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Ian Somerhalder’s Girlfriends: A Vampire Diaries Dating History (PHOTOS)

relationship list. Kat Graham dating history, , , list of Kat Graham relationships. Who is she dating right now? . Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham. Kol: “As in dating (Y/N)?” (he laughs) “But loves, I'm already dating (Y/N). rylie barton (willa holland); delilah duncan (nina dobrev); nyla blackbone (phoebe gray (taylor york); nika sparrow (ashley greene); scarlett la bouff (ashley benson). Nina Dobrev, Eiza Gonzalez, Josh Hutcherson, Ashley Greene, Tom Welling, . A key role will be filled with an actress who could pass as Nina Dobrev, and law firm's new boss, Nathaniel, played by Greek grad Scott Michael Foster. a bit sudden for a couple that only recently managed to lick the whole “dating” thing .

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If Jeremy Steven R. Is she going to wait for all these other people to get involved and save everyone for her, or will she get involved and do something?

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Connor is ready to kill a vampire, at any moment. When he stakes her, she loses it, in that moment. They do go off. And Elena is one of them. So, we have to show that dark side, too, of what it is to be a vampire. She literally and metaphorically killed her hope without realizing it. The consequences of that first kill are pretty profound. Essentially, we learn, for the first time, that killing a hunter comes with a price. What effect will there be now, with the hunter tattoo transferring to Jeremy?

Connor had told him that he was a potential [hunter], so this is a hint that perhaps Connor was speaking the truth. Will he actively pursue that, right away? Professor Shane starts to cross paths with our group next week, with some answers. But, whether they are legit or not remains to be seen. Are viewers supposed to trust that he just helped her light candles, or is there more shady business going on? A lot of that will start coming to light, over the next chapter.

Is Tyler going to be focused now on helping the hybrids break their sire bonds?

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That was a glimpse at the beginning of a story for Tyler Michael Trevino that we are excited about. After all this time, it pays off. Should viewers expect to see Katherine Nina Dobrev sometime in the near future? Have viewers seen the last of Connor? Actually, believe it or not, we have not seen completely, totally the last of Connor. Do you think Elena and Jeremy would ever turn against each other?

Ian Somerhalder’s Girlfriends: A Vampire Diaries Dating History

Alaric Matthew Davis was a vampire hunter, but Connor was an official hunter. Will you be going into that distinction more? Yeah, this is the mythology of the Brotherhood of the Five, born in the yearand the mark and what it means and where it leads and what Jeremy is going to need to do to complete it. This is the origin story of the vampire hunter, told to its end, as opposed to Alaric, who was just really pissed off and had a good stake.

What purpose does April Grace Phipps serve, at this point? April, for us, is a fun little human foil. When we first started the season, we wanted a character that, now that most, if not all, of our heroes, as we call them, are supernatural, was a reminder that this town exists and there are people in this town that know nothing and can get caught up in this, in the same way that Elena and her friends got caught up in it, in Season 1.

Imagine, back in Season 1, what our characters went through. When all is said and done, April is our vessel to start getting some answers about that really surprising twist of events, at the end of the first episode. That mystery is yet to be solved, and she will be a part of putting the pieces together.

You planted the seeds of a friendship for April and Rebekah Claire Holtand then you took Rebekah away. How and when will Rebekah come back, and how will that friendship play out? That will all pay off, down the road, with a vengeance. Are viewers going to start to see that filtering out and see what the consequences would be, if the cure were will?

What would they want? Would they want it? What would they do, in order to get it? Is there somehow a way to make him suddenly destructible? That all being said, our mythologies, season to season, all have a nice beginning. Right now, this announcement of a cure, at this point in the narrative, is equal to Katherine wanting a moonstone, or to Damon looking for a crystal.

When you kill an Original, that whole line of vampires dies, so in that same vein, what happens if an Original takes a cure? Does their whole line get cured? That is, without a doubt, a question that our characters are going to be asking, at a certain point.

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Two major deaths have been teased for this season. We do tend to trim the ranks of the family, once a year. Well, Connor is one.