Are nikki and fizz dating

Can You Guess Which Love And Hip Hop Hollywood Cast Member Said/Did This?

are nikki and fizz dating

Whereas Brooke, Moniece, Paris, and Nikki abandoned Teirra in her Kam despite breaking up with Kam's mother and not dating Lil' Fizz. He was dating Princess Love, who had just moved into his house. Meanwhile .. Moniece revealed to Nikki that Fizz had been staying with her. Post-Miss Nikki Baby, Fizz has also kept a low profile but Moniece and Nia Former Basketball Wives LA Star Brittish Williams Might Be Dating.

Even more so, when the parents are wild and crazy LHHH parents. This couple took the easy route and avoided the wedding planning, by eloping behind their mothers' backs. Which couple was it? In fact, there have been times that cast members switched cities entirely.

Usually this is a result of a move, or a new friendship, or relationship that has formed. However, this instance was a little more shocking. Masika told Nikki that Mally Mall bought her a specific necklace. Masika told Nikki that Mally Mall is a hair puller. Nikki and Masika bonded over diamonds. Masika told Nikki Mally Malls pet name for her. She planned on having him come to a dinner with both her, and her mother for questioning. However, Nikki had already gotten all of the proof she needed from another talk with Masika, who brought up a detail that brought the truth to light for Nikki.

What did it take for Nikki to believe Masika about Mally Mall? They got married, dealt with tons of momma drama, they were blackmailed, and almost split up. Yep, all in the same season. It's no wonder that A1 eventually lost his cool, and gifted someone a waist trainer. At least he took out his frustrations in a funny, nonviolent way, right? You would think so, but the person on the receiving end wasn't having it.

This is also what almost caused the happy couple to split. Who was gifted the waist trainer? However, none were near as traumatic as the birth of Apryl and Omarion's baby.

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The least traumatic part of the experience was where, because at least that part was planned. The drama was brought on by Omarion's mother, Leslie Burrell. With that being said, none of them mean to be that way. It's usually all about protecting and doing what they think is best for their children. What this mother did was no different. Only she chose to use it to open her own boutique instead.

Her plan was to quadruple the amount. Which mother was it? Lyrica's mother, Lyrica Garrett to sign a prenup. Lil' Scrappy's mother, Momma D wanted Bambi to sign a prenup. A1's mother, Pam Bentley wanted Lyrica to sign a prenup.

These moms are often our favorites. They meddle, they pry, and they sometimes fight, which makes them extremely interesting. Teairra Mari moved out of their apartment. Teairra Mari "spent time" off camera with Yung Berg in a public bathroom.

Teairra Mari sexted Yung Berg. Hazel-E and Teairra Mari were roommates, and best friends at the start of season one, but they ended the season as ex-roommates and ex-friends. Meanwhile, Teairra Mari couldn't understand why Hazel-E kept trying to compare her one-sided relationship woes, to her serious problems with getting over Ray J. Things got even worse between the besties, when Teairra Mari began to work with Berg.

What else did Teairra Mari do behind her best friend's back?

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Question 20 Which of Ray J's ladies was embarrassed by the contents of her own bag? In just the first episode, one of Ray J's ladies wanted her bag returned to her because he was moving on with someone new. Ray J invited her to his Ray J. Com Party to get it. Meanwhile, the new lady thought it would be funny to take a picture of the bag's contents, and show them off. The items included vagisil, Monastate 7, and some type of bacterial medication. The bag's owner was embarrassed, and violent.

Who was embarrassed by the bag?

are nikki and fizz dating

A blackmail letter sent by Moniece. Her unreleased sex tape.

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Some unreleased music that belonged to Moniece. An unreleased recording of Moniece confessing her feelings for Fizz. It was mentioned before that Brandi Boyd was willing to hop on one foot, and bark like a dog, in order to get some dirt on Moniece Slaughter.

The person with the dirt was Jason Lee.

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This entire storyline, and this particular cast member fell under heavy criticism for considering to help Brandi get her hands on the dirt. Moniece went so far as to get lawyers involved on a cease and desist order. What was the unreleased dirt that Jason Lee had on Moniece Slaughter? Lyrica Anderson A1 Lyrica Garrett It should be awkward to ask your daughter for liposuction in return for your forgiveness for an elopement.

It should be shameful to gift your mother-in-law a waist trainer after she asked you to pay for her liposuction. It's downright silly for two moms to fight so bad that their children feel that elopement is their only option to have a happy wedding, in effect leading up to the rest of these problems. Which member of this family admitted to actually getting liposuction?

Hazel-E to Teairra Mari. Yung Berg to Hazel-E. Ray J to Teairra Mari. When the show kicked off, this couple appeared to be packing on the PDA, but within minutes the script flipped.

One party was so much more into this than the other, despite it being apparent that they had been spending intimate time together in the friend zone for some time. Their friends with benefits status caused fights with their other friendships.

Lil' Fizz On His Ex Nikki Mudarris: "She's Thirsty For Fame"

Things came to a close when one party wrote the other a song, or diss track, depending on how you look at it. The other used the quote above.

Who said it to who? Question 24 Who was Moniece speaking to, when she said "I've told you about talking to me like you've lost your rabbit ass mind.

Lil' Fizz's girlfriend, Nikki.

are nikki and fizz dating

She started things off in a spot, where most women would've been in defensive mode. Her ex had custody of their son. Kalysha is demoted to a supporting cast member for season four, amid tensions with the show's producers, allegedly due to her refusal to film with or even discuss longtime rival Alexis Skyy on camera. The third and fourth seasons focus on her battle with alcoholismas well as her legal issues, including being charged with battery and theft after an altercation with an Uber driver in The series chronicles her mental and emotional turmoils and her struggles to shake off her "deadbeat mom" reputation.

Navigation menu The first season chronicles her deteriorating relationship with Mally Mall and her blossoming romance with Lil' Fizz. The first season chronicles her strained relationship with Omarion's mother Leslie, as well as the pregnancy and birth of her first child.

Soulja, real name DeAndre Cortez Way, appears infrequently during the second season and in the first two episodes of the third season before being fired by a producer after threatening to kill Nia and her alleged new boyfriend on social media.

are nikki and fizz dating

New York cast member Rich Dollaz, which includes a brief engagement before they break up in the finale. She is introduced as Teairra's best friend and confidant, despite the two often coming to blows throughout the series. The series chronicles his relationship with Nia Riley and his struggles with fidelity while on the road touring.

While appearing on the show, he released " Post to Be " the highest selling song of his career. Masika Kalysha[ edit ] An urban modelvideo vixen and aspiring singer. The series chronicles his turbulent relationship with model Princess Love, who he marries in the third season's finale.