Leverage hardison and parker start dating

leverage hardison and parker start dating

Sophie Devereaux/Nathan Ford · Alec Hardison/Parker Parker and Sophie discuss why they actually care about their idiot significant others. Also, Parker and Hardison's "floaty dance" at the end of the same episode. .. astounding how far she's come, especially since she and Hardison started dating . I heard something during the beginning of Leverage "Girls' Night Out Job" that Did Parker and Hardison officially start seeing each other?.

Nate, Eliot, they both love you just the way you are. Neither one of them are big with the words. Have you noticed that the crazier Nate gets, the crazier his hair is?

Nate was comparable to a mad scientist sometimes. Comforting, but yummy to the last drop. Then Nate is like that Irish whisky he drinks. Helping find the right words would go a long way. I can find the right words when I want to. He makes me feel safe. Nate can be grumpy at times. I do know one thing though.

leverage hardison and parker start dating

No way either one of them would make that mistake. The two would be back soon from their coffee run, aka girl talk. Nate watched as Hardison fidgeted at his spot, hands crossing and uncrossing in front of him as he read the data on the screens directly in front of him. So he was sneaky too and had listened in on the conversation. Eliot came in not two seconds later, laden down with bags of groceries for their team dinner.

The small smile on his face was glaring to Nate. He also must have listened in on the conversation. Nate spun the now empty tumbler on the dining room table, eyes cast down on the file spread before him.

Hardison kept flipping through the screens. Eliot rolled his eyes and slammed his hands down on the table right in front of Nate, making Hardison turn to look at what was up. I swear I live in a soap opera. Just pull it together.

leverage hardison and parker start dating

Either way, now you know. He had immediately pulled it out of his ear after hearing what Sophie had to say about him. He had no clue what he was doing either. Dammit, the two of you have the two best, smartest, most gorgeous women in the universe.

Granted there was Maggie and I would have punched you if you had cheated on her. I work out, ok? They were big dogs. Nate would never use that word for Sophie. She was his, whatever she was.

Eliot was probably right. Sophie needed to be wooed. Their lifestyle made it more difficult. He needed to try. Remember, take the initiative. Even Shelly thought she was hot.

When did them two decide to start dating? Help plz I love seeing them two

He thought she was kinda scary. This is not subtle. I like pretzels, very much. I know you do too, but whatever you want to eat is fine with me. He took her hand in his. Just because chocolate makes me hyper. When Parker's trapped in a high-security building during "The Inside Job".

Her happiness when Hardison tells her that the entire team is there, as well as how quickly everyone banded together to save her were so adorable. Finally, she has a chance to escape, but doesn't, because people might get hurt if she doesn't stop the villain she's uncovered. Hardison breaking into a security system the Pentagon calls overkill with a laptop he found in the back of his van, because Parker needed him.

Not to mention the reason why she's able to go back and defeat a security system that's already beaten her once. The Power of Friendship. Parker, last time you went to the vault- Parker: No, I couldn't, but I was alone then. I'm not alone now, OK? Hardison, just clear me a path to the vault, I know what I did wrong before, I can do it! Parker and Archie's moment at the end. Hardison's violin solo in "The Scheherazade Job".

Not just the music, but the fact that his teammates all stop in the middle of the job to listen. Parker even sheds a Single Tear. During "The Double Blind Job" as Parker is jealous of the client being close to Hardison, Sophie finally convinces her to confess her feelings. So the thing is, I think I might be having feelings, like weird weird feelings for Well, they are right here when you want them.

This is later repeated by Parker during "The Big Bang Job" with her stating that she was in the mood for pretzels. Parker bonding with Josie, the teenaged girl who's involved with the car-theft ring, in "The Boost Job.

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While this nearly blows the entire con and puts the entire team in danger, Sophie points out afterwards that Parker was trying to do the right thing - which means that she's thinking about what the right thing is, and that's huge for Parker.

Eliot finally relaxing and returning Corey's impromptu man-hug at the end of "The Underground Job. That'll give us enough time to find the bomb Hardison: Meanwhile, I'll be here. As far away as possible. My dude, go with God. What are you doing, man? The little girl in "The King George Job". Eliot giving her a high five, Sophie worrying that her thieving may have hurt an innocent like her, Nate telling Sophie repeatedly, sometimes at random intervals that she never hurt anyone.

The little boy in "The Ho Ho Ho Job" asking Eliot, who's dressed up as Santa but with his customary gruffness, if he's mean or if he's nice. Eliot passes him the present he'd asked "Santa" for - mentioned as being this Christmas's hot item - then puts a finger to his lips, indicating that he is nice, but he doesn't want anyone to know.

Parker & Hardison (Leverage) - First Time

The "family gift exchange" at the end. It would have been incredibly cheesy if the gifts hadn't been so thoughtful and grown-up.

And stolen, don't forget stolen. That was heartwarming and a little Fridge Brilliance as well. They are all so rich from previous and current exploits that they can buy anything they want, and they spend plenty of time stealing money from evil marks who do just that but to acquire the perfect gift is a true test of worth to a group of thieves.

Parker spends most of the episode wanting nothing more than to help Santa. As well as this, at the end of the episode, telling the police to "wait for the kids to leave, we don't want ruin Christmas" before arresting the "fake" Santas.

It shows how far she has come since the beginning episodes that she wants the children to be happy on Christmas Eve, especially considering her own childhood. Eliot finally calls Hardison his friend after giving Chaos a Death Glare. Hardison is pissed that Eliot put him in danger, but Nate is pissed that Eliot didn't say this earlier, and starts to chew him out for it. We've been chasing Moreau for six months, and you didn't tell us? Because I was trying- Nate: Maybe take my shot before- Nate: Because you're protecting him?

Last time I checked, that's my job. Sophie does a lot of work to help Vittori prepare to be the next president and is genuinely proud to see him so confident. Fairly understated, but this exchange: I have the media, I have the guns, I-I have the government.

You know what I have? I have a year-old genius with a smartphone and a problem with authority. You really never stood a chance. When figuring a way out, Parker is very insistent on taking the body with them, to Tear Jerker levels. This is what we're supposed to do! We're supposed to get him back to his wife!

leverage hardison and parker start dating

Nate would do it, Sophie would do it, Hardison would do it I want to do the right thing! Related, Eliot's reassuring of the obviously upset Parker is equal parts tearjerking and heartwarming, especially since Eliot himself is clearly feeling down about being forced to leave the body behind.

His last words to his wife are incredibly sweet, made all the better when Eliot tells Parker, "You did it. You brought him back to her. Parker's handholding cuteness and Sheriff!

leverage hardison and parker start dating

Nate's dedication to the right thing and also his warbride Sophie, who else? It isn't even a question. Also, Eliot bonding with the mark's daughter throughout the episode, demonstrating his particular brand of gruff affection while teaching her how to win at the carnival games.

When she's kidnapped he initially tries to keep her calm by telling her it's a security drill, but she sees through it and promises not to cry if he tells her the truth. All right, this is not a drill.

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These guys are very bad guys, the guys that took you, okay? But I'm coming for you, me, and I'm gonna find you, and I'm gonna bring you home. Now, you tell me, does that sound like the truth? Earlier in the episode while the con was still going on, Parker switches out the mark's glasses with ones that Hardison modified with a webcam.

When the mark first puts them on, Hardison has a clear view of Parker and you can almost see the hearts forming in his eyes. They don't care about the con anymore. The phone call from Parker to Hardison, the hug the he and Eliot have It's a small moment, but as time starts to run out, Parker calls Hardison "Alec" while begging him not to leave her. Because he's her friend, and she needs him. Jim Frakkin' Sterling of all people gets one in "The Queen's Gambit Job" when he reunites with his daughter, explaining that he knew Nate could pull off the job he asked of him, even though that job was a secondary objective to distract from the real goal of re-obtaining his daughter.

He tells Nate as much. Specifically, in a nice reference back to the season two finale, he calls Nate the best thief he's ever known. Also in that episode, Parker has to wear weighted boots to mimic the gait of the mark to access his vault. She has a breakdown when she gets frustrated practicing on Hardison's DDR pads with the voice taunting her: This limp, and these boots, I don't like them. They're weighing me down. That's how I survive.

You slow me down, you kill me. You had to be quick cause you were alone. If you get caught that's it. But you're not alone anymore. You have a team. And I got you - I got you girl. Then he goes through the steps with her humming the song that played during their first dance. Later in the episode, there is a Call-Back to that scene.

When Parker is feeling nervous about entering the vault: Parker steels herself to make her attempt. Hardison's humming is heard over the coms. Parker gains renewed confidence and starts walking, Nate looks confused, and Sophie looks delighted. When Parker is on the roof at the end, with no available escape options: I'm on the roof with no way down.

No they're both blocked.

SPOILERS: Beth Riesgraf previews Parker and Hardison’s relationship

I think I'm trapped up here. There's a third way down. No, I don't have a chute Hardison: Checks her backpack, finds a chute. Did you do this? When Parker rescues Hardison from the Secret Society by beating up the entire group, normally Elliot's job.

You'll never be one of us! Should I tell him it's the age of the geek? He'll figure it out eventually.