James mogul and madison dating

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james mogul and madison dating

Madison Young isn't the first woman I've seen pour honey on her naked body She was already into kinky play with her girlfriend (and modeling for her relationship as submissive to her dominant partner, James Mogul. Families shattered by the dating website for adulterers: As millions of They'd been wed for ten years, had a six-year-old son, James, and lived. Meet the Young-Moguls. James As for their parenting style, James and Madison preach “body positivity,” But when they expose other children to it, having a play date and bringing out a jar of Madison's uterine lining and.

So, you have like 20 jobs at any given time. Can you bring us up to speed on some of your projects? I just returned to California from a whirlwind tour of the Midwest presenting workshops on sexuality, feminism, and pornography at independent sex shops. In my teaching, I focus on how to have mind-blowing sex and then document those pleasurable moments on film.

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We listen as women unveil their fantasies, we listen to their sexual negotiations, and then we witness some incredibly hot and intimate sexual moments that these women are courageous enough to share with the camera. To Sir with Love is also a documentary porn that captures a snapshot of my life and relationship with my real-life dominant and partner, James Mogul.

The film looks at submission through in-depth interviews and then follows me on the road, into the dungeon, into the bedroom and the physical practice of BDSM within a long-term relationship. What are some of the main differences between being behind and in front of the camera in porn?

Directing is cerebral and visionary; performing is much more visceral and primal, like the creation of dance, theater, or art. As a director, my key responsibility is to truly listen to my performers. As a performer, my main goals are authenticity, pleasure, connection, and communication. Have you ever tried to direct a film while hanging suspended upside down with a ball gag in your mouth? No, no I have not. It has its challenging moments. And what about the differences between working in mainstream and independent, queer porn?

All of the queer pornographers that I know also identify as sex-positive and would call their films and productions sex-positive. Mainstream porn is produced purely to generate income.

james mogul and madison dating

The mainstream porn industry has found the fastest way to produce the most content for the largest profit. That said, the mainstream adult industry is going through a lot of shifts and changes right now and I believe those shifts could leave space to be filled with sex-positive pornography and a more positive outlook on sexuality. The mainstream entertainment industry seems to me like it gets off on subcultures while at the same time diluting or misunderstanding them—particularly when it comes to women and our bodies.

My interest lies in expanding the conversation about the complex identities of people in LGBTQ, kink, sex worker, and sex-positive communities. These are all sub-sects of our culture that are often targeted in hate crimes, rape, and abuse—as well as depression and suicide—simply for being who we are. The work I do is about creating space for people to feel confident and safe in exploring their full and complete identity without judgment.

If we are able to expand this to a mainstream level, it breaks a wall of isolation that individuals might feel when they are discovering parts of their identity that might set them apart from the people they see around them.

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It was the first time that I had really seen other queers who had partners. I had two friends that identified as gay but none of us had ever had a girlfriend or boyfriend.

We were alone in our gaydom. It gave me hope. I think that was a key moment of empowerment for me. If they did, it would be a pretty boring world. Speaking of controversial mainstream discourse… Fifty Shades of Grey.

New York Times bestseller. Either fun sexy smut, or abusive anti-feminist crap, depending on which critic you ask.

james mogul and madison dating

Have you read it? Dominants have to find their own path and take their own journey into discovering who they are, just as submissives do. I think that was one of the fascinating elements of the movie Secretary. Thus far in Shades, the main character who is the submissive woman is kind of young and annoying and is crushing like a schoolgirl over Mr.

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Abuse is a word that is much too commonly paired with BDSM, which is unfortunate. BDSM is a form of energy exchange similar to massage, meditation, or sex. Abuse involves physically or psychologically harming another person.

For example, there is a huge difference between receiving a spanking that you are consenting to while having sex with your partner versus your boss spanking your butt as you are leaving the board room after a meeting. One is an exchange of pre-negotiated physical intimacy and energy. The other is a non-consensual physical invasion and abuse of power.

What erotica would you recommend to readers turned on by Fifty Shades of Grey? Was it difficult to place that much physical stress and focus on your body while pregnant? What menstrual blood is, is the uterine lining! So this is the uterus -- that's what we're colouring!

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I don't want to try to get too personal, 'cause I don't know you very well, but like, this isn't normal. I had some Mason jars to create a vessel for uterine lining.

A vessel for uterine lining. Did you just happen to have some on hand to share with the kids. Uh, yeah, I'm menstruating right now! Maybe, the next time there's a play date, maybe the uterine lining could, you know, stay in the fridge. I'm doing a performance art piece where an audience is invited to throw balls at baseball mitts bound to my body to celebrate the launch of my book!

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So now, is Emma going to be there, or? I mean, like, I'm not opposed to kids seeing nudity. There's family-friendly nudity, and then there's, you know, sexy, like, sexual-- I don't think anything about this is really sexual. And then I'm going to be blindfolded over here. Is Emma going to be there?

Yeah, it's my launch party! Think about what you're doing here. I don't want my daughter being read erotic material. She's too-- She's too young. I just think there's a way to explain to Em that-- that people gift pleasure to one another. If Em wants to hug someone, there's a gifting of affection. This is my freaking love story! It's a love story!

It's about wet pussy!