Keira knightley and viggo mortensen dating

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keira knightley and viggo mortensen dating

Michael Fassbender Keira Knightley and Viggo Mortensen attend the UK gala premiere of 'A Dangerous. A Dangerous Method - UK Gala Premiere - Inside. At 'A Dangerous Method' Starring Viggo Mortensen, Keira Knightley No word yet on release dates but with the film now in post-production. dangerous-methodviggo. After some behind the scenes photos and video, here's your first look at Keira Knightley, Viggo Mortensen and Michael Fassbender in David They had an affair, she become his mistress.

It's not like with Woody Allen where he gets to do a movie every single year. That may not be a bad thing — some times I wish that Allen would take a year off and meditate.

keira knightley and viggo mortensen dating

His subject matter and shooting style varies. He doesn't look back. People like to compartmentalize him, but he's very clever about dancing out of it. He'd be as happy as any of us who admire his work if he were nominated for an Oscar. But, unlike a lot of name veterans, that seem to calcify a bit, or repeat themselves, or play to a persona and make less and less interesting movies, he makes more interesting choices. And how does that feel to an actor in his movies.

keira knightley and viggo mortensen dating

When you work with him the excitement is contagious. You feel like you're with a recently graduated film student who is absolutely brilliant. He acts like a kid about shooting every day. It helps you feel excited about it too. And how did this flow over into "A Dangerous Method," a period piece set in Europe about the friendship, and ultimate falling out, of Freud and Jung. Cronenberg told "Filmmaker" magazine that he was looking to "resurrect" those historical figures as flesh and blood.

I did go along with an attempt to not caricature, not to make some abstraction but to bring back to life Freud and Jung, in their 50s and 30s.

Keira Knightley & Viggo Mortensen

In this case this was as thorough, as accurate and meticulous as Merchant Ivory, for example, and because of that some people said "It's not a Cronenberg movie. He made it his. And it's in not prissy in addressing Cronenberg's recurrent themes of flesh, addiction and psychological transformation.

Whatever David's ideas about psychoanalysis, it's not an ideological movie. It's historically and academically sound. For some people, if they don't know better, it's probably a dull thing. With the main character of Carl Jung, played by Fassbender, and the hysterical patient Sabina Spielrein by Keira, at heart "A Dangerous Method" is a tragic playing out of a great friendship that falls apart between two men.

There are very universal themes -- ambition, jealousy, inferiority, insecurity. Were you surprised that Cronenberg wanted you to play Freud? Once I said yes, I was surprised that he wanted me to play that. He had wanted me before, but I had been rehearsing the Ariel Dorfman play But then, I had to leave the project, illness my family, my mom.

keira knightley and viggo mortensen dating

I wasn't able to work for most of that year. I was surprised when David called. He went on and cast it, and eventually settled on Christoph Waltz for Freud. But, on the heels of attention on "Inglourious Basterds" Waltz dropped out, right? That left them without a Freud.

A Dangerous Method -- Official Trailer 2011 [HD]

And suddenly you could. I had a little gap of time. Are you sure I'm the right guy? I would never ask you to do a favor for a friend. I have blue eyes, a different nose. I even went to brown eyes. Freud had a piercing gaze. So, I wore lenses, changed my hairline, beard, and gained weight. In his fifties still healthy and robust he loved to drink wine, loved to eat food. The image we often have is from the end of his life, when he was ill with cancer.

I had an idea about him as a slight old man with white hair and glasses and not someone who you could say was robust or had an appetite for life. But, before that, he was described by his contemporaries as socially gregarious, with a strong voice, a generous big family guy who was very outgoing with quite a good sense of dry humor.

He even cracked a smile!

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I found the things he liked to read for pleasure Oscar Wilde, humor, wordplay — it was all news for me. And did that give you a way in to the man himself?

Once I figured out how I could get some irony into his speech, his tone, the way he listened, the way he watched people when he spoke to see how they reacted: That was a way in. It helped create a contrast between Jung and Freud. The main reason for their falling out — besides pride and insecurity and ambition on both parts — had to do with their upbringing. They already had a son Caleb, who was born 6 years earlier. Keira with Caleb The parents introduced both of their children to the theater scene at an early age — not only did they attend the plays together, but also taught Keira and Caleb acting.

So it is no wonder that Keira requested her own agent at the age of three. That was only the beginning: Keira appeared in six famous British TV series and numerous commercials between and School pictures of Keira Knightley According to Keira herself, she was always adamant about becoming an actress and this kind of determination, without a doubt, helped her pursue her goal. She trained in horse riding, archery and fencing for more than a month in order to prepare for it.

A famous football player David Beckham made a cameo in the movie as well. Keira and her co-star Parminder Nagra had to learn how to play football and underwent training with a top-level coach for several months when preparing for their roles. Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Swann For the first time in her life, she had a chance to work with such accomplished Hollywood movie-stars as Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. After this, the success never left the young actress again.