Being black in china and dating

I traveled to China as a black man and this is what happened

being black in china and dating

So I was curious how is the dating scene like in China, especially for Also is the dating scene different if you're a Black guy vs being a White. finding love in china/Dating in china Black in China Living abroad as a foreigner yvonnejack 中国china 中国 abroad beijing things no ONE TELS YOU ABOUT CHINA LIF Being black in China,foreigner,waiguoren,laowai!. Have you been able to date and make friends easily? I know black people in China that have been through some messed up things.

being black in china and dating

The issue came up when I told my mother about my upcoming trip. My line had the desired effect: Mom never brought up the mask issue again when it comes to protecting my strict fashion sense, or gently deflecting advice from my loving parents, I am not above playing the race card.

Going East: On Being A Black Woman Living In China

I remembered in Mission: Impossible III, Ving Rhames seemed to encounter zero problems as a black man traipsing around Shanghai — other than, of course, the bad guys trying to kill him and Tom Cruise. Maybe the locals had seen him as the fearsome Marsellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction and decided not to mess with him. Either way, I thought if Ving could manage a relatively incident-free trip to Shanghai, I could too. Or maybe I was outed as a Yank because word got out that it took me 10 minutes to figure out the electronic bidet in my hotel bathroom.

being black in china and dating

I did, however, get some attention from the young women who hung out around the streets surrounding my hotel. As I walked by, these ladies — sometimes in pairs and sometimes alone — would go to great lengths to get my attention. I usually kept walking. She obviously meant it to be a compliment, and I took it as such. Do you see a lot of black men in Shanghai? Are African-Americans generally welcomed here?

Have you seen Pulp Fiction? So I moved on. Sweet Dark Goes to China: I got mobbed by curious passers-by. It happened as I was exploring the Bund. Afterwards, someone else in his crew did the same.

While I was walking down the street unmolested before, I was now the center of attention. Maybe a social media blast had gone out: Not since perhaps my first baby picture had anyone been so excited about a photo of me. I was also concerned about working abroad I can't move to another country if I can't get a job there, since no job no visa. Would I be able to get work in China like is there alot of job opportunity available for foreigners?

Especially for job in my field so I can continue to gain experience while living the expat life. Also if I do find a job would I be expected to be paid well enough to live relatively nicely?

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Also how is work life like over there? I ask because as a young guy starting his career these things are important.

Now if I were an older guy thinking about finding a place to retire to I wouldn't care much about the job market since I won't be working anyway. Also I'm really interested in serious dating like one day get married kind of dating. So I was curious how is the dating scene like in China, especially for foreigners? Also is the dating scene different if you're a Black guy vs being a White guy? Though to be honest I don't expect too much on the dating side since I'm on the Autism spectrum and just not all that good at getting dates.

One big question I was concerned about was how racist is China? Like I'd expect some racism since I am a foreigner and a visible minority but hopefully minor.

So how do Chinese people view foreigners? And would my experience be different as a Black foreigner?