Dating and bad raps

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dating and bad raps

Rappers are awesome. They have the freshest clothes, they have the dankest weed, and they're fucking great at making words rhyme to a beat. Everybody wants a piece of their favorite rapper -- just check out those people on stage with him. Originally Posted by latino_esq Speaking from a male standpoint, online dating is looked down upon and will continue to be looked down upon. There are pros and cons to everything and online dating is no exception. But because this vehicle dominates present-day dating, and will most.

But then it all crumbled. Part of that is because his label didn't know how to market him. Pure talent wasn't enough.

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He was still an outsider. And that's the greatest issue plaguing current Asian-American rappers. The genre is fiercely protective, competitive and obsessed with authenticity. Is it appropriative if an Asian-American wants to be a rapper?

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Is it less authentic? Rap has been exploited and pilfered by outsiders who want to cash in on the lucrative industry before and has seen those same outsiders, despite any good intentions, easily prevail over their more credible peers.

At the same time, even when it comes down to prowess and talent, Asian-American rappers aren't taken seriously because of damaging stereotypes, plagued with every backwards insult you could imagine. It's a double hurdle — not being perceived as authentic and having to deal with a mountain of stereotypes on top of that. Almost every time Dumbfoundead is in a rap battle, he's assaulted with insulting lyrics that range from rude to downright racist.

dating and bad raps

It's exhausting and absurd, just one more thing that's holding him back from going to that next level. Especially when you're wearing those Versace shades he bought you. You're officially a bad bitch. Of course, if you want to stay in a relationship with a hot rapper, get used to sleeping in your makeup. If your man is any good at all at what he does, he's going to have ladies Instagramming him, like, every damn day trying to take your spot.

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The minute he catches you looking halfway busted in your sweatpants and flip-flops, that girl that sent him the twerk video the other day is going to start seeming like a viable option. If you don't feel up to making sure you're the prettiest girl in your hood every morning and every night, then maybe you should turn back now. You will have to compete for your man at all times, and Lord knows there's a younger, skinnier freak at the gym right now, wrecking that elliptical and knowing deep in her heart that she would look way better stepping out the Maybach in Prada than you do.

So put your weave lady on retainer, and learn to love those Spanx. In fact, you might look into some butt implants. It's a jungle out there. Story continues on the next page.

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He Goin' to Jail Unless you're dating Ice Cube or K-Rino or somebody else that would never date you, chances are good that your rapper boyfriend sells weed. And hey, there's nothing wrong with that -- except that he's almost certainly going to jail at some point. It's pretty much a rite of passage for any rapper worth a shit.

Whether it's because he dropped his gun at the mall, got pulled over for speeding with a brick in his trunk or simply had an ex drop a dime on his cheating ass, it's a bet that MC Dreamy is going to spend some time maybe a lot behind bars. Hey, he could use the street cred!

dating and bad raps

Oh, and guess what? When he's stuck in County, hoping to God he can sell enough schwag to afford a lawyer, who do you think he's going to call to bail him out and pick him up? Not the cute young thing he was hitting on last Thursday. And once you've tucked him in and reassured him that everything will be ok, then he's calling that cute young thing from Thursday.

After all, he's got to hide out from the cops somewhere, and the bondsman already has your name and address.

dating and bad raps

Go ahead and buy a vest. It's a pretty sound investment if you're going to be dating a rapper. He could have beef with anybody: Any one of these dangerous weirdoes might decide to take a shot at his ass.

Depends on what they're toting. We don't have to tell you how many rappers have been shot. And we ain't just talkin' Tupac and Biggie, here.

dating and bad raps

It's happened plenty right in here in Houstontoo. That's not even mentioning the fact that your boy-toy is probably packin', as well, and there's always the off chance he could accidentally shoot himself That's something you probably won't have to deal with if you're dating an insurance salesman, even if he won't get your face tattooed on his chest.

Every working rapper has his circuit, whether it stretches from Texas to Louisiana or from L. And unless you're ready to completely drop your life and live on a bus every time he goes on tour if he even lets youhe's going to be building a circuit of close, personal friends in every city with a stage.

Even if he's too broke and lame to build a proper harem, it's still his dream.