Double dating dragons den union

double dating dragons den union

Nov 22, Double raised £75, from Moonpig founder Nick Jenkins on the BBC's Dragons' Den TV show late last year and although current user. Oct 15, Now, with a new venture and a role on CBC's Dragons' Den, he's ready for Some would say we're witnessing the second coming of Wek. European Union (EU) M14 is most known for creating Bristlr, a dating app " Connecting those with. . M14 Industries has acquired Double on Nov 17, . M14 Industries Snaps Up Impressive £80, Investment On Dragons' Den.

Because, in many ways, Wekerle is on the verge of something big. He already has a well-earned reputation as perhaps the greatest trader Bay Street has ever seen, and his freakish talent for playing the markets has made him and a host of other people very rich. But he also spent two years lost in a dark place, grappling with a devastating personal loss and being spurned by the capital markets firm he helped make great. It was not that long ago that he found his way out. He has a new venture, Difference Capital Financial, a merchant bank he co-founded in to invest in privately held, late-stage tech, health-care and media companies.

Wek accepted the offer because he wants a larger platform for his company, for the charities he supports and for himself. The CBC is betting that Wekerle will be a hit.

double dating dragons den union

He already figures heavily in the promos, looking like the very definition of a business rock star in his flamboyant blue floral jacket and flowing hair. The only thing he had to work on was slowing the torrential pace of his speech.

In August, Difference started pruning its portfolio. Wekerle, for whom success as a capital markets rainmaker came naturally, has some of his hardest work ahead of him.

The rise and fall and rise of Michael Wekerle

A week before Wekfest, we meet at his office in Toronto. Wekerle is impeccably dressed in a pinstriped suit and dapper tie, his aviator sunglasses still in hand. His sandy hair is slicked back, but unfurls into a wavy mane over the course of the day. This is actually our second meeting. Somehow that conversation led to a debate over whether Wekerle was once kicked off the stage at a private rock concert for trying to make out with the drummer. He talks faster than you can listen, careens into random topics, cracks jokes and imparts wisdom, all in a single breath.

It can be a challenge to keep up. Today, though, he seems more subdued. When an assistant comes into the room, he orders us two large iced lattes and sips liberally from his when it arrives.

The friend ended up wearing a wine stain one night, and Wekerle literally gave him the shirt off his back. When a co-worker named Mark Arbour needs him in a meeting, I ask to tag along. Earlier this year, Wek personally bought an office building in Waterloo that once belonged to BlackBerry, with a plan to build a centre of excellence for tech companies, a place to house startups and form partnerships with corporations around the world.

Wekerle darts off again, leaving Arbour and the banker to gape in confusion. From the sounds of it, the caller is pitching him on an investment opportunity. Finally, Wekerle hangs up.

Double: From broke to Dragons Den superstars

One of the many impressive things about Wekerle or maybe one of his most frustrating traits is his ability to do three or four things at the same time. He thrives on constant stimulation.

In fact, he seems to function best that way. People who work with him have come to expect that his time and attention is limited. Wekerle was born in Toronto and attended York University for a year before dropping out to work on Bay Street. Inhe scored a job on the floor of the Toronto Stock Exchange with a long-forgotten firm.

He spent a lot of time fetching bagels and coffee for other traders. When the firm downsized, he asked for a job from the head trader at First Marathon Securities, who told Wekerle he could have a job if he lopped off his unkempt mane and returned within 15 minutes. That haircut essentially launched his career. Inside of a few years, Wekerle had moved from the trading floor to the desk.

double dating dragons den union

In simple terms, he was a matchmaker, putting together buyers and sellers of big blocks of stock. His gregarious personality had quite a bit to do with it, and he socialized a lot. Then there was his famous ability to multi-task. He carried around the details of countless trades and knew who owned what and how much of it.

Despite his prodigious memory, Wekerle has a habit of losing things and wears his house key around his neck. Word about Wekerle travelled fast, and one person who took notice was securities lawyer Eugene McBurney.

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Along with Brad Griffiths, head of investment banking at Gordon Capital, McBurney wanted to start a new financial firm. Kevin Sullivan, another First Marathon employee, came with him to run the sales side.

Together, the four of them built what would become GMP Securities. A handful of colleagues from First Marathon, including Tripp, defected to the new firm, which immediately became one of the biggest block traders on Bay Street.

double dating dragons den union

Wekerle continued his prolific streak, and the mystery around his abilities grew. McBurney once asked a client what made Wekerle such a great trader. One of his most legendary calls was foreseeing the commodities bull market early and pushing clients toward resource stocks.

Coffee Mobile app pitch (Dragons' Den Next Gen Den)

When Tripp was pregnant with her second child, she approached Wekerle about job-sharing with another woman on the desk. Wekerle agreed to the arrangement without thinking twice. There are smaller gestures, too. Introductions and networking in the London tech scene.

What had been your biggest challenge to date? Finding a technical co founder… let us know if you hear of anyone: How do you plan on finding that person? More networking and attending events.

By far the best way to meet you people. Sounds obvious, but it is. What was the Dragons Den experience like?

Double: From broke to Dragons Den superstars – Hacker Noon

The pitch itself was certainly not the hardest we had done. We prepared and practiced a lot. We also had professional pitching advice from Metaspeech highly recommended. The hardest part was having to be on set at 6am then not knowing what time we were pitching at… in the end we waited 12 hours and our pitch lasted 2 hours! How did that opportunity come about? Coincidentally my mum had encouraged me to apply a few days before… I filled out the application but never actually submitted it but when the opportunity arose we were ready.

After turning down offers from dragons Deborah Meaden and Touker Souleyman, they accepted the offer from Nick Jenkins. Improving the iOS and Android versions. Bebo founder and investor in Double, Michael Birch, said: If you enjoyed this story, we recommend reading our latest tech stories and trending tech stories.