Andrew wommack dating and marriage

Dating and Marriage: a Biblical perspective Free Reprint Article

andrew wommack dating and marriage

Hello people today I write on something very few write on and that is on dating and marriage from a video of Andrew Wommack. I feel that this. Love And Respect In Marriage. Andrew discusses what to do to show respect to your husband and what not to do. One of the Dating And Marriage. $ 5, Dating And Marriage, , MB. 8, God's Love In Marriage I, , MB. 9, God's Love In Marriage II, , MB. 10, Strife In Marriage, .

Oh, yes you can! It is a command. If you will choose to do what God tells you to, your feelings will follow. Our feelings have been corrupted by our old lives before we came to Christ.

Now that we are in Christ, we have His promise that our spirits have been totally changed 2 Cor.

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Our feelings are not automatically changed, however. Our feelings will continue to act like they were taught to act until we subdue them and bring them under the control of our spirit man. It is actually hypocritical to act on what you feel instead of who you really are in Christ Jesus. This is the root cause of nearly all strife in marriage. Everything is fine until one partner does something wrong to the other, and then the feathers fly.

He just chose to give it. We can choose to receive that kind of love and then give it to others in the same way. He gave Himself for us while we were yet sinners and living a life of rebellion against Him Rom.

His love was extended toward Hitler just as much as it was toward us.

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The difference is our acceptance or rejection of it not His offer of love. We have to put this unconditional love of God to work in our marriages. If you live with a person for any length of time at all, you are going to find fault with them.

And you can rest assured that when you make a mistake, you will reap what you have sown. I used to work in a dark room in a photography studio. We had a joke about these ladies who would come in to see their proofs and just throw a fit about how bad their pictures looked. Our mates, who see us at our worst, have to give us mercy, not justice. Failure in this area is the root of most marriage problems.

andrew wommack dating and marriage

Many couples actually use their conditional love as a weapon to try and motivate their mates to do things. As your soul prospers, your provision for your body will be met, be it a house, a car, clothing, food or even a mate. The only word of God; the Bible says that Solomon was the richest man that ever lived, it said that gold was as common as silver in his kingdom and silver was as common as stones found on the streets, Solomon seeked God not for power and riches but for wisdom to minister to Gods people and God was pleased and gave him wisdom and also riches and power.

People would travel from nations afar to hear Solomons wisdom. We need to understand that we need to find our provision in God and not give into ways of our desire.

Even if you are looking to get married again then he may do that as you seek Him, I say may because Gods will is left with God alone. God will however not withhold anything good from His people.

We therefore need not go about dating as though we are shopping around for a mate.

andrew wommack dating and marriage

God has made man and woman, He separated you for your spouse and you ought to be truthful to your future mate even if you have not met them as yet, that is the faith God is looking for people to have in Him. If you are physically or emotionally involved with anyone then even if your conscience speaks against your relationship, you might find yourself bound to that person just to avoid separation trauma in that persons life but if that was not meant to be then it was not meant to be whatever you do.

Falling in love is a nicer name the world has for lust, which is a cheap imitation of Gods kind of love. Love is not a wild feeling or a consuming desire but a discipline which drives a person to take care and do good without any intention of the returns. For some, this kind of love may need to be taught in steadfastness to make this go from a virtue to a habit.

This love is not based on our emotion, when we see the way God loves us, that he just chooses to love us no matter what we have done. We have been made in His image and we may have our own reasons to be bitter with certain people but we ought to turn around and say to them I choose to go the better way and say: You can be honest with God and tell him that you dont feel any such love for that brother or sister but tell God that you trust Him more than any feeling of your own, and then throw yourself in that direction and God will see you through.

Remember that your emotion is not the cause but the effect. Husbands and wives cultivate this kind of discipline in your love. You dont fall in and out of love.

andrew wommack dating and marriage

God is the one who brought Eve for Adam, Adam did not bring for himself an Eve. We see that God made Himself responsible for getting an Eve for Adam and it was not the other way around where man went about things on his own.

God is the one who established marriage, we see that in all cultures and even religions marriage is accepted as marriage to all the world i. Even if you are married then do not speculate if you are in the right place doing the right thing thinking: Just speak out as a confession your love for your spouse, this you will only do if God is leading you and if God is leading you then what the world teaches about then feeling of love that brings butterflies in your stomach, this will never become your reason for you to love but rather it will be the effect of it.

andrew wommack dating and marriage

You will then love people like the way it is spoken of in 1Timothy 5: Treat the younger men as your brothers, 2 the older women as mothers, and the younger women as sisters, with all purity.

Remember marriage is a spiritual relationship in God, a relationship in which God leads you to your partner and then gives you the desire for that person but your relationship is not based on that desire but based on the Spirit of God that make the two of you one spirit.

The girl may be Miss World and the guy may be a handsome actor or model but if their marriage is based purely on desire and attraction then they need to ready themselves for rollercoaster ride relationship till death or if God forbid, one falls off. A relationship laid on the foundation of fellowship in Christ is what will stand the test of time. May they be in us, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they be one, so that the world will believe that you sent me. Like it or not, God is the binding substance in a relationship and in God a man and woman are united in spirit trusting that this is Gods will for them.

This and nothing more is all that is required, with this you will never hurt your spouse for that will be like a sin because your spouse will be just as much a part of you as is Gods will for you and once this is established, your marriage or relationship will not have any bother. Take some time out reflect on this it will surely be redemptive and your marriage or relationship will stand the test of time. Hell will freeze over before your marriage or relationship breaks up.

Andrew Wommack Ministries - Dating And Marriage

There are very few people who can say this because very few people have gone about marriage Gods way. If you do not base your marriage on God then it will be relationship built on sand which Satan will come to and destroy. Dont think of yourself as any exception, God however has a plan even for you and in God you will find all good provision, including your partner.

andrew wommack dating and marriage

If you are married you need to go back to the basics, seek God together, you need to become one in Christ spiritually that you may remain in agreement. When the two of you agree in God then that will be the best deal.

If you are in a marriage or relationship that is not the way it ought to be then you will profit nothing by feeling condemned over it, there is no condemnation for those who live in Christ Romans 8: Cast your stomach churning behind you and ask Jesus for forgiveness saying you dint know any better back then but do not stay in that resentment. Jesus will not hold this against you if you come with your case before Him. Remember a spiritual relationship is what God is looking to cultivate in your marriage or relationship.

Even if your partner does not want to be one with you spiritually, scripture says you can convert your spouse and you will be one even if your partner is not a believer.

If this were not so, their children would be like pagan children; but as it is, they are acceptable to God. Remember you have more affect on your spouse that anyone else in the world if you were to exercise your relationship that way.

If you believe in Jesus then get your faith working and your faith will have your partner put right in the sight of God. When God created man, he made him in the likeness of God.