Changmin and sooyoung dating

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changmin and sooyoung dating

Little did he realize that his friend was actually only Yoochun, Changmin people having a good time chatting and laughing, especially Changmin and Yoochun. Changmin was shocked by Sooyoung's answer and checked up the time from his phone. . He knew that the girls must have watched the Dating Mission. Rumors of the two dating previously made headlines back in February and again in October of last year to which Sooyoung and Jung Kyung. Seohyun-and-Sooyoung-for-J-Estina-girls-generation-. Continue Other Cast: Yesung, Yuri, Seohyun, Soojin and Sooyoung Familly Changmin, Seohyun.

He forced to be seated in a white swing-able-like-chair, and feeling nervous when it took him up. But Yoochun seems careless and left him all alone, trying to seat straight or at least feel comfortable on the white swing that held him up.

He nervously opens his mouth, getting ready for the curtain to be open. Yunho stood right in front of the stage. Or would you just turn your head?? Or am I asking for too much??

changmin and sooyoung dating

Like a fool I fell behind… deep into your shadows and watching you from afar. Still I try to let my soul reach out to you. Someday somehow I will let you know that: Like a fool i fell behind.

changmin and sooyoung dating

Deep into your shadows and watching you from afar. Jaejoong knew that Yunho was looking after him.

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Yunho will catch the falling angel. Yunho will be there if the angel needs him. Yoochun rushed to the stage as soon as Jaejoong finish singing. He stand right beside Jaejoong who apparently as tall as him. Jaejoong was being annoyed and felt uncomfortable for being hugged by a guy.

He smiled evilly and whispers back. Not wanting to ruin the concert.

changmin and sooyoung dating

The guy stepped up and walks to Yoochun, he took the microphone that Yoochun gave to him. Super Junior is a reality show just like American Idol, it searching for new singer and now it was almost in the end with only 5 guys left, they are: Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Donghae, Ryeowook, and Yesung. Sooyoung glanced at Jessica. Hey, Soo, have you thought about finding your biological parents? Nostalgic about something I never knew I was looking for till I felt this way again.

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I was hanging out with my college friends earlier and most of them have thought about settling down. Hara told us this story about a kid who got lost in an accident and her parents gave up finding her, thinking she was dead and lost forever. After 27 years, they found each other again. You should hang out more often. What if we were accidentally lost and not yet found?

I was still a kid when I asked that. I tried asking our adoptive parents too, you know. She drank her second glass in one huge gulp and poured herself another.

[Updated with Agencies’ Confirmation] Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho Caught Dating

She needed a Martini. She elbowed Sooyoung and shoved her arm off her shoulders as she stood up. But I love you. Thank you for reminding me anyway. Let her have some fun. She knew Jessica really went there to share those feelings she was having and not just to remind her of their road trip the next day.

And in that moment, she sent a silent prayer to her biological parents.


Wherever they may be, Sooyoung is still grateful she was brought there. She understood now why she needed to be there. She loves it where she is at now. And in that moment, she has made a decision that felt so right. As she went back inside the studio, she opened her laptop and decided to go out of the shadows of her mysterious past.

The trashed files were gone forever. She also reminded herself mentally to never come back anymore no matter how much it pulled her in. Then there was a flash of a camera from outside the window. It made Sooyoung jump.

changmin and sooyoung dating

Sooyoung rushed outside to try to chase. Hyoyeon was still sleepy when she got to the studio. Tiffany cleared her throat. She just never told us.