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Use your wits to help Gretel and her brother make it to the woods alive. Sort By: Date Score · RedArms60 Gretel and Hansel Part 2. Gretel and Hansel is a series of Flash games by makopudding on Newgrounds, in which you play as Gretel of "Hansel and Gretel" fame. The game takes place When Gretel falls through the hole in the ground at the start of Part 2. Hansel is. Play the Gretel And Hansel 3 game online for free! Ok so its FINALLY HERE. After a solid year of work, we happily present to you part 2 of Gretel and Hansel.

Click on the scissor icon that appears to have him pick up the scissors. Then click near the scissors he is holding to move the fairy close to them Scissor Eat death: Click on the scissor icon again to have him eat the scissors Swamp Death: One the screen with the skull holes pillar east of the swap tree screen walk to the far right near the water's edge, a hand icon should appear. Click on it to dive into the water. Melt both the bone and arrow in the ice cave Strangle death: Stand in front of rufus and hit him with your stick Stone crush death: After using the glasses on rufus and the rocks start floating, walk in between them and wait for them to crush you Mushroom death: On the raining screen with the stone dial with the will- o- wisps move the closed eye stone icon to the top slot, then rotate the outer wheel till the star icon is on the top.

The screen should turn dark. Exit out of the puzzle and mushrooms should appear towards the bottom of the sceen. If the bear notices Gretel, it just attacks her. The key from a puzzle in the first game.

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Using it just gets you killed. The scissors in the second game. The first glimpse of the wolf is also accompanied by one. Sealed Evil in a Can: The thing in the ice. Thawing it out completely will cause it to kill you.

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With some trial and error, it's possible to reach Hansel in the second game without chopping the wood. Arguably, this also prevents a Plot Hole. Mom, Gretel if you kill Hansel.

Speaking Simlish Tome of Eldritch Lore: The tome you obtain in the stickman's "kitchen", which is accompanied by satanic-sounding whispers and incantations. His "cookbooks" must be something like it, given his "food" Too Dumb to Live: Hansel, justified with the fact that he's mentally challenged.

There are too many examples to show, but some very prominent ones are that he can swallow a pair of scissors, stand tip-toe on a cliff edge and not react to seeing his sister die horribly. Video Game Caring Potential: In episode 2, you have the choice of saving the people that were captured by the tree. Video Game Cruelty Punishment: