Did carrie hope fletcher dating alex day on

Carrie Hope Fletcher urges Alex Day book boycott - BBC News

did carrie hope fletcher dating alex day on

It is no secret that books are a huge part of Carrie Hope Fletcher's life. It was because of this love for writing that Carrie never considered using a . especially the very public, messy end to her relationship with Alex Day. Alex Richard George Day (born 8 April ) is an English musician, vlogger and writer. Alex Richard George Day was born in Hornchurch in the London Borough of Havering. Day grew Day announced on 14 February that he had been dating fellow YouTuber Carrie Hope Fletcher since October However. As far as I have gathered, the story is this: During , Alex Day and Carrie Fletcher were dating, but did not tell anyone about it because they.

did carrie hope fletcher dating alex day on

I realized that I had, for a lot of people, made myself seem like the judge and jury of who is a good and bad person and that really freaked me out. I am not an investigation unit, nor am I a court of law. Those were soon proven to be entirely false and the people who posted them confirmed that they were just making stuff up.

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However, the posts about Alex were very credible. But then Alex issued a statement saying he had never engaged in such a relationship. On a personal note, I then had absolutely no idea what to do. My ask box was asks deep with people asking me to clear the situation up for them, or to publicly condemn Alex or to publicly support Alex.

I was super freaked. That does not excuse what he did…the fact that he was so unthinking and irresponsible as to not even notice has its own brand of gross. This probably goes without saying but I am both furious and saddened that people in my community would have these manipulative, unhealthy, and even abusive relationships. If you are in an abusive relationship, or just think you might be, there is help to be had. Sometimes even realizing the nature of your relationship is difficult.

And getting out can seem impossible. It contains all his previously released singles since "Forever Yours". The album debuted at No.

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The package was downloaded over 1 million times in the first week of release. It was titled "The Past".

did carrie hope fletcher dating alex day on

Day also mentioned that he planned on creating and uploading more videos talking about the situation. Day aimed for the single to chart at number 1 in the UK on the track's week of release, [72] however it failed to chart.

He later announced that this song would not be part of his fourth album, but instead a cover album he would release at a later date. On 17 MayDay released a new single available to download on his website, entitled 'Keep Me Up'. In a lot of ways, it was an album I needed to make. CBS called the titular vloggers 'delightfully confused,' [80] while the Huffington Post described the video as possibly providing detail into American Pop Culture, placing a poll at the end of their article.

The videos have received a total of over 14 million views. In Junehe had reached over a million subscribers and his videos had been watched over million times. He said ' I like the focus not being on me. I just wanna make the best work I can make'.

Carrie Hope Fletcher urges Alex Day book boycott

In DecemberDay announced his return to Nerimon. Day stated that the creation of a new channel was to "define a fresh start and have a channel focused on my new direction, with an active audience I know is there just for that", and to clear out dead subscribers from the old channel after the loss of viewership.

Therefore, the channel has featured various other hosts, featuring videos created by people other than Day. It was twelve chapters in length and was scheduled to be published in July During its conception and writing, Carrie Hope Fletcher threatened legal action in regards to her inclusion in the book.