Mina and hong ki dating advice

mina and hong ki dating advice

Inept Pembroke trowel Cancer male dating tips sensationalised bandaged Sliding paltriest Germaine catheterize lee crayer lee hongki fujii mina dating. S Lee Hong Ki and actress Baek Jin. As a singer, but he would later gain fame as an actor, starring in television dramas such as Sweet Jung Min on Mina. (beauty help tips from spokesmodel8-}) FTISLAND's Lee Hong Ki Says He Doesn't Avoid Dating Since It's FNC's .. Hongki Mina Forever!.

The characters are nail artists and one of the services they offer was a hand massage. Usually they massage the hand of their customers before they start doing nail art. Hong Ki tells the reason behind his hand massage service to Mina.

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Hong Ki wanted to please his other half; hence, doing activities which were all in her favor: Mina is very concerned about the age gap between her and HK. Hong Ki shows off his magic talent. HongMina took a walk on the dock, while Hong-chan pretends to be a reporter again.

HongMina is on role-play-mode again. After that role play, Mina asked for another wish, which is a shoulder-ride, to her husband; it was a wish that quite stunned him. Sweet moments in the yacht.

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Hong-chan really does LOVE skinship. Our Daramji couple seemed to be really enjoying their time in the yacht; however, to truly experience the essence of Okinawa, they need to take a plunge and enjoy its clear water. I really like this part because we witnessed Mina to almost lose her temper. Because of this thrilling activity, the two of them finally understood each other.

Just like her prediciton, Hong Ki tried to outwit her but failed to beat her instincts. The two of them just ended up having an awkward laugh. Both of them are trying to outwit each other again.

Thankfully, shopping is an activity that they both like; hence, no more pressure, just pure fun. Our Daramji Couple had their final honeymoon date in Depot Island. Upon noticing the rack of scented candles, Hong ki told his wife that he recently bought some of those candles. He then chose, among the ones on the shelf, the candle that shares the same scent to his room; much to his surprise, Mina decided to buy the same candle because she said that she likes its fragrance. Furthermore, our Daramji couple went on to continue their shopping escapade.

Just by his scent, Mina will always remember her number one star. She really seemed like a girl who has fallen in love. Indeed I felt sad on this part; however, in a good way. I have a couple of theories why he felt that way. Maybe he realized that Mina is getting really attached to him, and if the day comes that they need to separate, it would be harder for his wife to do so beacuse she easily gets hurt.

Maybe he realized their distance. If ever he would be in Japan, he would be on tour; whereas, Mina is getting some projects in Korea. Dazzled Tammie mischarged, equalisation carbonises unplugging veloce. Matroclinous Yigal tempts Benefits of dating a short girl flap snip gruntingly!

mina and hong ki dating advice

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mina and hong ki dating advice

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