Are cole pendery and cassidy shaffer still dating

Are cole pendery and cassidy shaffer dating - Aurora Beach Hotel in Corfu

are cole pendery and cassidy shaffer still dating

are cole pendery and cassidy shaffer still dating christian with herpes dating Ice skating with 5 selfie with osa , chapman t barnes. Watercolors, still exist. 16, pics are cole pendery and cassidy shaffer dating tiffany and top dating of him writing on. Thought he realcolependery but she still dating. Sweetest. Cassidy Shaffer was Cole Pendery's girlfriend. Nothing is known about why or how they broke up, but there are many speculations that she cheated, although it has yet to be confirmed. You can help IM5 Band Wiki by expanding it.

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are cole pendery and cassidy shaffer still dating

I appreciate you reading my fanfic and taking the time to and a note. Ok enough of my babbling, here is the nest chapter.

are cole pendery and cassidy shaffer still dating

Constructive criticism is always helpful and remember to be a 5er! Chapter 3 Right now it is 6: Today I fly out to California today to meet that band, I-something I can never remember the name but I do know the names and partial description of each of the members.

Gabby helped me with learning their names. Gabe Morales age 19, loves Batman, speaks fluent Spanish, and is the serious one Cole Pendery age 17, dates Cassidy Shaffer, loves Adventure Time Dana Vaughns age 16, wears varsity jackets and snapbacks, cares about his shoes a lot Will Jay Bhlendorf age 18, loves Nutella and food David Scarzone age 17, loves Spiderman, and loves dancing They sound like nice boys but I hope I get along with them.

are cole pendery and cassidy shaffer still dating

Anyway, I am at the airport wearing my usual attire, black sweatpants, a graphic T-shirt, sneakers and my light brown hair in a messy bun. I am not a girl who dresses nicely just to go to out.

Cole Pendery

I dress in comfortable clothes that I like and can move in. My flight leaves at 6: I said my goodbyes to Gabby when she dropped me off at 5: They were not that emotional being that she was driving right to Gram's house and she was nervous. A voice interrupted my thoughts stating that "Flight to LAX is now boarding.

I go to baggage claim to grab my suitcases and head to the pick-up area where I see Sam with about 5 teenage boys. Sam doesn't see me because her back is to me so I'm going try to scare her.

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She looks like she is having an important discussion but I'm going to try anyway. One of the boys, one Batman shirt, I'm guessing Gabe, sees me put my bags down but doesn't say anything. I put my finger over my mouth indicating to not say anything. He gives a slight nod showing that he understands. It gets tough sometimes because my father works tirelessly on his dream back in Dallas so we are not able to be together much of the time, but the time I do get to spend with him, I cherish every bit.

are cole pendery and cassidy shaffer still dating

He is my role model and I hope to grow up and be as great of a man as he is. About a month after the move, I was told about an audition for the band that was being put together by 3 very influential men in the entertainment industry: The audition was for the band now known as IM5, and I am honored to say that I am a member of this team.

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We are a family, 5 brothers living our dreams together. I feel so blessed to have these guys in my life.

are cole pendery and cassidy shaffer still dating

I can always count on them for anything. I am so looking forward to what the future holds because whatever it is, it will be an amazing ride. When I'm not in rehearsal with the band and I have some free time, I love to just spend time with my friends or go do fun stuff with the guys.

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I like to have a good time in everything I do, and even though I have this amazing job, I am still a normal kid just like everybody else. And just like everybody else, I am always glued to my phone and texting my friends or playing Xbox. And I do, on occasion, get in trouble by my mom for it.

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I want to thank everyone for all the amazing support that you have given me throughout my life: