Jorge blanco and martina stossel dating games

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jorge blanco and martina stossel dating games

[email protected]"? They would make such a cute couple I wish they were the same age. And I want Violetta and Leon to date and Martina and Jorge so. Check out Ser Mejor by Martina Stoessel & Jorge Blanco & Pablo Espinosa & Mercedes Lambre & Lodovica Comello & Candelaria Molfese & Samuel. Stay up to date on new reviews. Unable to reach her pop star boyfriend, Leon ( Jorge Blanco), who is Martina Stoessel is pop star Violetta Castillo/Tini.

There Violetta meets a handsome young dancer-slash-boat captain.

jorge blanco and martina stossel dating games

Inexplicably he heads out to a remote island, which is convenient when Violetta smashes her sailboat and goes into the water. Leon saves her from drowning and gets her back to the village in time to perform her new love song.

Jorge Blanco and Martina Stoessel

Continue reading Show less Is it any good? Dubbing into English is inept -- lips flap while no words are uttered and words pour out from still mouths. This is a vehicle designed by Disney Channel Latin America to keep making money on its a popular South American TV series by transitioning the tween child star character to an adult hit-maker for the vast Disney empire. She is pert and smiley and sings nicely but the plot is breathtakingly stupid, revolving around Violetta's inability to reach her boyfriend, in this era of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, texting, voicemail, and email overconnectedness.

Nope, they just can't reach each other.

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Oh, but Violetta has no trouble hearing and believing TV gossip speculating that Leon is already dating someone else. And that, plus a little pressure to meet some professional deadlines, is enough to suck Violetta into the vortex of crisis, resulting in her impulsive declaration that she is retiring from show biz.

After announcing she's through with music, why would she be interested in heading to an island retreat for young artists? Violetta tells all who ask that she is in Italy "to find herself. Equally mystifying, she leads on a handsome young boat captain but when he tries to kiss her she turns him down.

jorge blanco and martina stossel dating games

Script and direction are simply awful, and not for lack of funding. After watching the show it was back to our luxury hotel. The next morning, we arrived at another hotel where the interviews were taking place, there were many fans outside waiting to catch a glimpse of them. I interviewed six of the cast from Violetta, including: How did you get the part in Violetta? My father went to present a project at the Disney Channel and he asked if I would like to record the songs for this project.

Which was not Violetta. I hadn't done anything on TV before, so of course I wanted to do it. He went and presented his project and they asked who is this girl who's singing the songs at the end. I had just turned 14 at the time. My father said this is my daughter. They had been looking for a main character and they had seen so many girls and couldn't find the right one.

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I danced and sang for them and had lots of auditions and then in the end that's how it all started for Violetta. They called me and said there's a possibility I would make this part. And I was like yeh I'm interested. They kept giving me information and one day they told me yes you're in and it was exciting, I was like wow, it was the first time they called me so it was fun.

Tini: The New Life of Violetta Movie Review

It's a big adventure, huge opportunity, I went to Argentina and then my adventure began. I participated in the casting and after a week they chose me and I had to go to Buenos Aires and in 2 months with my luggage I went to Argentina.

jorge blanco and martina stossel dating games

It was a long casting, about 5 months long, I had to do everything, dance and sing, and it was a surprise because only 6 months later I heard that I was selected I didn't know the title of Violetta and where I was going to act or what my character was.

It came as a surprise while I was struggling with different minor projects and I cried over the phone to my mother when I found out because she knew how important it was to me. I didn't go to full-time acting school, it was at the weekend. You miss your home, bed and family and it's unique. It's like when you have to get up for school.