Dating and religion

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dating and religion

When I tell people that my boyfriend lives miles away in Scotland, they usually gasp, smile bewilderedly, and say, “That must be so hard!” And they're right. Why has religion assumed so much importance that sometimes it Did you know that religion affects dating choices, although teens do not. "I was wondering, when it is appropriate to bring up religious beliefs once you start dating someone? For me, my religion is important and I want.

Can you still see yourself staying with them, committing yourself to them? If not, it may be time to look elsewhere for love—for the good of both of you. Respect also means avoiding the effort to convert your partner.

dating and religion

Realize, instead, that you cannot change them—especially not their deep-seated beliefs. No one wants that. So if you want to successfully date someone of a different religion, put away any desires to convert or criticize.

Instead, just love, listen, and respect. If you want your children to be raised in the tradition of your faith, and you know that you cannot compromise, let it be known.

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The process of exploring these important issues has to do with what each considers to be of such great importance that they cannot compromise.

For example, if you marry this girl with the expectation that the children will be raised Muslim she must completely agree or there will be major conflicts between the two of you in the future.


Generally speaking, people from different faiths can marry and succeed in staying together if they each agree on the religion they will practice or if they agree that they are not religious and do not consider themselves to be of any religious persuasion. The key words are "if they each agree.

dating and religion

It is much easier for couples to agree about religion if the one individual feels a lot less strongly committed to their religion of origin.

For the individual who is not committed to a religion there is often a willingness to convert for two reasons: However, if two people each feel strongly committed to and identified with their religion of origin there is a good chance that there will be nothing but grief between them in the future if they attempt to ignore their differences.

dating and religion

Strong commitment on the part of each complicates the questions of how to raise the children, what to do on important holy days, who will go to services and how often and, etc. This type of gap in thinking and believing complicates relationships with extended family members such as in laws, grand parents and parents. There are tragic cases in which deeply religious families refuse to accept a new member from a different faith.

There are those situations in which each person decides to keep their religion of origin but raise the children in both faiths. In these situations, children and family celebrate all the holy days, learn about each faith and attend all the services. I have seen many of these types of arrangements succeed quite well. Accept it and keep your cravings to eat non-veg food aside. This will definitely give you an edge and help you impress your date quickly. Just the way of worshiping differs.

dating and religion

Each religion promotes humanity and love. So find the common and like points between both the faiths, discuss it with your date. Keep the differences under check. Do Not Boast About Your Religion A lot of people have this habit of boasting about their religion and talking about the various customs and beliefs. But keep this to a minimum.

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Be open minded and talk about issues that interest both of you. Doing this you will definitely get an idea about the mentality and beliefs of the person.

Share Your Cultural Practices There are many cultures around the world that make our world a colorful place to live in. There are varied cultures and customs.

You can discuss some interesting customs of your religion with your date and catch them amused. Try to Find the Views of Your Date Dating is all about knowing a person who you feel attracted to, better.