Ethan ruan and chen qiao en dating

After “going to bed”, Ethan Ruan admits he and Chen Qiao En are now buddies! | dramaville

ethan ruan and chen qiao en dating

Yesterday, the leads Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan came to Guanzhou Both of them has a steady partner whom they dated for a long time. Ethan ruan stars in the soap: Fated to Love You.. and also stars in Hana Kimi. What are Joe Chen Qiao En's bad habit? Joe Jonas is dating Demi Lovato. Collane bigiotteria online dating Joe Chen denies falling out with Ming . 11/02/ · Chen Qiao En appears looking beautiful; reveals she is Ming Dao that . Ethan Ruan reportedly cheated on want to make up with Ruan is because he.

Qiao En agrees that this year is a fruitful year for her.

ethan ruan and chen qiao en dating

I'm very happy that this drama could do so well, giving us the chance to go Hong Kong and Malaysia for promotion. As for Ethan, he said "For me, this year is very exciting.

ethan ruan and chen qiao en dating

Thank you everyone for giving me a chance, leeting the audience notice me. Although Ethan and Qiao En emphasised that the two of them will not date, but at the fans autograph session, the two of them publically flirt with each other and whispered to each other's ears, letting the fans see their lovey-dovey acts.

ethan ruan and chen qiao en dating

When the fans were on stage imitating the male and female character's actions in the drama, one of the scene was of Qiao En wearing the chicken costume and the host accidentally said it to be "Chen Qiao En's Ji Ji Ji in chinese means chicken.

But when it's said twice, it refers to penis. At the fans session held at The Summit Batu Pahat, the host requested for the two to sign their name on the huge banner there and the two didn't forget to fool around either.

Qiao En asked Ethan if he wanted to sign on her face and Ethan expressed that "I feel like drawing a mole on your face" and Qiao En countered with "Then I shall draw a moustache for you.

Ethan ruan and chen qiao en dating.

When playing another game, the host explained the game rules to the two of them and Ethan seemed to be still confused. When playing the game and Ethan was losing, he shamelessly said that "It's not fair. I'm taller" Referring to the fact that he has to squat to pick up the post-its on the floor and is thus at a disadvantage When talking about the unforgettable experiences of filming, Qiao En also revealed that Ethan loved bullying her when filming.

He changed her name to Chen Qiao Zhu pig and when everyone's not around, he will trick her to go to his side and then fart and use his hand to "catch" it and "throw" it at her.

Ethan quickly explained that "It's not true. The two who act as "Chen Xin Yi" and "Anson" kept criticising that his leap into the sea wasn't good enough and the action was only worth 6 points, asking if he will do it again.

But when asked how they will handle if this happens in real life, the articulate Ethan Ruan stutters: If it happens, then don't avoid the problem, we must face it.

ethan ruan and chen qiao en dating

She thought for a while and said with difficulty: In Chen Qiao En's new book, she revealed her romantic feelings. Everybody guessed that the man she is referring to is Ethan Ruan.

ethan ruan and chen qiao en dating

When asked about this, Ethan Ruan said: She said it may be me. I know that I am indeed very handsome. Can I choose neither?

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Ming Dao is like an old man, I will tell him my problems. Ethan is like a sister. The one Chen Qiao En wrote about is me.

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I don't care, it has to be me. What will you do if the ratings in Guangzhou is good? When asked whether he will also sacrifice if the ratings is good in Guangzhou, Ethan Ruan had learned his lesson and dare not make a bet again. He hesitated for a long time and dare not said naked swimming, only said vaguely: You can wear winter clothes and sit in a public bus yelling "Fated To Love You". Ethan Ruan and Ming Dao cannot get along?

Ethan ruan and chen qiao en dating

Ethan Ruan rose to the position of "first brother" with this drama and news of his threatening Ming Dao's position and they can't get along came out. Ethan Ruan talked about their interactions in private and said: He is senior and a good actor. Because he is a good friend of Qiao En, he visited us a few times when we were filming this drama.