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home and away actors dating younger

Jul 2, Top 10 Aussie stars who made their name on Home and Away to patch things up with his sister, but ended up getting a crush on a younger woman. After dating a drug dealer, she moves on to Angel's husband, making a. Oct 2, Stephen's an Australian actor known for Home and Away, Hercules: He is currently dating actress Katrina Risteska, they have been Melbourne born Ryan is one of Australia's most sought-after and versatile young actors. Feb 16, After leaving the show in , the young aspiring actor went on to pursue a ' Home and Away' actor Kate Ritchie on set of the TV soapie, 3 in a countryside ceremony in Tasmania after they have dated for two years.

Ruby tells Indi that she and Romeo had sex, devastating both Indi and Romeo. Romeo tries to apologise, but Sid Robert Mammone refuses to let him into the house.

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Romeo invites Indi out on a picnic and she goes, but tells Romeo that they are over. Romeo meets Emily Logan Madison Kerry and they have sex. Romeo loses interest in her and tells her that she meant nothing to him, appalling Indi.

Romeo spends time working at the shelter and decides to stop wallowing and take action. He starts a Surf School business. Romeo does not like Indi's new admirer, Kieran Monroe Andrew Hazzardand warns Indi not to go out with him, but she refuses to listen.

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Kieran turns nasty one night and Indi calls Romeo, who rescues her. Sid warns Romeo off of Indi and he agrees, which annoys Indi. However, he decides to profess his feelings for her and they get back together. Sid is not happy and expresses his distrust of Romeo at a dinner.

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Romeo discovers that he has Chlamydia and tries to contact Ruby. When Casey finds out, he punches Romeo. The Blaxland breaks and Romeo attempts to fix it himself. Romeo gets distracted trying to stop a River Boy fight and neglects his lifesaving duty. Romeo becomes desperate to fix the boat and agrees to take two River Boys out on a charter. He then becomes caught up in a drugs bust. Morag tells Romeo that he cannot use the Blaxland for his business, but Roo decides to be his mentor and Morag changes her mind.

Romeo exchanges his business class ticket for two economy ones and invites Indi to go with him. During their trip, Romeo proposes to Indi and she accepts. They decide to get married straight away.

home and away actors dating younger

Sid arrives in Hawaii, but gives Romeo and Indi his blessing. They marry and on their return home, they move in with Roo.

home and away actors dating younger

When they start to struggle financially, Romeo and Indi move into the Farmhouse. Romeo starts giving surfing lessons and later lends a large amount of money to his sister, which upsets Indi. She urges him to get a job with the new resort, which he does. However, Romeo quits shortly after to start surfing in competitions.

Ruby decides to join Romeo on the circuit.

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When Indi catches Romeo and Ruby sharing a motel room she jumps to the wrong conclusion and later goes out with Logan Meyer David Berry. Romeo pleads with Indi to make their marriage work and she agrees. They go on a holiday and when they return, Indi vows to trust Ruby and support Romeo with his surfing. He then begins acting up and then admits that he is being bullied by older boys.

After a newspaper article portrays Miles in a bad light, VJ angrily confronts Riley and throws his bag into the sea.

The charges against Miles are dropped. After initial anger about the knowledge of Vinnie's death being kept from him, VJ asks Elijah to take him and Leah to Vinnie's final resting place in order to achieve closure. Elijah and Leah's relationship breaks up but VJ keeps secretly continues to keep in contact with Elijah when he begins missionary work in Africa. They hitch-hike but get nervous when the driver wants to take them to his house and they hide in a nearby garage, where detectives Robert Robertson Socratis Otto and Graves Eryn-Jean Norvill find them.

He begins idolising the group, but Leah sees them as a bad influence. They soon become friends. When he threatens them, Leah takes VJ on a long trip to get away from him. A few months later, they return to the Bay and surprise everyone in the Diner. Sally Fletcher Kate Ritchie returns and tells Leah that her daughter, Pippa Saunderswho Leah carried as a surrogate, has mitochondrial disease.

Leah gets VJ tested and he is given the all-clear. He believes VJ and Leah are trying to prevent Zac from getting to know him. VJ and Olivia take Leah's car for a joyride. VJ develops feelings for Olivia, but she likes Hunter and they agree to just be friends. VJ is one of Zac's bestmen at his wedding to Leah. VJ starts bullying Hunter as a result. They eventually make peace after VJ receives some advice from Billie. Billie finds them and helps VJ out. VJ develops a crush on Billie, and he asks Skye to pretend to be his girlfriend to make Billie jealous.

Billie tells VJ that she does not feel the same way about him. VJ worries that Billie will tell him it was a mistake, but she assures him it was not. VJ and Billie start dating and Leah disapproves because of the age difference.

He worries about being a teenage father, but supports Billie. When VJ turns 18, he proposes to Billie. She initially rejects his proposal, but later changes her mind. She asks that they keep their engagement a secret.

However, VJ tells everyone at the Diner.

home and away actors dating younger

Thankfully the former reality TV star had invested in a manicure prior to the occasion as she sported a fresh set of pink nails Exciting times ahead: Jake slid the diamond ring down the blonde star's finger right while filming upcoming scenes on the Aussie soap Special moment: Sam's eyes opened with delight as her brunette hunk started to glide the band down her lithe ring finger 'Yes': Sam obviously appeared to say 'Yes' during the romantic seaside proposal Basking in the engagement glow: After Sam's character accepted his proposal the pair were captured enjoying a warm embrace under the shady pine trees The look of love: The on-screen pair were spotted basking in their engagement glory Sea breeze: As the sea breeze swept in, Sam's character was seen tossing a blue puffer jacket over her lean physique One hour down, forever to go!

The happy Home and Away couple shared a laugh after their seaside engagement As the sea breeze swept in, Sam's character was seen tossing a blue puffer jacket over her lean physique. After she said 'Yes', the pair were seen enjoying a warm embrace under the shady pine trees.

The on-screen couple continued to pile on the PDA in the park as they were spotted staring into each other's eyes adoringly. As they walked off into the sunset, the newly engaged beauty was spotted marching down the grassy knoll with an actual spring in her step. The on-screen couple continued to pile on the PDA in the park as they were spotted staring into each other's eyes adoringly 'They often catch up off screen and really make each other laugh': Sam right and Jake left are believed to be good friends outside of the show, with the actor reportedly giving Sam star tips on how to deal with the pressures of fame.