List the prime numbers between 21 and 35 dating

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list the prime numbers between 21 and 35 dating

You can go smaller, but may have to run the pump longer, and use more chemicals to achieve the same results. List the prime numbers. Is this answer still relevant and up to date? Related Questions (More Answers What are the prime and composite numbers for ? 13, Views . 24 25 26 27 28 30 32 33 34 35 36 38 Date: 02/26/ at From: Mike Smith Subject: Product perfect numbers For example, 10 and 21 are product perfect numbers since 1*2*5 = 10 and 1*3 *7 = 21, whereas I have listed all the product perfect numbers between , which are: 6,8,10,14,15,21,22,26,27,28,33,34,35,38,39,44,45,46,51,52,55,57,

It's not exactly divisible by 4. You could divide them into it, but you would get a remainder. But it is exactly divisible by 5, obviously. So once again, it's divisible by exactly two natural numbers-- 1 and 5.

So, once again, 5 is prime. Let's keep going, just so that we see if there's any kind of a pattern here.

list the prime numbers between 21 and 35 dating

And then maybe I'll try a really hard one that tends to trip people up. So let's try the number. It is divisible by 1. It is divisible by 2. It is divisible by 3. Not 4 or 5, but it is divisible by 6.

So it has four natural number factors. I guess you could say it that way. And so it does not have exactly two numbers that it is divisible by. It has four, so it is not prime. Let's move on to 7.

list the prime numbers between 21 and 35 dating

But it's also divisible by 7. So 7 is prime. I think you get the general idea here. How many natural numbers-- numbers like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, the numbers that you learned when you were two years old, not including 0, not including negative numbers, not including fractions and irrational numbers and decimals and all the rest, just regular counting positive numbers. If you have only two of them, if you're only divisible by yourself and one, then you are prime.

And the way I think about it-- if we don't think about the special case of 1, prime numbers are kind of these building blocks of numbers. You can't break them down anymore they're almost like the atoms-- if you think about what an atom is, or what people thought atoms were when they first-- they thought it was kind of the thing that you couldn't divide anymore.

list the prime numbers between 21 and 35 dating

We now know that you could divide atoms and, actually, if you do, you might create a nuclear explosion.

But it's the same idea behind prime numbers. In theory-- and in prime numbers, it's not theory, we know you can't break them down into products of smaller natural numbers. Things like you could say, hey, 6 is 2 times 3. You can break it down. And notice we can break it down as a product of prime numbers.

We've kind of broken it down into its parts.

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All you can say is that 7 is equal to 1 times 7, and in that case, you really haven't broken it down much. You just have the 7 there again.

list the prime numbers between 21 and 35 dating

Now with that out of the way, let's think about some larger numbers, and think about whether those larger numbers are prime. So let's try So clearly, any number is divisible by 1 and itself. Any number, any natural number you put up here is going to be divisible by 1 and So you're always going to start with 2.

So if you can find anything else that goes into this, then you know you're not prime. And 16, you could have 2 times 8, you could have 4 times 4. So it's got a ton of factors here above and beyond just the 1 and So 16 is not prime.

So 17 is prime. And now I'll give you a hard one. This one can trick a lot of people.

list the prime numbers between 21 and 35 dating

And if you're interested, maybe you could pause the video here and try to figure out for yourself if 51 is a prime number. If you can find anything other than 1 or 51 that is divisible into It seems like, wow, this is kind of a strange number. You might be tempted to think it's prime. But I'm now going to give you the answer-- it is not prime, because it is also divisible by 3 and Registrations are now being accepted for the city of Allentown's adult betweeh basketball league.

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Prime numbers

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