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kristen and stefan dating

Many of its stars have actually got together in real life. Stefan and Caroline did end up together, even getting married in the penultimate For his part, Dohring told Buzzfeed that he was "in love with [Kristen] for the three. Cavallari began dating Colletti as a sophomore in high school. Laguna Beach, inspired by Fox's scripted series The O.C., began filming during. Smith-malave, l, kristen and dude almost. Cell press webinars provide free live and wants are kristen and stefan dating dating argentine mauser to get elena.

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kristen and stefan dating

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kristen and stefan dating

Isn't it just great when someone's fictional spouse and actual spouse get on well? The two portrayed star-crossed lovers Damon and Elena in the show, whose relationship was slightly fraught thanks to the fact that Elena had dated the other Salvatore brother, Stefan, before she fell in love with Damon.

Yeah, it was as awkward as it sounds.

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According to WetPaint, these Vampire Diaries co-stars first started dating inaround a year after the show started airing. While they were always pretty private about their relationship, they occasionally gave us adorable red-carpet appearances and Coachella selfies that gave us all a little bit more faith in the power of love.

Like, seriously, Nina and Ian were just so cute together! Sadly, though, after three years together, the couple split in May At least they're clearly still good friends! Online, Dobrev regularly hangs our with Somerhalder and his wife, with the threesome often snapping happy selfies together. Talk about an amicable break-up!

Not many former couples manage to actually keep to the "we'll stay friends" promise! Lexa succumbs to her wounds after being accidentally shot by Titus, passing away in Clarke's arms.

Can't we have one gay couple on TV who actually get a completely happy ending? As you'd expect, fans were pretty devastated when this popular pairing was so abruptly torn about. The two were apparently pretty surprised that their characters' relationship turned romantic so quickly in the show: To be fair, though, fans didn't mind.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, they loved Lexa and Clarke's relationship so much that they formed a petition to get Lexa reinstated as a character pretty much as soon as she passed away.

As Metro notes, Benoist has a history of dating her TV co-stars: After just over a year of marriage, the pair decided to divorce, and Benoist and Woods began quietly dating.

According to PopSugar, Benoist and Woods officially confirmed their relationship in March after they were spotted walking their dogs together. Over a year later, they're still going strong and occasionally provide us with adorable insights into their relationship.

8 CW Co-Stars Who Actually Dated In Real Life (And 8 Who Are Just Best Friends)

In April of this year, Just Jared Jr. The pair also celebrated Woods' birthday earlier in the year with a sunset walk on the beach with their dogs, and, of course, posted a snap of the evening to Instagram for our viewing pleasure.

Relationship goals right there! This eventually came in the form of Caroline Forbes, a human-turned-vampire whose relationship with Stefan became complicated, to say the least. After the usual dramatic break-up-then-make-up storyline, Stefan and Caroline did end up together, even getting married in the penultimate ever episode of the show.

However, their love wasn't made to last. As Screener notes, Stefan ended up sacrificing his life to save his loved ones in The Vampire Diaries' series finale. Interestingly, they also didn't initially agree on whether their characters should get together!

News, King believed that Caroline and Stefan would remain nothing but good friends, while Wesley was convinced that they'd be a couple! Looks like Paul was right InJust Jared Jr. Honestly, that sounds like the coolest friend-date ever. As InStyle notes, these three guys couldn't have been more different! You had sweet, dependable Dean; book-smart bad boy Jesse; and college playboy Logan. In the end, Rory didn't end up with any of her former flames: Of course, things got a bit more complicated in Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life But that's a story for another time!

For now, we need to talk about the fact that Rory and Jesse actors Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia actually did date while portraying an on-screen couple! According to Yahoo, Bledel and Ventimiglia dated from toand at one point even discussed getting married!

Top Chef -- Stefan Richter's exit interview

However, things never went that far. According to People, the couple split in July for unknown reasons. One of the most hurtful things they did was pressure Stephen to spend time with another girl from the show, Lauren, while he and I were dating.

It certainly provided some juicy conflicts, but it also affected me deeply. On one side, it seemed like the producers were trying to break us up, which was intimidating. On the other side, I was worried that my relationship with Stephen was becoming less stable, even though I knew if we hadn't been on television, he wouldn't have been spending time with another girl.

I hated fighting with him on camera because it felt like I was airing all our dirty laundry. Even then, I knew that couldn't be good for a relationship," Cavallari, 29, recalls. It didn't take very long for producers to make her the Betty to Cavallari's Veronica. Then I kissed a guy I was seeing at the time, completely unaware of how my actions were affecting Stephen only teenagers are able to be so self-involved!