Kim sun ah and lee dong wook dating park

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kim sun ah and lee dong wook dating park

Thursday, August 25, Interview, Kim Sun Ah, Lee Dong Wook, Scent Of a Lee Dong-wook from popular drama "Scent of a Woman" said, "Kang . Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young Found to Be Dating for a Month. See more ideas about Lee dong wook, Dong hae and Korean dramas. Lee Dong Wook selfy Lee Dong Wook, Kim Sun Ah, Hallyu Star, Korean. Lee Dong. Kim Sun-a (born October 1, ) is a South Korean actress. She is best known for her titular Initially Kim had considered a singing career and successfully auditioned to join Park Joon-hyung and Park Jin-young's project mixed-gender group "GOT6" in .. "Kim Suna, Lee Dong-wook and Um Ki-joon cast in new drama".

The arresting face and portrayal of Shin Min Ah made Mi Ho one of my all-time favorite kdrama characters.

kim sun ah and lee dong wook dating park

Hong sisters blended the supernatural and folklore premise in this drama in an innovative approach to complement the modern setting. This is where I first saw the reversal of roles for the lead couple. The always curious heroine took charge in taking care of her lead man in the most part of the story. The quirky interaction of the lead couple until reaching the eventual love zone was something you would root for while you are watching the narrative. Having spent most of her time in the convent Mi Nam worked hard to adapt in a new world of cohabiting with her fellow band members.

The second lead also made an impressive showing to shake the official love pairing. I think this is also was the start of me stalking Hong sisters dramas. The refreshing tone and the campus romance drew smiles and sigh in me as Lee Shin suited up to his campus hearthrob role effortlessly and effectively.

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The music, the youthful vibe, the college setting dates endeared this drama to me. Maybe because it just went free flowing and did not exert effort in placing overly conceived central conflict. Yeorum is a furniture maker who was caught between her present boyfriend and her first love. You will thank me later after you watch it.

kim sun ah and lee dong wook dating park

Another Oh Hae Young was the best romance drama for banking on its realistic approach on the frustrations and bliss of trusting the love willingly given to someone only to be disappointed for not reciprocating it well. The hot kisses, the brave heroine and the weird journey on how fate intertwined the love couples were some of the things you would love in this drama.

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The love-fueled-mind-reading ability of Heo Joon Jae was a favorite twist of mine in this drama. I got a lot of laugh trips from those scenes. The writing was almost perfect except from that last episode auto pilot ending. This is the third Hong sisters entry on my list and the trademark smart humor on the writing was evident.

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Gong Hyo Jin as always brings out any character given to her. The romance was an added bonus, but when I look back it is really the cute bromance that sealed this drama in my kdrama memory compartment. What more can you ask for? The polished storytelling and amazing cast portrayal nailed a quintessential drama that you can share with your grandchildren in the future. A ghost-seeing woman has been burdened by her ability all her life.

When she finally bumped with the person who can shield her from the compelling ghost request she keeps getting with and without her warrant, she stuck by the prickly rich department store owner and soon after developed a relationship with him. An actress helped him to adapt to contemporary living and they eventually fell in love with each other. It was so severe that I watched all Ji Chang Wook dramas even the ones that were not worth watching.

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You know, I always suspected that there was a little something extra going on between Suzy and Kim Soo-hyun. I also think Jaejoong and Wang Ji-hye my favorite second-lead female ever in Protect The Boss had a lot of chemistry going on, and I know the four in the main love quadrangle developed some pretty close camaraderie during their time filming. Last but not least, Yoon Eun-hye seems to have a ton of chemistry with almost any male lead thrown at her, but if I had to choose one, Gong Yoo all the way.

Fannie, I totally agree on the Yoon Eun-hye thing. That girl can seriously have chemistry with a rock. Kim Sun-ah and Cha Seung-won pretty much burned off the screen from my laptop with how much chemistry they had in City Hall.

Like Suzy and Kim Soo-hyun, this pair also seemed to have a really close friendship, which made it so much more easy for them to work together in front of the camera. I loathe to bring this last one up since I think the drama is ridiculous, but Ha Ji-won and Hyun Bin in Secret Garden had an almost tangible onscreen chemistry. Moon Chae-won and Moon Geun-young are both actresses that have insane chemistry with their co-stars, no matter how random you think the pairings are, which I think speaks volumes about their acting.

I second that about Yoon Eun Hye.