Belinda stronach and peter mckay dating

Photos: Peter MacKay’s former flames

belinda stronach and peter mckay dating

The new girlfriend of Canadian Defence Minister Peter MacKay has a more impressive resume than he does. Peter MacKay said he never saw the defection of Belinda Stronach coming. when it was revealed that MacKay and Stronach were dating. Belinda stronach and peter mckay dating. Peter MacKay - Wikipedia. Mckay a ride aboard her plane to kuala lumpur, malaysia, for a conference with southeast .

Championing human rights became her calling.

belinda stronach and peter mckay dating

She won the title of Miss World Canada in and placed as first runner-up in the global version of the competition, a high-enough level of fame that it spurred a French human rights activist to send her a letter that changed her life.

It was about the case of another young woman with the same first name — Nazanin Mahabad Fatehi — an Iranian teenager who was sentenced to death by stoning for killing one of three men who were trying to rape her and her niece.

The beauty queen activist dating Peter MacKay

Afshin-Jam took up her cause and circulated a petition that garnered more thansignatures worldwide and has been lauded as instrumental in saving the girl from a barbaric end. Her efforts also caught the attention of former MP Belinda Stronach, another famous girlfriend of MacKay who he claimed — publicly in a television interview at home with his dog — broke his heart when she crossed the floor from the Conservatives to the Liberals to help save the government of Paul Martin in Stronach in fact used her first opportunity in Question Period after the Conservatives came to power to ask MacKay, who was then foreign affairs minister, whether he had received assurances from the Iranian embassy that Fatehi would receive a new trial.

A generous donation from Stronach also helped pay the bond that got Fatehi released from Islamic court. The ex-girlfriend of her future boyfriend was not the only unexpected person to help champion her chosen cause. The other, at least indirectly, was Calvin Ayre, a self-described farm boy from Saskatchewan who became a billionaire by launching the Internet gambling empire Bodog and bragged to Forbes magazine in that he gets around U. His Costa Rica mansion was raided by local authorities not long after the story was published.

They were looking for an illegal poker game but found only a wrap party for a poker championship reality television series. Afshin-Jam was there the night of the raid as a host of the series. Medici said Afshin-Jam met Ayre only a handful of times at corporate events and to discuss some charity initiatives.

belinda stronach and peter mckay dating

Stronach defected to the Liberals. I had no idea. She hadn't told me anything about it. I didn't see it coming. MacKay pleaded with his ambitious colleague and lover to abandon her plan to leave the Conservatives -- and by extension him -- just days before a crucial budget vote in the House of Commons. One sweeping survey of Elmer MacKay's bucolic homestead makes plain why the Prince of Pictou County retreated here to nurse his heavy heart. Several sprawling acres of gorgeous green grass, gentle rolling hills and a soaring pine forest under a blue sky lured Peter MacKay outdoors yesterday from the white clapboard house he stills calls home.

I came to the place I feel I most belong, here on my family farm. MacKay said he had not slept in two days. It tries your soul. But it's not unique to me.

belinda stronach and peter mckay dating

He lugged a pitchfork and bucket as he distracted himself with planting potatoes. Stronach's decision sent shock waves across the country. Elmer MacKay, who served as a minister in Brian Mulroney's cabinet, picked up his son at the Halifax airport and the two went for dinner. He got bushwhacked a little bit, but he's fine.

Peter MacKay’s most memorable moments as an MP

This is something that happens from time to time. I don't think it's the end of the world.

belinda stronach and peter mckay dating

They were obviously fond of each other but I don't know if they had any lifelong plans together. MacKay was devastated by his girlfriend's decision. Yesterday, he said he did not know whether his relationship with the auto-parts heiress is over.

Peter MacKay - Wikipedia

Story continues below advertisement "I haven't talked to her," he said. We'll see what happens.

belinda stronach and peter mckay dating

Stronach's move amounted to betrayal, Mr. MacKay said with a wry chuckle: But I want to leave the personal side separate. He ended a four-year relationship with Lisa Merrithew, daughter of former Progressive Conservative cabinet minister Gerald Merrithew, before he started dating Ms. He said he is poised to move forward professionally, if not personally.