Tony goldwyn and kerry washington dating

Inside Kerry Washington's Extremely Private World | E! News

tony goldwyn and kerry washington dating

OLITZ is Scandal Tony Goldwyn, Olivia Pope, Kerry Washington, Scandal . KW & TG/ OLITZ Tony Goldwyn, Kerry Washington, Scandal, Dating, Quotes. SCANDAL, TONY GOLDWYN, KERRY WASHINGTON "I did know she was dating," Scandal actor Dan Bucatinsky told E! News later that. sitting with his wife? Who do you think is his date - Jane or Martha Raddatz from ABC News? .. Tony Goldwyn loves himself some Dr Kerry Washington.

She is no doubt his chocolate dream. Normally I don't care whether celebrities cheat on each other or not, but he was one of the few, faithful guys in Hollywood. I just don't buy he's only slept with her in those years. If he's cheating, it's not the first time She is no home wrecker. No happily married man would gush and say some of things Tony has said regarding his Kerry. Tony met JM at a very young age.

Inside Kerry Washington's Extremely Private World

He had not really found himself. Together 30 years means nothing if marriage is dead.

tony goldwyn and kerry washington dating

People change, people grow apart. Would not be surprise he and Kerry explored their hot chemistry. Everybody see them, it ain't hidden.

The View has said they are the next Brad and Angelina.

Tony Goldwyn & Kerry Washington / It's not the real reason JJajajaa / Scandal Panel LA 2015

Tony sexy and FINE. He got something younger taking care his needs. So shut this down. She is beautiful, gracious, intelligent, articulate, political activist, elegant, cool.

Kerry Washington describes kissing Tony Goldwyn and Scott Foley with Ellen

Sure there are more attributes. What man would not find her intriguing? She is very desirable. Not sure what you mean by them coming out. Some in attendance say Nnamdi Kerry alleged new husband was there as her escort. Perhaps this was the coming out Kerry and Nnamdi. To quiet affair rumors. Yet somehow she still had time to make Scandal.

But while staying breathtakingly busy, Washington has been sure to keep a little something for herself—namely, her personal life. But luckily, this cast at Scandal, we really are family, we all really inspire each other, so it's a good place to be.

She cooks, not as much as she would like on a daily basis, but she shines in the kitchen on holidays. Washington, despite being a very familiar face for most of the 21st century, was never really one to make salacious headlines—or any personal headlines at all.

tony goldwyn and kerry washington dating

I am totally the girl who gets introduced to someone through a mutual friend and a dinner party, falls in love and then is with them for like two years. I have my dog. They tied the knot on June 24,in Hailey, Idaho, with E! We wish her the best always. She did it in the perfect way.

Does Kerry Washington have something going with Scandal co-star Tony Goldwyn?

And when people say congratulations, I say thank you. But I'm going to continue to not talk about it and just let it unfold. Once again, no one was the wiser until TMZ picked it up weeks later.