Big brother 14 shane and danielle dating 2013 ford

My Four Biggest Mistakes of Big Brother 14

big brother 14 shane and danielle dating 2013 ford

My big brother, my protector, my best friend. Shane Donohoe posted on 11/1/ 18 Danielle Kuretz and Family posted on 10/14/18 To the Benjamin Family and to his beautiful girlfriend Jill. I hope you are enjoying that 30's Ford Roadster in heaven you always said would be your dream restoration project, you. You had a court date Dec 18 up here so Chris and I were expecting you for dinner . To my amazing big brother, Kenneth Dupree, who recently passed on October 30th. he lay dead alone for over 12 hours and I couldn't hold him or see him. .. Danielle. Daniel I hope you now see how deeply you are loved. We are. The third placed Big Brother contestant on her fatal flaw. 'Big Brother' USA Danielle Murphree talks Shane romance, Dan, more. The third.

I thought he was going to nuzzle up to her bosom and start saying mamma while sucking his thumb. If he sits next to Danielle, he might take home K.

People might get over their hard feelings and bruised egos and say from a pure game standpoint he deserves it over Danielle. If Dan is still in it to win it, do you think he should have booted Ian and not Shane? This was his biggest flaw in the game.

big brother 14 shane and danielle dating 2013 ford

He failed to see that he would probably get more respect, votes from the jury sitting next to two relatively non-aggressive, non-scheming players. But he was blinded by the potential physical threat of Shane in any challenges that require a little brawn or stamina.

Was he overly confident about his safety or just being a colossal knucklehead? She strikes me as one of these people who likes her power and can get drunk with it when she has it — and as long as you Dan tell her to do what she really wants to do anyway. She gladly says okay — I will do whatever you say. She is not dumb.

But she can be weak when it serves her to be this way. She is afraid to stand up for what she wants and believes in and I think the coaches twist allowed her to play that card. It would have forced her from day one to be a bigger gamer. Instead, she is a hider, hiding behind Dan.

big brother 14 shane and danielle dating 2013 ford

What were your thoughts about the Britney versus Frank argument in the Jury House? Who were you agreeing with more? Frank lies to himself. Yes he is a loyal guy for the most part and I think he truly believes this, but he also broke his word to Britney and he failed to own up to it. Bo I agree too. I give kudos to Ian for playing the end game perfectly and getting the W though. Up until then, Dan and even Danielle were better players than Ian, in my opinion. Paula Dan, I think the fact that you were a previous winner, worked against you.

Plus, Ian was well liked. I thought early on in the season, that if you wanted a chance to win, you had to be in the finals with Mike Boogy. Mike was not well liked and I think you would of won. Ian throwing the challenge: I know you were shocked that Ian agreed to throw part 1 … but Ian was all but out the door and You Saved him.

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I think you should have asked for More from him. You should have told him that he had to throw parts 1 AND 2 … and that you or Dani would take him to final 2! Nevertheless, Aweson game and YOU made my summer! Nevertheless, Awesome game and YOU made my summer! That clip with Joe was great, especially the first time around.

Personally, I said your biggest mistake was miscalculation on the jury. I was going nuts willing you to open your eyes! He plays on a level like you and Dr. Will, and respects the game like you both do. Would the outcome have been different? Taking your own player? Thanks for giving us all of your insight on the game. Dan fan till the end! She had a good edit and the reason for that is because she was mostly a nice person. If she really was that bad production would have made her a villain.

When you told Boogie that Frank would have been evicted after the reset. You just blurted it out, what were you thinking? Dan Gheesling I was trying to build some trust with Boogie. Joan If you loved Danielle, you obviously never watched the feeds.

I happened to see that moment. That conversation with Frank. Holy cow, I was thinking how is he going to do this. I felt SO uncomfortable for you because Frank was staring a hole… right through you…. You did a good job though.

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That, will be Epic! Watching people tweet you. Gosh you have so much support, it makes me smile!!!. I really thought you had it in the bag!!! Especially since Britney was able to let it go so easily, I expected everyone would be able to also and vote based on the BEST game play.

Glad you made it to the end though!! Charles Dan do you wish you had won the final Hoh…would you have taken Ian or would you have taken Danielle. If you had taken Danielle do you think you would of won the game against her http: The first time I watched Big Brother. This was far and away, the most entertaining of ALL seasons that I have watched. You really took game play to a whole new level for the viewer, and it made for some great television.

After not wanting a veteran to win, at first, the shenanigans you pulled off to get to the end, was nothing short of brilliant, and it was EASY to root for you. Unfortunately, bitterness won out. Maybe a different outcome with you and Danielle sitting at the end?

big brother 14 shane and danielle dating 2013 ford

I hope you get to do it again. Alexandra I was just wondering what you thought about watching the episode when Shane was evicted. Also is there a place where I can watch back that one episode that you watched live online on spreecast? Skye You can watch all the episodes on You Tube.

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Just type in BB 14 Ep1 pt1 from there you can the whole season. The cards fell into your lap perfectly — Ian actually wanted to do it because he wanted the blood on his hands, and Danielle and Shane were okay with it. If you did this, you could have acted shocked and told Frank on his way out that you had no idea Danielle was going to vote him out. Alex What about throwing the first coaches competition?

You knew you would win but purposefully let Boogie catch up to you and let him win. I thought that was a terrible move since you only had 2 players left and you could have saved one of them, but I could understand that your other player would then be a target. Daniel Sherriff Dan, I thought you played a hell of a game. I was so pumped when I heard you were coming back to play this season.

BB10 was the first full season I ever watched and I enjoyed every moment of it! Seeing you dodge bullets and rise from the ashes was truly awesome for me to see. I was rooting for since day 1. Your game this season was truly spectacular. I agree there was not a whole lot you could have done to keep Janelle, especially after the coaches meeting where Boogie laid it all on the line and Janelle was speechless, clearly showing she was lying.

I do wonder one thing. Obviously if you picked Danielle first and Kara second, Danielle would have been on the block that first week because she was your 1 pick. Do you think Danielle would have had a better chance to stay than Kara if Danielle was up against Frank? What is your opinion? Ian was totally down with getting out Frank, because of how mad he was about Brittany.

That was about all Frank talked about in the jury house.

big brother 14 shane and danielle dating 2013 ford

BUT I also think that its easier to know what to do after the fact lol Amber I think another thing that upset the houseguest was the POV finding coins for the machine episode. First let me just say that everything you did I was rooting for you because you have always been my favorite player. But when you went in the room to try the coin in the game and you slammed the door in Brits face I believe. Maureen I was shocked at the true bitterness of this particular jury.

I was really bummed that it was a vote. You deserved more than that. I think you played an awesome game. You had some big shoes to fill your own having been a former winner.

My Four Biggest Mistakes of Big Brother 14

I thought Ian played a good game, but he pretty much played the game however you told him to. Joan It was a vote. Danielle voted for Dan. Charlene Hi Dan Just wanted to add my name to the list of people who have thanked you for make BB14 so enjoyable.