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Something along the lines of: Jeff let me ask you a question- what the hell is dating anyway except some long drawn out process of elimination. Main · Videos; Support groups for women dating married men dating a coworker fools rush in quotes dating a coworker terme rosapepe contursi yahoo dating. Fool for Love: Fooling Around\Nobody's Fool\Fools Rush in Fool For Love by Vicki Lewis Thompson\Stephanie Bond\Judith Arnold Eric is known around the office for his pranks and he isn't above working with a co-worker to play a When Lena launches her fabulous date, they're both dazzled and up for anything.

But of course there's light reading and there's light reading I was a little skeptical when I saw that these are essentially three Harlequin-like novellas by established romance writers. They are a little formulaic, and being so short they more or less have to be at the love at first sight or you had me at hello variety. You So when dealing with a family tragedy and all, light reading is the order of the day. You know the women have to put up token resistance because the guy is a playboy or scoundrel, there has to be a smoldering sexual encounter that the woman regrets for whatever reason, and you know how it's all going to end up, and I'm not talking long-term cohabitation.

The biggest problem was that the plots were a little far-fetched, especially the last one, but I suppose if they were less so, they would seem even more formulaic I'm sure all the usual romantic ways people get together have already been done to death.

They weren't high literature, but they weren't terrible, so if your expectations are set accordingly, they are good for a happy tingly read. April Fool's Day was the common theme, and these were three new authors for me: The firstb two were average for an anthology, but the one I want to comment on is Judith Arnold, because I realy enjoyed her story. The hero and heroine met in the beginning of the story, got to know each other, genuinely liked each other early on, gradually fell in love, and finall I've been on an anthology kick for about a week, and this was the last of them.

The hero and heroine met in the beginning of the story, got to know each other, genuinely liked each other early on, gradually fell in love, and finally consumated the relationship. Get out of the way! There's nothing to say! This afternoon I couldn't decide between a burger and tuna. But my life made sense. Now I know exactly what I want and my life doesn't make any sense! I was doing fine this afternoon. It was me then! Now, I don't know what happened I actually worried I had met the woman of my dreams But then you show up and I realize that's not true.

Because you're the one. You are everything I never knew I always wanted. I'm not sure what that means I think we should get married.

Look who decided to grace us with his presence. Could not be helped. You're not getting off so easy. I open the door and you're off on a date with Jessica Rabbit. Her name is lsabel. And it wasn't exactly a date. Jeff, what the hell is dating? A process of elimination where you both present your best side That can only last three months.

Fool for Love: Fooling Around\Nobody's Fool\Fools Rush in by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Then you spend three months getting to know your real selves. Then one of you wants a commitment, the other doesn't so you start over. What have you done with my best friend? You and Karen dated five years before you married. Wait, you're using the " M" word? There's a woman on line one. She says she's your wife. The only wife around is my ex. And I am not in. Ask her if I can call her back. Get her phone number! The one with the body? Alex, does my life mean nothing to you?

You're pissed I won on the first pull instead of putting quarters Those were silver dollars. And that slot machine now owns my house. I can't believe it. What were you thinking? It's out of character for you. Not to burst your bubble, but do you know this baby's yours?

It's not like that. I welcome you in my home and this is how you repay me?! Stealing my only daughter?! Getting married in that joke of a chapel!

You are not a man. You are a thief, that's what you are! I disown him twice. Me and the baby disown him. See how he likes that. Elvis gave you away. Can you blame him? She went to church. No, then we go back to New York. You don't live here? My family, friends and work are here. You can't raise a baby there. People do it all the time. Have you ever been there?

You've never been off the strip. There's more to Nevada than Vegas. If it's any consolation, I hated it at first. But Vegas grows on you after a while. Let me explain something. Las Vegas is a sandbox. A sandbox for adults with money. New York is New York.

You got culture, museums, and the Yankees! Every New York guy thinks there's nothing west of the Hudson! We'll let them talk. I've saved to do this book for five years. I just paid off my camera equipment. My life is here.

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And my work is in New York. This is what usually happens on the second date. Small, ugly thing biting me! This is Che, my dog. I mean, our dog. It's their wedding present. See, not everyone feels like my father. They wanted to do something special for us. You don't like it. I just never lived in anything so bright and-- Jesus Christ! It's been in my family for centuries and will protect us.

Can't we just trade Cujo for a Doberman? That isn't funny, Alex. You're hurting my baby's feelings. What did your parents say? I forgot they went to Europe for the summer. So you did all this in one day? I should hire you to build the club. I don't know that you can afford us. You are so cute. I'm going to get my camera and take a picture of my family. What are you looking at? So this is where you go every day.

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It opened last night. The fact that there are no walls upset people. It's going to be wonderful. I wanted you to be the first guest at our best table. And I'm very honoured. Oh, Alex, this is so romantic. I mean, the milk. Perfect would be New York and a Gray's Papaya hot dog. The best hot dog in the world. And if we were in Mexico we would be eating They're this sort of meatball soup. My great-grandmother is famous for them.

You have to come with me one day. There are no phones, no electricity, no people. There's a spot in Central Park, the Bethesda Fountain And I know a canyon where if you sit there long enough I couldn't believe it. The whole night he changed the subject to New York. What do you expect? His life is not your life. We can do it together, here. Marriage is about finding a middle ground. Learn to pick your battles. I had the guys drop by to take him shooting. Alex is alone with your brothers? I better light another candle.

Isabel said there's some interesting canyons here. One in particular where people go to die? That's the other way, right? What's this about you taking lsabel to New York? That's just an idea. There's nothing carved in stone. I bet my life on it. No one here expects someone to give up his life. Or do a Hilary and be lsabel Fuentes-Whitman?

Alex Whitman to you. I'm sorry, excuse me. I didn't mean to eavesdrop. Did you just say "Alex Whitman"? Late s, feet tall, dark hair, talks with his hands? I'm sorry, I'm Cathy Stewart. I don't know any of his friends so I'm glad to meet you. I'm lsabel, this is Lanie. I've missed Alex the last couple of trips out here. He's always so busy. How do you know him? Alex and l, we're married. And they're having a baby. Isn't this a surprise!

This is some back yard. I can see why you like it up here. It must've been fun growing up. You know, all these rocks, the open space, the view We do this on three. Lucy, you've got some 'splaining to do!

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What did you do to him? He fell into some cactus. A lot of cactus. We gave him tequila. Not to kill him! Get the hell out of here! Whatever you do, don't turn over. I'll get the tweezers. If babies only see in black and white, then why Wait, don't sit there. I read about this.

This is the nesting period, isn't it? It must be, because I can't get this place clean enough. Then we'll have to take the pants off so that I can take a closer look.

The day of the cactus. I think she's jealous. This was her idea. Cathy said we just had to get out here Now that is a housekeeper. Did we come at a bad time? She's just cleaning the oven, and the fumes are I'm Alex's mother, Mrs.

Whitman, and this is Mr. Oh, my God, you're his parents! My God, look at me. It's so great to finally meet you.

But please, come in. You must be exhausted. That is a great idea. Why don't you get the drinks. And I'll think of something. Who wants a cold beer? Don't tell them anything until I come back. There must be a lot of good help here, so close to Mexico. You'd think they could afford a decent decorator. Dad, Mom, why don't you sit down? Honey, is there something wrong? I have to tell lsabel where the bottle opener is. So how was Europe? You came back soon.

We hate Europe in the summer. You lied to me. Listen-- -What does that mean? It sounded much prettier in Spanish. Will you excuse me?

Sounds like somebody's about to get fired. My father won't even speak to me! But I told him the truth. But you don't even have the balls to call and let them know!

Do you want out? I'm not good enough for you? My family's not like yours. I never see them. You should have told them! I wanted to in person. Why is that so hard for you to understand? Here is your big chance. I'd like you to meet lsabel Fuentes I let them come. That doesn't mean I have to like it. They aren't her in-laws because she's not married! If she's not married, she has no in-laws! Why am I celebrating Cinco de Mayo with strangers?

They're strangers because you won't talk to them! I hope you have plenty of lotion on. The desert sun kicks off this water like a mirror. No, I think that if we just stay in the shade, we'll be fine.

Pity you didn't bring suits. Well, we didn't exactly plan for this. Jesus Christ, is it hot! Senor, I'd like to tell you something. I don't think these kids have a clue what they are getting into.

I couldn't agree more. Marriage is a serious commitment. I think that it's terribly romantic. Hon, you're not helping. I must agree with her. You men forget how foolish you once were chasing us. They come from a different culture, a different world. It's hard enough to make a marriage work without adding to it. Listen to the man, Alex.

He has a point. I think they're going to start spelling words soon. This wouldn't have happened if he hadn't gone after you-- Wait just a second, Tomas. It takes two to tango. They fell in love.

And love is a beautiful thing. Where will you live, how will you raise your child? We don't know yet. Let's start with the economics. They'll live in New York. The mother is Catholic. Whatever the mother is, the baby is. This country was founded by people escaping religious persecution. The Whitmans were one of them! When the west was stolen from Mexico Even though they took our land, they'd never take our culture!

You call this culture? Guacamole and a ghetto blaster in the middle of a desert? You're offending Amalia's dip? What's wrong with it? In case you didn't notice, the white people are melting out here! I fried an egg on my head. And he didn't mean "white. Your father wasn't helpful with that Catholic talk. Alex, the first time I realized I was pregnant You know what it was?

It was a sign. Religion is the opiate of the masses, okay? Country clubs are filled with racists. Do you think a crucifix will protect you?

I believe because I am a woman of faith. The faith I have in that crucifix and in us Now you, on the other hand So, why don't you want me to carry my faith and belief to our child?

Do you want my advice? I'll even file for you. Your relationship is built on heat. Why didn't they build it on the sun? You're not the guy to talk to. I'm the perfect guy. I know what you are trying to do. The longer you put this off, the worse it'll be. I just said we had a fight. You said a lot more than that. Cinco de Mayo fell on a Tuesday! We had a visit from OSHA. Talk to the foreman. We came close to a red-tag shutdown.

I need to talk to you too. I feel really bad about how things have been. No, it was my fault. I haven't been honest with you. And I was thinking on the way over You're in time for the show. You want to watch? Actually, I think that's an arm. It's too early to determine the baby's sex. Let's take the first picture of your baby. I could hear its heartbeat going " ba-doom-boom. Who's three weeks ahead of schedule? What are you doing here?

I've come to kidnap you. It's his birthday and I won't take no for an answer. Will you cover for me? Where are we going? The very first time I came here He said that one day the canyon split. Half the squirrels were on the north rim Over time, the two families became different.

Each one adjusted to their environment. The ones to the north are dark, bushy-tailed, and have bigger ears. The ones to the south are leaner, meaner and much prettier. Even though they look different and they act different They just grew up on different sides. And this canyon between them I've been thinking of making you a deal. If we can stay here until the baby's born I'm not saying I'll like it. But I'll give it a try. You got a deal. Good, then I can give you your present.

Fool for Love: Fooling Around\Nobody's Fool\Fools Rush in

You mean there's more? I called my new mother-in-law and asked her to do me a favour. I can't believe you did this. Who said you can't have the best of both worlds? This is the most wonderful birthday I've ever had. You think this is good wait till you try these. You've got five men without hardhats, no load statement Stanley, Stanley, walk with me.

You're putting guys out of work? You got one week. Anything goes wrong, it's your ass. If anything else goes wrong, I'll red-tag this place myself. Let's go to lunch. God was saying to quit and stay with you. No, Mama, it was a real sign, with neon. Then it was a miracle nobody got hurt. Which candle am I lighting? To keep the job or lose the job? I should have sent you to Tokyo.

Judd, I can open Vegas in three weeks. If you could pull that off We break ground July st. Jeff said it wasn't starting until October. Want me to give it to someone else? It's just that the baby's due in October. Look what Petra and Antonio got us.

We have clubs in New York. We have clubs in Dallas, in Hawaii. We have clubs everywhere. So with your help, and yours, and yours Honey, let him get the club opened. I can't reach him. No, it's more than that.

He's in trouble, but won't tell me. It's your big night.