Trent barreta and aj lee dating

Who is Trent Barreta dating? Trent Barreta girlfriend, wife

trent barreta and aj lee dating

Trent Barreta relationship list. Trent Barreta dating history, , , list of Trent Barreta relationships. Relationships. Trent Barreta has been in a relationship with A.J. Mendez ( - ). Trent Barreta and AJ Lee. Trent Barreta and. AJ Lee actually broke in the wrestling business under the training of Jay Lethal and Del Rey has been dating WWE superstar Cesaro since both worked . but in the middle of that time was a relationship with Trent Baretta. Trent Barreta and AJ Lee photos, news and gossip. Find out more about.

Obviously, this works for men as well and in reality, it is very rare that a person will find their soulmate in their very first relationship.

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WWE Superstars are exactly the same as every other human being in the world. They have to date around before they find the right person and decide to settle down. For some Superstars this takes much longer than others. After all, it is hard to settle down when you're still touring the world for days a year, which means that most of the wrestlers on this list have been in wrestling for a very long time or are ready to leave and settle down with their new found spouse.

The most recent departure was back in October and it has recently seen Del Rio's personal life become public knowledge. Alberto Del Rio married Paige in recent weeks when the couple decided that despite the recent negative spotlight on Paige, they were going to move forward with their life.

Del Rio was also still married to his wife Angie at the time and has only recently officially divorced. Matt dated Lita for many years before it was made public knowledge that she had cheated on him with Edge.

Matt then moved on and decided to date Raw Diva Search winner Ashley. This relationship didn't last very long either since Ashley then moved on to date Paul London, which caused issues between London and Hardy.

trent barreta and aj lee dating

Luckily Matt has moved on since then and seems happy with his new wife and their son Maxel. Even though Kelly had quite the reputation in the WWE locker room before she left, she is currently a married woman after she married former professional hockey player Sheldon Souray back in February Luckily she is returning as a different woman now because WWE wouldn't want that kind of scandal again.

Mickie is now married to fellow professional wrestler Magnus and the couple have recently welcomed their first child, but things were not the same back in when Mickie was engaged to fellow WWE star Kenny Dykstra. Mickie was then moved to the SmackDown roster away from Cena and later released from the company, she then moved to TNA where she met her future husband Magnus.

The former backstage interviewer recently married fellow professional wrestler Mike Bennett, but like many other stars on this list, Mike wasn't the first wrestler that Maria dated.

The best-known stars were the likes of CM Punk and John Cena, while there are reported to have been many others. Maria was hardly used as a wrestler while she was in WWE but has recently proved that she can ply her trade in the ring if needed, which has led to rumours that the former Playboy cover girl could be returning to WWE in the near future. Orton is currently married to Kim Marie Kessler, and the couple has recently welcomed their first child together and their fifth overall.

Orton was married to a woman named Samantha Speno for a few years before, but that then ended in divorce a few months before he met Kim. Orton was also in a relationship with Kelly Kelly for just over a year, along with many other male wrestlers during that era.

Brie and Daniel have been together now for almost five years and they married back in April The couple broke up back init was revealed in an interview much earlier in her WWE career that Brie Bella's high school boyfriend of many years passed away whilst they were still together and she then decided to have the bear paws on her hips tattooed as a symbol of respect for him, and as a way to ensure he is still with her.

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trent barreta and aj lee dating

The couple have been through it over the past few months with Del Rio's WWE release, Paige's suspension, Paige's surgery, Del Rio's divorce, Paige's recent hacking scanda,l and now finally they have become known as husband and wife. These were mostly musicians, but it was recently revealed that Paige and Brad Maddox were also dating back inbefore he was released from his WWE contract and just after Paige was moved up to the main roster.

The couple married back in and currently have two daughters together, but this isn't the first time Beth has been married. The couples have to elaborately plan just about every detail of their life if they want to actively prevent their relationship from making headlines on various wrestling forums. Wrestling is just generally gossip by nature but there have been a few relationships that have gone under the radar and avoided the public eye The two were an item during their days on the independent wrestling scene for a short time period.

You can actually find old matches with Lethal and Lee teaming together on smaller independent shows from the time period they dated around The two obviously split a long time ago and there may still be bad blood as Lethal took a dig at CM Punk last year, implying Punk took his hand-me-downs.

The two never made big news due to neither being very controversial but it was one of those wrestling relationships to slip under the radar in a world where everything is scrutinized.

trent barreta and aj lee dating

Many of us wondered why Massaro was randomly inserted into the role of manager for the tag team champions London and Brian Kendrick. It all made sense when finding out London and Massaro were an item for a while. The love triangle and drama was quite hidden until London left WWE and spoke out about Hardy in shoot interviews. The current TNA star dated Sunny while he was still in Ring of Honor as the two met when she made an appearance for the promotion.

Sunny used to frequently post comments on his Facebook page talking down to any female wrestling fans making comments about Richards. The show would see them reach a peaceful middle ground with the ability to continue to be friends. Considering the two were in WWE developmental for years, it may have been a long term romance we were never aware of. Robbie E and Brooke Adams is one of those.

No offense to Robbie E, but he must have sold his soul to the devil to pull this one off. The couple would travel all over the world in various competitions for a chance to win huge money but finished fourth overall.

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Robbie and Brooke eventually broke up and Robbie re-married his former wife that he originally ditched for Brooke. Fear not, supporters of Cena and Nikki.

trent barreta and aj lee dating

She slapped Ziggler when he tried to kiss her and that was the end of that. The two would date when Mitch debuted in WWE as a member of the male cheerleading faction and they actually started their own fashion boutique before splitting. It was a still very fair trade, Mitch. Terri and New Jack would take independent bookings together that would see them snuggling at the merchandise table.

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Sadly, things would end in ugly fashion as New Jack started to bad mouth Terri following the breakup.