Vic and kellin dating games

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vic and kellin dating games

Kellic Kellin / Vic M for sexual themes in later chapters of people meeting for the first time after a couple years of dating, and it's SO cute. vic and kellin dating games Did Kellin Quinn date Vic Fuentes? SAVE CANCEL. already exists. Kellin just has a daughter Copeland Quinn. Main · Videos; Vic and kellin dating quotes. Without some more dishonesty than for these circa you who gird a evang comforter or nothing you gird to pace thrust.

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On December 22,a video update revealed in that in earlythe band would be going into the studio to record their third studio album. On December 26,Vic Fuentes announced on the band's Facebook page that the band had finished writing the songs for their third album, which they began writing during the summer and while on tour with Miss May IWoe Is MeThe Amity Affliction and letlive during November and December, and they would now be choosing a producer to work with on the album in early The second single, Bulls in the Bronx, was released three weeks later on June 26, In order to promote the album, the band appeared on the Vans Warped Tour from June 16, to August 5,playing the event's main stage for the first time.

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They were regularly joined on stage by Kellin Quinn to perform the song King for a Day. After Warped, Pierce the Veil embarked on their first headlining tour in the UK, selling out almost all of the dates. They ended the year appearing at No. The tour began on April 11, and ended on May 12, The documentary included live footage from their world tour, three music videos, and additional content.

vic and kellin dating games

The band released this statement on the documentary: Follow along as we visit uncharted territories in search of the best shows and thrilling experiences we could absolutely find along the way. This DVD is for the fans and the fans only. Fiction M - English - Romance - Words: So, that's how I was inspired to write some Kellic. Don't worry, I'm still working on chapter 6 for Stay forever with me.

vic and kellin dating games

If you have a one shot idea, PM me! In this story, for the sake of the age difference between the two, I made Kellin 21 and Vic Vic's POV I smiled, glancing down at my phone as my brother and our friends hurried into the Airport to wait for my amazingly talented, funny, sweet and kind hearted boyfriend, Kellin Quinn.

After 2 years of dating, we both had finally decided that we wanted to meet face to face for the first time, and we both were really excited as well as nervous. - Registered at

Kellin had saved enough money to fly down here to California for about 3 days, and he was currently living in Florida. We were 2, miles apart, but we fell more in love with each other every day. I let out a nervous sigh and ran my tan fingers through my dark hair. As far as I knew, Kellin was about 5'7, had dark hair, had the cutest smile and laugh, and had a few tattoos. I looked at my phone, and eagerly waited for the message to say that he was here. Mike glanced at me and laughed, patting my back, and I paced away from him over and over again, nervous.

Pierce the Veil

I shrugged and then glanced over at Tony and Jaime, who were texting other people, but Tony had a camera strapped around his neck, and he shortly put away his phone to lift the camera and start recording.

I moaned, but laughed and covered my face. I don't want you to record me acting like this! Tony giggled and bit his lip, and Mike went over and wrapped an arm around his torso, and smirking, watching me in the camera screen.

Is Kellic Real? Kellin Quinn & Vic Fuentes?

This is going on YouTube one way or another, and the more stupid you act, the more views you get. Jaime smiled, and put his hands in his hoodie pockets, starting to ask me some questions for the camera.

vic and kellin dating games

I took in a breath before telling the lovely memory. He was talking with some fans who had recognized him, and I had heard about him, but I wasn't entirely sure who he was. So I went up to him and started asking how he was and soon enough I got his phone number. We got along really well, and about 3 months after that, he asked me if I wanted to be his boyfriend. I honestly have gotten a lot of compliments saying I looked 18 rather than 26; but maybe that was because I sometimes acted like I was I felt a buzz in my phone, and I almost panicked when I saw that it was from Kellin.

Kellin Quinn x Vic Fuentes recent cute and funny moments! (Kellic Quentes) Iris

Kellin and Vic have been dating for a while now, but sometimes there are things you dont mention. Sometimes it takes a while for others to find out, and when they do, it can go one of two ways. In other words- they're about to do the do when Kellin sees bandages on Vic's hips Inpired by a prompt on otpprompts on tumblr. I have a notebook where I write prompts down.

vic and kellin dating games

This will be all one shots fulfilling said prompts. In the year ofthe world was struck by deadly solar flares, Vic and kellin dating advice the results were catastrophic. America is the only place left, where a major power struggle rages on in the district of California.

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