Is alan carr dating anyone

Adele Officiates Alan Carr's Wedding in Her Backyard | E! News

is alan carr dating anyone

Alan Carr has revealed that singer Adele “got ordained” and married him and husband Paul Drayton. The Someone Like You singer apparently. Chatty Man host Alan Carr has married his long-term partner Paul Drayton at a " small, private ceremony" in Los Angeles. The couple, who have. Alan Carr proves he's more than just a Chatty Man this Christmas . "That was our first battle, really," confides Carr, who started dating party planner "But, and this is so weird to say, for someone who has peddled lambrini.

At least you could disappear with your broom to sweep up the CD scraps. There was one job where I had to wipe grease off car parts with meths. Then I'd leave work and have this blinding headache. He tried to man up, but failed miserably.

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This man came in and said, 'My fucking wife's having an affair, this fucking cunt who owns this pub, I want to smash it up, are you in guys? They all went and smashed up the pub with baseball bats.

I couldn't do it. It's not in my nature. He says it was so exciting early on, travelling around from city to city, getting paid to make people laugh — a great way of being young. Were there loads of groupies? Gay men don't really go to comedy clubs.

is alan carr dating anyone

I think I look like Liz Taylor. Jay Brooks Isn't the world of comedy fantastically competitive? D'you think I'm funny? I know comedians who will say something to you, and then they'll be like, 'What was funny about what I just said? Was it because I said this word?

Alan Carr proves he's more than just a Chatty Man this Christmas

It is Jimmy Carr. I'm not bad-mouthing Jimmy, but he's always on tour. I find it so lonely, but he loves it. Just as he finishes another tour, he's off again. But it can also work the other way. You come off stage at You can see why some of these old school comedians like Tommy Cooper just used to sit there and drink.

It killed him in the end. I like a drink, but not to excess. And it was like that for a while, but it soon changed. Have you ever been to the Comedy Store? Oh my God, everybody's watching it on the screen [backstage] — 'Well, that's died a death, hasn't it? That was really good! Some of the older comedians, whose time has passed, they can be a little bit bitter.

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I went to meet her and the man whispered to me, 'Miss Barr does not do hands. It's a bit frustrating that I don't have these inner demons, because it would be my dream to have someone act out my life on BBC4 in about 20 years — like they have done with Hattie Jacques or Frankie Howerd or Kenneth Williams — but it would be just somebody walking a red setter round a park going, 'Ooh, that's nice!

It's true, I don't let things get to me. I'm 'too shallow for demons. They live together in west London with their two dogs. At least they're big dogs. Bev coz she looks a bit like Beverley Callard from Coronation Street. I was holding him back. But actually I know Graham and he's lovely. X Factor is camp, Strictly Come Dancing is camp. Basically, an orange man comes down some stairs and waves at the camera. People are drawn to that. What did he mean by that?

is alan carr dating anyone

They slagged me off a bit. I made a mistake because I mistook militant gays for the normal gays.

Adam Lambert's First Time With A Woman - Alan Carr: Chatty Man

It's just militant gays I can't stand. What have we created? The trouble is, Carr says, that's what he's like — and he can't do anything about it. Now I'm flicking through his phone. I come across a photograph of Paul, with whom he has been for four years. He's a kept man. So basically I'm not only the bread winner, I'm also the toy boy. He's a cradle snatcher!

Actually, Paul looks in better nick than him. Have you seen it? You know what, it breaks my heart when I watch the video of the Tooth Fairy Live in What happened to me? I'm just a husk of a man. My hair's thinning, I've got fatter. He's got a dodgy knee, and there's worse.

is alan carr dating anyone

All his life seems to be documented in this phone. There's his mum, and his lovely little niece, and the red setters in the park. In a time when - as the year-old comedian puts it - "the world seems to be a little bit crueller", he was glad to make some happy memories. Sometimes you can create your own happiness and kindness and it just felt really positive. It was what everyone needed.

I've got my own house band. There's eggnog on tap. There's an outside space with snow. You name it, it's everything you want for Christmas in a show. And there's sketches as well. He doesn't disappoint; he is easily one of the nicest celebrities I've ever talked to. And his distinctively hearty, infectious high-pitched cackles?

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They come thick and fast. Never more so than when revealing that Channing Tatum and dancers from his Magic Mike Live stage show tried to teach him to do a "floor pump" while filming Christmas Cracker. He has confidence in his new stuff, he says. But, he's been candid in the past about just how much nerves affected him when he first started doing stand-up.