Jordan fisher and grace phipps dating

jordan fisher and grace phipps dating

Check out Falling for Ya by Jordan Fisher & Chrissie Fit on Amazon Music. Stream Garrett Clayton and Grace Phipps Stream or buy for $ · Can't Stop . Grace Phipps, who you most likely fell in love with in Teen Beach Movie and Vampire Diaries, has opened up about past dating abuse in her. Teen Beach Movie is a Disney Channel Original Movie that premiered on July 19 , , on Disney Channel, starring Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell. Directed by.

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Brady relents and informs Mack that there will be a storm and giant wave that should bring them back home at the end of the film. They go into Big Momma's, and introduce themselves to the surfers just before "The Rodents Social Club" bikers appear and start the surf and turf war.

After, Mack and Brady are invited by surfers to come to a party at Big Momma's later that night.

jordan fisher and grace phipps dating

Suddenly, their clothing is changed to fit the film and Mack's surfboard appears nearby. That evening during a dance, Mack and Brady are arguing while the film's female lead, Lela one of the biker girlsis singing on stage. Tanner, the male lead one of the surfer boysfalls in love with Mack after she bumps into him, and Brady catches Lela when she falls off the stage.

This interferes with the film's plot, in which Lela falls into Tanner's arms, not Brady's. They decide to make Tanner and Lela fall in love to fix things.

jordan fisher and grace phipps dating

Brady also tells Mack about the villains of the film, Les Camembert and Dr. Fusion, who are going to use a machine to affect the weather to make the surfers and bikers leave so they can control Big Momma's and turn it into a beach resort. Lela and Tanner express their love for Brady and Mack, who subtly suggest to them that there may be someone else they are really meant to be with.

That night Mack joins Lela and the other biker girls for a sleepover, while Brady hangs out with Tanner and the surfer boys at Big Momma's. While talking about love, their modern relationship views conflict with the s views.

jordan fisher and grace phipps dating

Mack and Brady do not make any progress with Lela and Tanner. The next night, Lela tells Mack that she would like to surf.

Mack and Brady realize that they are morphing into the film when Mack falls into water and her hair does not get wet. They then begin singing and are unable to stop.

Fusion and taken to the villains' lighthouse lair. Lela and Tanner fall in love with each other and soon realize that their friends have been kidnapped.

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They convince the bikers and surfers to team up and save Mack and Brady. Mack then notices she lost the necklace she received while in Wet Side Story's universe. At school, Brady and Mack reunite with their respective friends, Devon and Alyssa, who are surprised by their new relationship due to their opposite personalities. Brady and Mack are surprised by how differently they act at school.

jordan fisher and grace phipps dating

Later, in class, Brady is working on surfboard designs, but hides them when Mack asks him what he is doing. Brady becomes defensive when Mack meets a handsome boy named Spencer Watkins. Mack works on a "Save The Beach" dance, despite Brady's attempts to see her. Struggling with a college application, Brady works on a surfboard instead and accidentally forgets about a college fair that he was to attend with Mack, upsetting her to the point that they break up. In the Wet Side Story universe, Lela and Tanner notice Mack's washed-up necklace and journey into the ocean, winding up on the same beach as Mack and Brady, who are still mad at each other.

Mack and Brady tell Lela and Tanner that they are in the future, exciting them. Mack and Brady do not tell them they are film characters, choosing instead to show them that the real world is not as great as it seems, in hopes that they will return to their own world. Brady and Mack bring Lela and Tanner to school, where their movie characteristics come out against Mack and Brady's cautions, culminating in a big musical number in the cafeteria.

Lela becomes too enthralled with math homework to spend time with Tanner after school, and Tanner confesses to Brady that he worries he is not enough for Lela, while Brady reveals to Tanner that he and Mack are taking a break.

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He also shows Tanner his surfboards, and alludes that Mack might not understand his newfound hobby. Realizing they are becoming part of the future, Mack and Brady tell Lela and Tanner that they are just characters in a movie, showing them clips from Wet Side Story.

Upset by this, Lela throws the necklace into the ocean, prompting Mack and Brady to search for it. This leads to another argument between them, which disturbs Lela and Tanner.