Wavves and best coast dating

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wavves and best coast dating

Best Coast and Wavves, could their names be a more perfect match? Having them break-up would be more devastating than if my own. Jul 30, If you didn't know before, the name Best Coast is probably ringing some bells now. The surf-pop outfit is synonymous with front-woman Bethany. I'm in a van with the Wavves frontman, the band's bassist Stephen Pope, and. because when you date somebody who does the same thing as you, you “It'll be like, 'Best Coast is the female Wavves,' when we don't sound.

You're Welcome Ghost Ramp This guy, let's call him douchy hair-cut, he's the editor of the music desk at this college rag I'm occasionally, dripping some of my '90s alt-rock sage wisdom onto when I feel like it. Some art student, probably thinks every guy who's ever held a guitar or a camera is a Da Vinci-level piece of work, yada yada.

Anyway, kind of guy who wants you to think he's so chill, until you ask if you can hob some CMJ coverage from him remember when that was a thing? Anyway, douchy hair-cut, so chill-he-can't-possibly-have-bad-vibes-about-anything, had one rule: Nathan Williams was up to number V back then and douchy hair-cut had some thoughts he just had to drop.

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Douchy hair-cut got Williams, how his songs straddled the line between being "a sticky, catchy hit or a lethargic, forgettable affair. Well, Williams is back. The choice is deliberate and not. Was is also truthful?

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A title like You're Welcome suggests cockiness from the man once famous for singing about how much he hates himself. Now that nobody cares, is Nathan Williams finally a happy camper?

wavves and best coast dating

Most of the album is pretty crap but a few vintage noise-pop numbers "Daisy," "Hollowed Out" sparkle in the midst. Midway through, I close my eyes and listen to this terrible interlude or carnival sample that pops on somewhere in the album. Somewhere in the world, douchy hair-cut is calling it "experimental" and "breaking out of his sound.

More in-depth sophisticates of the New York dance-punk scene will tell you bands like The Rapture or the totally-forgotton dinos called The Faint were where the real hot flows were happening.

wavves and best coast dating

I just have a couple more glasses of whiskey than she does before we watch Jersey Shore. So, you mentioned Jersey Shore.

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I would watch weather if it was on ESPN. Although we were in a hotel the other night, and we caught the late Jersey Shore and they were having video premieres, they had like, a Sleigh Bells premiere and Nicki Minaj and Drake—at 3 in the morning! I guess we were. On the topic of that network, and since people have been talking about it, what do you think of Skins?

They should have just kept the UK version. I had sex and did drugs when I was a teenager. Bethany, you have lived in Eagle Rock for a while, right? And Nathan, when did you move in there?

5 Things We Learned From Best Coast’s Reddit AMA

I actually moved my stuff in like a year ago. But he was basically living with me before he had officially moved in, he was always at my house, almost every time he was home from touring. So did you have another LA house before that, or were you in San Diego? I lived in San Diego before that, but when we were younger and we knew each other, her mom used to live in an apartment down the street, and I would come up.

I took the train. For some people, the moving in thing is a big step. Was that big for you? But we are talking about buying houses across the street from each other. Mine will be the better one, and I get Snacks. If that cat could talk, he would tell you guys some stuff. Who feeds him, who he really loves…. So in between the time you were first seeing each other and when you got back together, were you in touch? Well, I moved to Portland, she moved to New York.

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But then we started talking again when he started Wavves, he came to New York and we hung out. So were you guys in touch during that time? We were basically living together. Or at least we talked all the time, I always talked to him wherever he was on tour.

I know you guys said that there is no professional competition here. But the records did come out within a couple of weeks of each other—do you find that people want to do that compare and contrast? Come on—you know I love your record! And then add to that the fact that we date. I think even before people knew we were dating, they were still comparing us.