Johanna mason and katniss dating

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johanna mason and katniss dating

Acceptable Payment: A Date With Katniss Everdeen bartending part-time at The Hob, courtesy of a strong reference by fellow CapU alumni Johanna Mason. A block from her and Johanna's apartment was a tiny bakery. Haymitch Abernathy — Katniss and Peeta's mentor in The Hunger Games. . then makes an unexpected appearance to congratulate the newly engaged couple. . After the ceremony, Johanna Mason from District 7 walks by Katniss naked. Johanna Mason intrigues her and the first time Katniss Everdeen lays eyes on her, she's entranced. What happens when Katniss gives into her.

Then before she even realizes she's staring Johanna turns to leave, swaying her curvy hips. When she reaches the entrance to the District 7 quarters she turns slightly and winks at then over her shoulder.

Her body feels warm and she can't stop replaying the vision of Johanna's naked form in her mind. When they arrive at the District 12 quarters Peeta has to shake her to get her attention. Sure she's been appreciating Johanna from the first moment they'd arrived, but she'd never expected to feel like this.

Why don't you get some sleep Katniss, it's going to be a long day tomorrow. She just watches him go without a word, her mind still fixed on Johanna and what it all means. No one in the world knows her better than Haymitch. It's not like you've got a lot of time to decide sweetheart. Just in case you were… curious. There's no time for rational thought, so when Katniss enters the lift she presses the number seven without hesitation.

Moments later the doors are sliding open and she steps out onto the platform. Taking a breath Katniss moves to the entrance and knocks.

johanna mason and katniss dating

Several long seconds pass by before Johanna opens the door, clad only in a silk robe, her long, tanned legs glistening, her face free of most makeup, her hair falling in messy waves to her shoulders. Katniss drinks in the sight of her, Johanna just smirks. Both girls stand there, appreciating each other.

Katniss' head is spinning and she can't seem to make any words come out. She's nervous and filled with desire, and she's new at this so she doesn't even know what to do or say. Luckily Johanna picks up on her unease and steps in. Slowly she begins to circle around the District 12 victor. Suddenly Johanna stops behind Katniss and grips her hips pulling them into her own. Katniss gasps and the taller girl just chuckles.

That's when she realizes how close Johanna's mouth is to her ear. I've been waiting and hoping you'd make the first move, apparently you really aren't as pure as people think. Tell me Katniss, how long have you been waiting for this? Little miss innocent Mockingjay, here in my quarters, just begging for me. I wonder what you're precious little Peeta would say if he knew where his lover was…" In that moment Katniss realized that Johanna was playing a game of cat and mouse, and she was the mouse.

Innocent prey meant to be hunted and devoured.

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And although Johanna made an excellent cat with her sexy banter and dominate attitude it had been her that sought out the other girl, her that had done the hunting, so now it was time to turn to tables. Quickly she flipped around and without hesitation she pressed her lips firmly against the other victors'. One hand found purchase on Johanna's slim hips the other tangled in messy black hair. Not being an experienced kisser she went on instinct, nipping and biting at pump lips until she was met with the melodic moans from the other girl.

Their tongues finally met, moving together trying to taste as much of the other as possible. Johanna's hands tangled into long chocolate waves, tugging lightly.

Katniss let out a low sound from the back of her throat before moving quickly forwards. When she felt Johanna's knees hit the couch she broke their kiss and pushed. The taller girl plopped down but never took her eyes away from her. They were wide, fierce and hungry; it was the most arousing thing Katniss had ever seen.

Moving again on instinct she lowered herself into the other girl's lap, effectively straddling her hips. Johanna instantly let out a low breath as she tried to speak. Before she has a chance, however, Katniss silences her with another long, hot kiss, letting their tongues melt together. Heat floods into her lower body, and it's something better than she'd ever imagined.

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Without conscious thought she begins to grind her hips down into Johanna, moving in time with their hot kisses. When they're both out of breath Katniss breaks away and smirks at the expression on her lover's face. Slowly Katniss leans in and takes Johanna's ear lobe in her mouth, sucking lightly before whispering seductively into her ear. You make me crazy, make me feel all kinds of crazy things, make me lose all inhibitions. I can't help it, I want you.

The Mockingjay gasps at the sight before her, because Johanna is even more beautiful up close. Without a word she attaches her lips to the newly exposed skin of Johanna's collarbones.

A moan leaves pink lips and Katniss sucks harder, leaving large purple bruises on tanned, glistening skin. Loving the sounds she's drawing from her lover she moves lower, leaving a trail of marks in her wake.

When she reaches the stiff pink nipple she pulls away, gazes up at Johanna through thick eyelashes and hooded eyes before wrapping her lips around the bud. You feel so good. Soon she moves onto the other nipple, giving it the same treatment.

Johanna's moans are getting louder and it's driving the District 12 victor crazy. The wetness in her panties is unfamiliar but not unwelcome. She can tell that touching and kissing this beautiful girl is doing wicked things to her body, and it makes her crave more.

I can't wait to take you. This wasn't supposed to happen this way, she was supposed to be the one making Katniss crazy with desire, teasing her endlessly until the girl begged to be touched. But instead here she is covered in sweat, half naked, purple bite marks covering her chest, Katniss fucking Everdeen straddling her and driving her to the brink of insanity. She starts to kiss, lick and suck her way down Johanna's body.

Joniss, but that's far down the road. Rating for language and mature themes. Spoilers for all 3 books. Catching Fire to post Mockingjay. Fireworks reviews "I once read an article that it only takes two hours to fall in love with someone.

Rated M for Chapter 2 and beyond. The Roads We Take reviews Katniss Everdeen is sentenced to serve time for a crime she committed five years ago, with her then-girlfriend Johanna Mason. She leaves behind her fiance, Peeta, and her family to spend 15 months in a women's prison.

Then her ex-girlfriend shows up. Johanna works at a coffee shop, Katniss goes in every day to "try different coffees" aka flirt with her awkwardly. I knew her warning was useless. They have a thing. An AU Joniss one-shot, one night stand.

johanna mason and katniss dating

Cerebral PWP, at least Only Finnick Odair was able to calm Annie down when she started having a fit. Although Annie had some severe mental difficulties, she was very kind-hearted and forgiving, voting no when President Coin suggested doing a 76th Hunger Games using the Capitol's children as tributes in order to punish them for three quarters of a century of tyranny and terror.

She did not seem to be dangerous and despite the fact that her mental problems were caused by the Hunger Games and the love of her life, Finnick, was killed by the Capitol, she showed no interest in revenge.

johanna mason and katniss dating

As it is not stated that Annie was a volunteer Career Tribute, she may not have actually been, even though she came from a Career District. It is assumed that the only reason she survived the Hunger Games was because she was a stronger swimmer than the other tributes, suggesting that she may not have needed to directly kill anyone.

They had one son. She has no other known family. Relationships Finnick Odair The two had a deep love for each other.

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Finnick mentored Annie, and most likely did everything to keep her alive. During the interview with Caesar Flickerman, Finnick recited a poem for Annie 'his one true love' he saidbut almost every woman in the Capitol thought the poem was aimed towards them. During the third Quarter Quell, Finnick heard Annie's screams during the jabberjay attack because she was who he cared about above all others.

johanna mason and katniss dating

He was worried that they had hurt Annie. In Mockingjay, Finnick constantly worried about Annie and could not concentrate on anything else but her. He was out of his mind because Annie had been captured by the Capitol so they could torture her for information about the rebels.

To set his mind straight, he tied different knots with a foot of rope and brought it everywhere with him, hoping to regain sanity and distract himself from worrying about her.

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He broke down when he couldn't handle it anymore and soon after, the rebels rescued those captured by the Capitol including Annie. Finnick and Annie reunited in District Later, the two get married and conceive a son.

Finnick died before Annie gave birth to their son. Both were described to be Finnick's family, so they may have been close, as Mags volunteered as tribute to save Annie and clearly knew she would never survive.