but with no success. Eddie attempts to follow Jack's advice of locking Primator in the pocket dimension, but finds himself locked inside instead.

Vesper and Chloe then attempt to lure the Primator to the airlock to eject him out into the time stream. Not falling for the trick, Primator grabs Alpha and tries to make an escape through an invisi-portal. Chloe shoots the Primator in the back while disguised as her mother; then Jack throws himself in the way, freeing Alpha. Vesper in turn frees Jack with an attack and opens the airlock.

Chloe uses the power of the pink gem she received from Guinevere to summon a Knight-like Battlizer form and blasts Primator out of the airlock, seemingly destroying the monster. Back aboard the stolen time ship, Marv sneaks into the engineering section and begins to smash the electronics, disabling the shields. Alpha detects two Ranger signatures and locks on to Marv, teleporting him away just before Scorpina and "The Leader" can destroy him.

Marv informs the other Hyperforce Rangers that while he can't say for certainty, he was saved by a Time Force Silver Ranger that may be his lost brother Joe. Joe then teleports to the Hyperforce's time ship. The Hyperforce Rangers try to get answers but are further confused when Joe refuses to fill them in as to why he was missing or what he is currently doing.

Joe says his goodbyes and then teleports away. The Hyperforce Rangers then briefly discuss what Marv saw aboard the stolen ship, why "The Leader" thinks Alpha 55 may be important, why "The Leader" is unable to track the Hyperforce time ship, how the Hyperforce Rangers were able to connect to Marv briefly through their bond to the Morphin Grid and the possibility of tracking Joe through that same connection. The Hyperforce Rangers then decide to jump back into the hyper stream in order to repair their damaged ship and regroup before the stolen time ship has a chance to retaliate.

He is also Peter Sudarso's biological brother. Jack and Eddie then confide in each other more about their past, from Jack's parents losing their lives in a war when Jack was young to Eddie having difficulties with stepping out of the shadow of his family's legacy.

Meanwhile, Chloe, suffering from junk food withdrawal, searches the ship for Vesper desperately in the hope that the kitchen can be repaired. Alpha 55 hears Chloe crying for Vesper and tries to calm her down while trying to cover for Vesper's disappearance by telling Chloe that Vesper is napping. Chloe then goes off to find Marv, who is currently in the simulator repeatedly reliving his nightmare on board the stolen time ship as a prisoner.

Concerned for Marv, Chloe has a talk with him about his brother's secret mission. Marv tells Chloe he feels like he is unworthy to be the leader of the Hyperforce Rangers. Chloe, in turn, confesses that she feels similar with her role as a Ranger and that the only reason she joined Time Force was to find answers about her own parents' disappearance, even if it meant stealing the information from Time Force itself.

Alpha 55 joins them in the simulator and surprises Chloe with a repaired food replicator, but needs Chloe's help in entering the recipes. Chloe takes this time to also have Alpha 55 contact Time Force with her concern for Marv and his brother's secret mission.

power rangers spd capitulo 37 latino dating

A short time later, the Hyperforce Rangers discuss "The Alliance" intentions some more but with little progress when Alpha 55 picks up a time anomaly in the town of Briarwood in the year Boom rallies the troops and convinces them that they must stay and fight for the Power Rangers. The Krybots are ordered by Omni to execute the Rangers as they are no longer needed. Unsuspectingly, Piggy comes to their rescue and gets them back their Morphers as well. Doggie orders the B-Squad to return to Earth while he stops Gruumm once and for all.

On the way to Gruumm, the Shadow Ranger faces off against Mora and contains her. Gruumm reveals to Isinia that the Terror is transforming into the body for Omni. Cruger faces off against Gruumm on a narrow bridge. Gruumm threatens to let Isinia plunge into the lava pit below. Meanwhile as the cadets fight the Troobians, the Omega Ranger is rescued by the Nova Ranger - an old friend from the future.

Omni's transformation is complete and launches an attack on Newtech City. Cruger rescues Isinia and knocks Gruumm over the edge. Gruumm refuses to be taken in and plunges himself into the lava. The Rangers form the S.

Megazord to battle Omni, but seem to be no match against his power. Meanwhile, after recieving orders from Kat who found Omni's weak spot, Cruger and Isinia risk their lives as they open the hatch to engine room in order to allow the S.

Megazord to fire a blast that causes Omni to implode and be destroyed. Megazord poses in front of the Delta Base. The Rangers look amongst the rubble of the Terror to find that Doggie and Isinia made it out just in time.

Doggie soon realizes that Gruumm has survived as well and the two of the duke it out one last time. Grumm is no match for Cruger and is easily defeated, with Cruger cutting off the top of his other horn. Since Jack has decided to follow his own path and leave S.

Cruger promotes the team to A-Squad, but they turn down the promotion as B-Squad is who they are. Cruger understands and tells them that there will be no A-Squad. Nova and Sam say their goodbyes and return to the future, briefly demorphing as they do. A few days later, the Rangers go to visit Jack who has started a business with Ally and Piggy to give away clothes to the homeless.